49 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Winners on Wowowin

  1. Pagkadaku bayang bayhana. Tan-awa ra gud ang mga bukton ug bat-ang … pang Miss U ba gud na? Tubaaag mga sopsupbotu!

  2. i’m amazed about how Rabiya, Billie, Pauline and Bella are steadily gaining more and more IG followers…i remember when I followed Rabiya, she only had 6k followers, now she already has 386k! So happy for them, just shows their impact 🙂

  3. the 4 winners are all so beautiful! saw a post that Rabiya already got her new car!

      • Chaka wag mo pansinin ang me kuto ang pekpek. kulang lang sa pansin yan. malamang nangangati ang puday at hindi nahugasan. u know how chimps are… just take the higher road ineng

    • Muka syang neneng nga..I wonder how she’d look like beside much taller with thicker body candidates in MU.

      I hope she performs well but the way I see it, MU is stirring the definition of beautiful that people got used to and favors more matured and experieced representative. Still hopeful Rabiya will give the org and judges reasons to like her.

  4. Rabiya seems very down to earth
    But her smile posture and overall look need a major overhaul .
    She is so raw
    I wish they had waited 3 more years before crowning her.

    • ang haba naman ng pageant na yan Lola Fabbie! Mantakin mo, 3 years bago koronahan ang mananalo?

      • Lol
        She’s too raw physically and otherwise . Neneng nene pa. She needs a whole lotta work .
        I wish she had Alaiza ‘s body and walk

  5. Michelle seems to have so many issues and actually has an attitude problem.
    Does she really believe that she was being cheated on? For f’s sake, she was only favored to be included in the top 5. There were other ladies that were far more deserving than her.
    I don’t actually bash any candidate but when someone is showing such attitude, I just can’t. The fact that she left the venue while the pageant was going on is very telling of who she really is. Of all people, she should be the role model of sportsmanship.
    Look at Bella who is in fact as deserving as Rabiya but seems so down to earth and happy with her placement.

    • saw her interview saying na nagpaalam naman daw sya and she was surprised na walang statement ang org regarding her absence…she will issue raw a personal statement

      • Hindi sya nagpaalam. She said she texted the reasons why she left. So mukhang explanation after she left.

  6. Mga vekla, hinay hinay kay Rabiya…. I’m sure she will develop into a stunning lady cum MU (if MU happens)…. I think they will turn her from a promdi into alta phenomenal woman like Bella…

    Oh my Bella, please join Miss World. I can smell our second crown!!!!

    • Ang babaw ng dahilan ni Michelle, parte ng buhay ang matalo kasi di lahat ng oras eh ikaw ang manalo. Eh pano na kung mismong MU na, siguro magwo-walk out sya para gumawa ng eksena. Sayang ang ganda ng mukha kung pangit naman ang ugali.

    • well, her MIA backfired on her…she was labeled as sore loser along with Lemonon

  7. Fire Rabiya’s glam team this time, haha. Ano ba naman yan, anong ginawa sa kanya dito? This styling doesn’t suit her, ganda ganda nya sa prelims at evening gown e.

  8. Bella is MU caliber when it comes to overall presentation
    Rabiya needs a lot of work !

  9. Nice to see the 4 lovely ladies beginning their duties as winners of the pageant, and doing tv guestings and interviews.

  10. Top 5 finally has an activity together. Michele is stunning and Rabiya looks so young. Search it in youtube as my comment with the link can’t seem to get past the moderator.

  11. Where is Rabiya’s stylist? Doesn’t the winner have a stylist at least provided by the org?
    All of Rabiya’s outfits after the pageant have been underwhelming, if not hideous.

  12. Rabiya needs to tone her shoulders. Weak Ng shoulders. That’s why people think she is smaller than her 5’6 frame.
    Lahat sila magaganda I’m their own right


    • i love Rabiya and her look here is so not glam… needs to galm all d time

  14. Congratulations to the inaugural batch of Miss Universe Philippines Org!!! Huwag na po natin silang pag away awayin at palakihin pa ang issue. Mas magaan sa pakiramdam na makita na buo silang 5. ❤❤❤

  15. Congratulations Rabiya💋
    I support you.
    Better luck next time Alaiza (enroll 5 units of communication skills and Masteral of English language).
    Sa mga talunan, resign na and join to other pageants. Payong kafatid😳hihihi

    • @ bong700 ‘Di kaya mag-backfire sa kanila? Would it not reflect well on them if they did that?

      Alaiza, if brushing her English up will improve her advocacy work and land prestigious jobs for her, why not?

      She already said noon na, “Tito, last time ko na ‘to”.

    • It was mentioned during the show that Michele had a prior engagement that coincided with the time of the TV guesting.

      • Naku kung may prior engagement na siya it means di siya committed sa trabaho niya bilang runner up, for sure kung siya yung nanalo andiyan siya sa TV guesting. Hoy Michelle huwag kami. Buti na lang di ikaw ang nanalo walang pakikisama sa apat na laging presence. Kung kelan mo lang gusting lumitaw lilitaw ka, mag resign kana lang.

      • @ BeReal I read a comment on Tito Norman’s FB page na baka ay dahil GMA-7…. 🙂

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