17 comments on “Miss Philippines Rowee Lucero is enjoying Albania

  1. She’s got a banging body.

    Though I still prefer we sent Hannah Arnold. Disn’t the orgs head showed interest in her?

    • @ Johnny Yes. This has been a bizarre turn of events to say the least… Mr. Tinio put up an article on this matter; you may wish to scroll back a bit.

      Nonetheless, Rowee seems to be happy and generally fans are supportive. 🙂

      Just look at it this way. Had she not been dispatched, she would not be getting the degree of attention she is getting now had she stayed on at the BBP 2020 competition field. She’s lucky!

  2. I feel like I didn’t learn a lot about Rabiya. Most questions were very General and pageant-y

    • @ Fabian Reyes You do have a point. For one thing, there is a tendency for these interviews to keep looping/repeating classic MU questions like, “if you could be outrageous for a day,,,,”.

      It will then all be in the hands of the interviewee! If she/he had an eventful life and is generous with details (“makuwento”), then we can get so much more than what we paid for.

      Rhetoric is nice-useful, especially in difficult times. But when it comes to sheer inspiration, few things can trump the personal account, the anecdote, the tale, and the myth-become-legend. 🙂

  3. like her swimsuit photos….she gives MJ Lastimosa vibes in the first photo then Ariadna Gutierrez on the second. go Philippines!

  4. So this title is already out of this year’s pageant. Walang kokoronahan si Leren leren sente

      • @ Norman Mr. Tito, bakit niyo po sinabi du’n sa Aya Abesamis post niyo sa Fb na “patience is the ability to keep your peace while waiting”?

        Is BPCI anticipating a “Go”-signal from my dear sweet Angkol soon after the protest demonstrations in Bangkok end?

        (I will therefore assume he adjusted the age ceiling….)

    • Buti pa ang Miss Globe 🌍 nakapag produce ng LIVE pageant kahit Pandemic !
      Congratulations to the organisation ! Very bold move

  5. Mukhang may laban si Inday!

    I trust KF camp because at the end of the day kahit ano pa turo ng mentor kung hindi rin naman ina-absorb ng estudiante eh waley pa rin!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson Mukha naman’g OK siya in that wala siya’ng kahawig, at least from photos I’ve seen.

      Pero, maliit siya. Tatangkad ng kalaban! That second photo in the play set is off-proportion due to perspective, perhaps,… she looks tall there. In reality, she’s puny beside many other bets.

      I am unsure if she is comparable to Leren… I’ll be happy with any of the three subtitles at stake – Dream Girl of the World, Miss Disco Queen, or Miss Bikini (here).

  6. Host delegate looks really pretty! 🙂

    Kapag may watermark, ibig sabihin exclusive, no? WOW, Mr. Blogger!

    Ngayon talaga – mid-Fall – maganda. Skies are clear and blue, with a very pleasant chill in the air.

    Kaya naman pala mag-appoint… Next year, Boss Tinio, find a way to get Tajaran of Romblon to be sent here. She can easily bag this Miss Bikini subtitle! Or, puwede rin sa United Continents like Jeslyn Santos (Ecuador). Will this require signing up with KF or JDV, respectively, po?


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