16 comments on “Bi-racial Beauties dominate Miss Universe Japan 2020

  1. with all these mixed race delegates, might we expect a revolt among the pure European and pure African delegations and send to the MU their best of the very best , their creme de la creme ? !!

    We’ll see … watch out for the MUSA 2020 winner on Nov 9th , may be a mixed race too , or maybe not

    • @ jaretwrightlover Wasn’t Maeva Coucke “pura”? She did quite well last year. 🙂

      MUO just needs someone who can hold her own wit against excitable talk show hosts on American television. Needless to say, she must have a decent command of English.

      Just like what Rupert Everett said to Geraldine Chaplin, “Mademoiselle Chanel, you are so charming, even men who don’t like women fall under your spell”.

      Replied legendary French actor Charlie’s daughter, “yes, I have learned to tease/please all types of women. And, all types of men…”.

      It probably won’t be Germany, though… Chancellor Angela Merkel betrays her Socialist leanings too much. And that doesn’t sit well with America.

      Also, immigration (a good chunk of which consisting of Africans of Islamic background) could be an issue that any European delegate should be able to discuss/explain without flinching.

      Africa? No less than The Sovereign has called out for an end to South African regularity. She wants more diversity! Mary Esther Were wasn’t too bad, no?

      I, for one, would like to see Filipinos train native Europeans with the aim of securing BIG crowns for the ladies’ countries. We already have a substantial presence there via our diaspora. Let’s do it!

  2. Oh no! Sayang naman. Konti na lang e.
    Congratulations pa rin sa JaPinay.
    Sana pwede pa sya sumali ulit tulad sa Pinas na pwedeng sumali ng maraming beses.

  3. I thought this crown was in the bag for Yuki (she’s trilingual and is a law student)so now I’m wondering how she fared in the competition as she’s way prettier than the winner.

    • Yes Ate Sam, nasa bag ni Yuki ang crown, pero kinuha ng organizer at ipinutong sa ulo ni Aisha.

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