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  1. I love Bella from the start. She is my bet. But I don’t have problem with Rabiya’s winning. Deserved! Magaling din naman yung bata.

  2. Judge not so you won’t be judged
    Look in the mirror and ask yourself who is judging here

  3. Whenever I hear of those proverbs, I think of those priests who have committed the worst unimaginable sins .. and those manangs who walk home church rolling their eyes feeling high and mighty
    So presumptuous !

  4. Proverbs 17:4 notes: “Wrongdoers eagerly listen to gossip; liars pay close attention to slander.” Yikes!

    • @ scorg I have sinned tremendously. But all was for love.


      Good evening from Manila. May your afternoon be fruitful and tranquil.

      • @Flor, love does no harm. If it does, it is not love; it can be gossip. Conversations should be about visions and ideas, not about other people. Eleanor Roosevelt said: “Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people” . Matthew 7:1 reminds us: “Judge not, that you be not judged.” Have a great All Saints Day!

      • @Flor Tula Gaano kadami ang iyong pagkakasala ng dahil sa pag-ibig? Echos!

        Seriously speaking, HOW CAN WE (including Scorg & other excellent commenters) correspond in a private online space na WALANG mga ASUNGOT. I THINK WE HAVE TO GO BEYOND COMMENTING HERE. Sayang ang mga pinag-aralan natin sa Comm 2 and other related subjects Flor. I have a project proposal. Hint: UP Press & the like.

        @Scorg & Fabian Reyes We (Isko/Iska) need to put our energies to a more positive & lasting endeavor. Meron akong project proposal sa inyo? But how I can reach you privately online? Ang DAMI ko na kasing IMPOSTOR dito. Nawawalan na ako nang gana.

      • @Paul: Anu developmental,or social entrepreneurship project interests me. However, I am so ddeply immersed in my job and other side projects here that I may find it difficult to collaborate, even via online media. Another thing, how do I know whether I am talking to the real Paul, PIerro Rocco and other pseudonyms of yours? ANd how do we contact each other outside the prying eyes of the commenters here? FYI, others have been talking to me about connecting outside of this blogpost but I have not yet responded positively about it..

  5. Ano ba ang height ni Rabiya?
    May mga photos and videos ng top 5 na naglalabasan ngayon, pero parang pinakapandak si Rabiya?
    I think she could not be taller than 5’6″.

  6. Kung ang scoring criteria ng Miss Universe is

    SS – 25%
    EG – 25%
    QNA – 50%

    Where will Rabia be? If I were the judge,

    SS – 8.5
    EG – 8.5
    QNA – 9.0

    Composite: 8.75

    There is a possibility na lalagapak pa rin si Inday for the Asia and Africa Group dahil nandiyan ang Thailand, South Africa and recently Australia! Hindi pa nakokoronahan yung iba! Her only chance would be the wild card!

    Parang halos magkasing-height lang sila ni Miss Australia pero mas malaman at mas madibdib si Miss Australia kaya lalaban sa hampasan ng balakang ‘to and fierce naman sa catwalk si Miss Thailand! And of course, parejo di pahuhuli sa QNA!

    Rabiya has long legs but flat chested and so petite na halos wala na curve. In fact during the presentation of MUP, she is wearing a body-hugging dress na parang 16 years old lang siya as if hindi pa achieved yung full womanhood considering na 23 na siya ngayon! Have you seen actress Isabelle Fuhrman in the movie “Orphan”? Siya yung una kong naisip nung nakita ko si Rabiya!

    Face-wise, maganda naman talaga siya! In fact, concensus ng mga Laitino: Bella! Hermosa! Parece Latina! Yan laman ng mga comment nila! Pero ganyan din naman ang nasabi nila last year kay Gazini and the rest is history na sana hindi maulit this year dahil nakakapanggigil lang!

    When I was 16 years old, matangos na ilong ko! I’ve seen Vice Ganda’s High School photo and ganun na talaga ilong niya except maitim siya! When I saw Rabiya’s photo, I know something was done on her nose and that’s completely fine! Ganun din naman si Stephfany and most of the Miss Venezuela,

    It’s just that, it seems to me that it contradicts to her financial struggles when she was young na parang nung umpisa ka nang kumikita from being a lecturer, inuna mo pa magpa-rhinoplasty whereas sinabi mo na hirap yung Nanay mo as single mother kasi iniwan kayo ng tatay as you have mentioned during the preliminary interview? Which boils down to the authenticity of thought process! It’s like girl, ikaw din ang nagbubukas ng Pandoras Box na ikasisira mo! At bago niyo pa ko sabihan na pakialam mo ba, hindi mo naman pera yung ginamit! I don’t care how she spends her million! It’s the consistency of thought that I am after at baka diyan siya madali!

    Oo, nakakasagot siya sa mga tanong especially the situational questions, pero mahaba-haba pa lalakbayin ni Inday for political questions, provocative questions, current events!

    O ayan, expected ko na rin isasagot niyo saken,

    “Eh di ikaw na sumali!”
    “Magtayo ka ng sarili mong pageant”
    “Kasi hindi nanalo yung manok mo kaya ka bitter!”
    “Tapos na pageant! Move on!”
    “May nanalo na, you can’t reverse that!”
    “Mamatay ka na, buwisit ka!”

    And yung mga napikon naman pero hindi kaya mag-justify sa mga sinabi ko, dadaanin naman sa thumbs down! Paabutin natin to 1000 yan!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson ‘Di kaya sinagot nu’ng handler niya ‘yun’g supposed nose job?

      Girls, imo, because they physically mature by their mid-teens you can by that time already know their potential as far as show business (and related industries) is concerned. Mimilanie was 15 when she won MI (1979). And if I’m not mistaken, Paris laws set the minimum age for models at 15. So, I, too, am not surprised by the alleged “intervention”.

      ‘Eto, sasabihin ko. Poverty seems to be an impetus for parents to allow their “pageantry-promising”/poised-for-physical-perfection children to be modified by modelling scouts with an eye for photographic potential. It has happened even in male pageantry! At least two recent international Filipino titlists apparently got not just nose jobs, but protracted glutathione treatments to complete “the look” whipped into shape by rigorous gym regimen. The difference really stuns!

    • Kung ang scoring criteria ng Miss Universe Philippines is:

      SS – 25% Rabiyah (8.5) Alaiza (9) Michelle (8)
      EG – 25% Rabiyah (8.5) Aliaiza (9) Michelle (8.5)
      QNA – 50% Rabiyah (8.5) Alaiza (8) Michelle (9.0)

  7. Just because it happens at MU does not make it right or acceptable
    These girls have spent so much time money and effort to be there . The least that the org can do is treat them fair and square .
    If the girls feel they were left out during the pageant , they should st least be able to air their side !
    Kudos to Michele and Sandra for speaking up knowing they will be labeled as bitter among other painful names or words

  8. Kittykat, AUS is another Rabiya
    And if NY or CT wins USA , it will be another Rabiya
    She needs to find a way to make her mark physically and otherwise

    • She is Philippines. That’s the distinction. Maganda siya. Maganda rehistro sa camera. Magaling sumagot. May charisma. Mukang mabait. May adbokasiya. May sash factor. Maitatawid niya ang opening statement ng Miss U unlike Gazini.

      Yes. I think she will do well in Miss Universe.

  9. The arrogance of some people to assume they are beyond gossips and intrigues. Are you kidding me? You are on norman.norman everyday because you are interested in hearing what people have to say, true or not true , negative or positive .

  10. To ANA Winter-Lund, SCORG & FLOR: A number of commenters have been utilizing my user names in this blog site quite sometime now. And they are being TOLERATED at my expense. Be careful with MY IMPOSTORS.

    • @ paul Wen, Manong. 🙂

      (Alam ko naman’g kahit ‘di tayo lagi’ng nagkakasundo ng pananaw, wala’ng personalan.)

      At least may fans ka na. Parang si @bong dati, dami’ng impostor, kaya nag-warla si Mudra… ‘Ayan. ‘Di na tuloy siya naglalalagi… Btw, have you identified who @ Cool Brew is in real life?

    • Yup , has anyone seen anybody in person ? The only one to many is Laila who left this site a long time ago

      • @ Fabian Reyes I know at least one other person in the blog (who she/he is in real life).

        This person goes by two names here. Pageant page Admin din siya, like @ Laila.

        People leave clues in their statements. Whether deliberate or otherwise. 🙂

  11. I don’t think a lot of people are against Rabiya winning MUP
    They are just against the process
    And they want more information about her background … making sure that what she represents is what she truly is .. and not the scrubbed version of herself . Authenticity is key . Without that, you won’t go far at MU.

    • Tama na Lola Fabbie, hanggang ngayon ba naman eh di mo pa rin matanggap na tinalo ka ni Violeta Naluz? Sabi ko naman kasi sayo….. mali ang sinalihan mong search. Mas bagay talaga sayo sa Search and Rescue Operation!

  12. I just can’t comprehend the capacity of pageant fans to engage in gossip especially if they don’t agree with the judges’ decision. Year in and year out the ritual of rumor mongering and gossip trading seem to be an odious tailwind to a supposedly happy ending to another crowning event. At a period when the deadly virus still stalks humanity, that people can still unleash virulent innuendos and find time to engage in disparaging stories about others is unwarranted, let alone unprincipled. Why do people gossip? Following are some reasons I gathered from Google:

    1. People who don’t feel good about themselve feel better when they judge others negatively
    2. People gossip in order to hurt those whose popularity, talents, or lifestyle they envy
    3. A person can derive a sense of retribution with disparaging remarks
    4. When people can’t generate interesting discussions based on knowledge or ideas, gossip can rouse people’s interest.

    • @ scorg Talaga’ng nag-effort ka pa’ng mag-Google. 🙂

      It would certainly be nice to get official statements to quell all the loose talk. Problem is, MUPO seems to have become just like BPCI – silence when fans call for the truth. I mean, just look at this case with Rowena “Rowee” Lucero-Sasaluya. ” 😦

      Doesn’t the gossiping serve to drive away that “culture of silence” Rabiya herself mentioned in the pre-departure (for Baguio City/Benguet) interview with Voltaire Tayag? Shouldn’t justice be noisy?

      • @Flor, yes the search for justice must be noisy, but it has to be based on facts about an issue. Without facts, it is gossip. If it is talking about a person’s character and not an issue, it is gossip. Bg definition, gossip is a casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true.

      • Gossip comes in many forms. RUMORS: when one hears something, and it’s not good, and also not confirmed as true, but he tells someone or ask someone else about it to get more info, gossip spreads as the the rumor mill turns and turns. SLANDER: defined as spreading rumors or lies about a person to purposely cause damage; the written form is libel. BACKBITING: When one speaks spiteful or slanderous words about another who is not present and can do nothing in defense. DISHING: basically means sharing the “juicy info” you learned about someone; maybe the intent isn’t to directly cause damage, but by keeping the gossip alive, it continues to spread and taint the image of the subject person. WHISPERED INNUENDO: subtle insinuations that can mislead others into thinking wrong thoughts, especially if the conclusions are based on gossipy hunches.

    • scorg, I hear you.

      On the local level:
      In 2019, there was the passport issue that arose after Gazini won over Patch. In 2013, there was the issue of Bea Rose getting the highest score but relegated to International instead of Universe.

      On the international level:
      Last year, Sierra Bearchell (sp?) released a video stating that Iris was not only favoured but knew she was going to reach the Q&A round.
      It was also said (I can’t recall if it was by Sierra) that Demi was also favoured, as evidenced by the fact that a special HMUA gave her touch-ups during commercial breaks.

      Again, I am neither condoning these actions, nor verifying the veracity of these allegations. My purpose in mentioning them is to demonstrate what scorg said, “Year in and year out the ritual of rumor mongering and gossip trading seem to be an odious tailwind to a supposedly happy ending to another crowning event.”

      • @ Madame X ‘Ay! Patulan. 🙂

        Passport issue ni Patitay? ‘Di ba statement niya on IG, dahil ay green card holder siya? Kailangan muna niya’ng “umuwi sa Amerika”? The initial impression was that she was moping because she didn’t get Universe… Plus, and I jumped in on this I admit, that she was not too crazy about the 18-month standard contract….? Dahil matatali siya ng matagal? Kung sa bagay….

        Btw, where is Rabiya now physically? In Manila? Back home in Iloilo City?

      • @ Madame X OK. Rabiya is in Manila. And her Court is complete and with her. Latest… 🙂

  13. If the winner was known the night before the finals , we should investigate. Hear these girls out before labeling Michelle and the other girls as bitter .

    In Binibini , Vicki was poised to win the top crown last yr But when she failed to deliver on finals night , she came home crown less
    That’s the kind of contest we deserve !

    • Let’s use your Vicky logic. If really, Rabiya was poised to win, did she not deliver? If it was someone else and obviously didn’t win, Vicky na vicky lang din, di ba?

      And c’mon, hindi maiiwasan ang leakage, pre-taped ‘yan. Matakot ka kung may leakage sa Bb na live. Yet, the way you said it, parang normal lang. At aminado ka na may favoritism din sa Bb?

      • The winner already known before the final completion was held … not shown ??? What’s the point of the competition .

  14. Ang galing ng gumawa ng ilong nya di halata .. and the improvement is like night and day!!!!

  15. Rabiya deserved to win during that night. It’s hard for me to believe the rumour that Rabiya knew the questions in advance. Based on what I read, Rabiya was a debater in grade/high school, like Nicole Cordoves, and myself (I even continued to pursue this extracurricular in University). When you train in debate, you are trained to think quickly, analyze every point you want to make, and to deliver it with impact. I saw all those qualities in Rabiya’s answers on Coronation Night. In addition, she is very charming, personable, and relatable in all her interviews. She did particularly well in her virtual guesting on Unang Hirit. Also, you can tell when a candidate recites a memorised spiel, it’s just obvious. Examples would be Eva Psyche P. in Binibining Pilipinas 2018, and Gazini G. and Maria Isabela G. in Binibining Pilipinas 2019. There’s a world (universe rather?) of difference between those answers and Rabiya’s.

    On plastic surgery: Is this still an issue? Plastic surgery contributed immensely to Venezuela’s status as THE international pageant powerhouse during the heyday of Monsieur Osmel Sousa, so what’s the deal if a candidate had work done or not? Also, in the glamorous world of high fashion, plastic surgery is part and parcel of the modelling game. Just take a look at Gisele Bundchen’s nasal transformation at the turn of the century, or Bella Hadid’s. Our only issue should be whether the work is GOOD or BAD because that will affect the queen’s standing in a competition.

    On Sandra Raymundo “Mama Limonada” Lemonon: I will wait until she releases her full statement. There’s no point in reacting when she hasn’t released anything substantial.

    • Excellent commentary Madame X. In particular, you are correct with your observations on the comm. skill/s limitations of Gazini Ganados, Miss Sorsogon, and even Eva P. Kung natuloy si Miss Sorsogon, most likely hindi rin siya makakapasok sa top 5 because of the aforesaid limitation/weakness.

      With regard to Sandra, please be kind to her because she has mental health concerns. Thank you so much.

    • Prior to the finals, I already have a hunch that Rabiya can be a serious threat to Michele, Bella and Pauline if she lands in the Top 5. This was based only on the way she answered questions in the various interviews I saw in the social media. She obviously is not a native English speaker, as I surrmised she grew up in a household and community where the spoken langiage is Ilongo or Filipino. But her thought processes are fluid, and answers are direct to the point. If she was a trained member of the College Debate Team, I now know why. On stage during the finals, she exuded confidence and answered the questions fluently like any native English speaker or any urban “Ingleseras”, though the regional accent was evident. Given that all five gave excellent answers, I guess the one who gave a concise answer reflective of logical thought processing got the Selection Panel’s vote.

  16. who the hell are you chimp na masyoho ang kiki? ano ka sa buhay ni Rabiya to demand anything from her???????!!!!!! Tsupppppiiiii! I wonder why Tita Norman is still allowing you here. Punyeta ka!!!!!! Dun ka sa kagubatan where u truly belong hayop ka!!!!!

    • I think it’s best to not engage or pay any attention to him. Sort of like when you see sh-t on the sidewalk, you walk around it & then walk away.

      We don’t want to step on sh-t, it’s nasty AF, it stinks & we don’t want that stench on us.

      So when we see his comments, ignore lang tayo. Walk around the sh-t.

      • Thank you Pierro and SQ. Kung minsan umiinit talaga ulo sa banat ng isang hayop na katulad nya. But yeah right. Let us not dignify her shitty shenanigans. Ano nga naman mapapala natin sa chimp na inuuod ang pekpek. Si Tita Norman lang naman yata ang bilib sa kanya.

  17. Tito Norms, I read some articles about the life of Rabiya growing up, including her sad dormitory transfer wherein she slept on a handwoven mat or banig laid on the floor. That brought me tears. I hope you ask her about other untold stories which made her the woman she is today. TBH, I have become more enamored by Rabiya because of her adversities in the past which most of us can relate.

    Besides that, please pick Rabiya’s brain on questions that are timely and relevant to our country (a la Pia W), so we can ascertain if she is well-rounded and can be put on the spot on such social issues come Miss Universe pageant, as follows:

    1. Recently, some Filipina celebrities, including 2018 Miss Universe Catriona Gray, were red-tagged under the suspicion that they were supporting an active left-leaning organization. At what extent should a Filipina or a beauty queen push her advocacies for the betterment of the women today?

    2. The Philippines is one of the countries in the world that installed women leaders in governance and significantly recognized the valuable contributions of women in different sectors of our society, what do you think are the remaining spaces women need to take, so that gender equality in our country can be gainsaid to be fully observed?

    3. Social media are considerably powerful tools in today’s generation in that most Filipinos do amplify their voices to address different issues in our society. Do you think passing a legislation to streamline cyberbullying and cyber libel is a curtailment to our Constitutionally guaranteed freedom of expression?

    I am going to watch this Pageantry Norms episode, Tito Norms, and if these questions are asked (and you mention my name, haha), that would bring a lot of giddiness to me for sure.

    That’s all.

    • @Ana Winter-Lund, I find your suggestions worth a smile or a smirk– idk!. The first one is okay. We Filipinos always love Cinderella stories. What we just want to avoid is dragging the story the “cruel stepsisters” (or their equivalents) to the point of pandering on sensationalism or gossip that may boomerang on the image of our heroine. As you said the focus should be how these experiences made her a better person that she is today. That’s developmental and we should sticjk to it. On the second suggestion, don’t you think the questions are the type you would ask of MDS? In fairness to her, with her background in Physical Theraphy, it may take sometime before she gets a wider grasp of the various socio-political-cultural issues facing the country today. Peace!

      • Seriously, @Scorg? Haha! I wish to reiterate, my suggested questions are timely and relevant issues concerning our society today which equate the level of difficulty on questions asked to Pia and Catriona during their respective times in Miss Universe. Regardless of the degree Rabiya has obtained, I think such questions can be answered by anybody who is well-versed on social issues. Pia Wurtzbach gracefully answered the question about the United States re-establishing military presence in the country, something you would not imagine to be asked to a chef like Pia.

        What I am pointing here is to ask Rabiya such questions in order for us or her trainers to determine which area she needs to improve on. And I am not saying she has to answer the questions correctly, because they are subjective, but for Rabiya to learn how to be ready herself on such tricky questions and give an impactful answer graciously, confidently and convincingly. Peace!

        That’s all.

      • @Ana Winter-Lund, you have a point. Those are really the hard questions and gut issues she has to prepare for. I guess my point is that it is too rattling for her to be asked of those questions tomorrow. And considering the short lead time for her to prepare for the MU contest, she has to absorb as much in a very short time. The MU team should be able to prepare for her a gist of each major issues, and the “safe”, or politically correct positions to each. I’m sure as an experienced debater in school, she would be able to absorb them as fast. But for her to answer such questions tomorrow, she can just cleverly tackle them from the perspective of Physical Therapy, like “Oh, I will look for pressure points in the body politic, or in the social fabric, and apply accupressure on various stress points or sore areas. One sore point is gender inequality. My accupressureprescription is ……..”.

      • It’s kind of like a savage idea to rattle Rabiya with tough questions at the onset, but she’ll surely benefit from it. Time is running fast (a day after next is November 1), lest we know it’s Miss Universe season already.

        That’s all.

  18. @ Fabian Reyes Consider now this excerpt from “The Return”, a film by Karl Lagerfeld.

    American interviewer, AI – played by Rupert Everett
    Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, GC – played by Geraldine Chaplin

    AI – “Mademoiselle Chanel, I’m going to ask you some very serious questions”.
    GC – “Well, I don’t answer serious questions. I hate serious questions”!
    (AI chuckles.)
    AI – “You always talk about fashion…”.
    GC – “Oh, well, I never talk about fashion… I talk about style. I talk about MY style”.
    AI – “But you never talk about your youth. Hhmmm…”?
    GC – “No, there’s not much to say about my youth…. If you’re born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing”.

  19. I hope the coming episode will touch on the very interesting topic of Iloilo’s prominent role in Philippine pageantry. The come-from-behind win of Rabiya puts Iloilo on the spotlight as the home province of the first Miss Philippines in 1908, Pura Villanueva, who almost instinctively used her title as platform to advance women empowerment causes, including lobbying for the passage of the first women’s suffrage bill at the Philippine Assembly. Long before the notion of beauty pageantry as a platform for noble social advocacies was conceived by Miss Universe and Miss World, Pura Villanueva already showed the Philippines and the world the template of what real beauty is— brains and brawns, not just physique. The continuation of this legacy in pioneering advocacy-driven pageantry in the world now falls in the lap in another Iloilo stunner 112 years later.

    • I hope your vlog can impress on Rabiya that with the guidance of advocacy-driven MUP, and the support of Iloilo AP, and the entire Filipino nation, she can be the Rallying Point to recapture the prominent developmental role of pageantry in the Philippine society.

    • Let me remind you Scorg of another Ilongga who made a very good impression among MU judges in 1965. She is none other than Louise Vail Aurelio who was one of the 15 semifinalists in that year. The crown was won by another Asian – Apasra Hongsakula of Thailand.

      Secondly, I would like to remind you as well that a number of people are using my other user names in this blog site. I think I need to stop using those names for my own safety. Be careful not to believe in them. Thank you so much.

  20. Tito Norms, Pls ask her about her poverty story . Did she not get support from her dad who is a doc in Chicago ?? She is not the type of person who will just sit down and suffer through life knowing fully well she has a dad who is more than capable of making her life comfortable .
    I know a lot of Indians and all of them are very family-oriented and value education r
    To the max .
    Rabiya , tell me you did not get help from your dad !

    • You don’t have to know everything, Fabian. Her story is her own, and if you don’t believe it, then don’t. I get that you don’t like her. However, you don’t have to sound arrogant just to prove your point.

      • Poverty and education have been her focal point throughout her journey . As our queen and rep, she needs to tell us the whole truth .
        Didn’t she even go to a private high school?

    • Also the phrase “She is the best president that we never had” ay not originally from Rabiya pala. (although di naman nya inaangkin, pero laging Ikini-credit sa kanya). Ang phrase na yan ay anggulo ng Rappler, Inquirer at marami pang news entity last September 2016. Mahilig pala talagang magbasa si Rabiya at matandain?

      • Ilonggos, being proud of MDS, always say that statement. That’s why when I heard the question, I was 100% sure that she will answer MDS and say that statement.

    • @fabian haler . Did she get any help fr her father to get the nose job? Or did she get sponsorship for the nose job from?????????? Baka mayanig ka Fabian sk Sandra and the other bolyn girl

    • If you get support from a rich dad, why sleep on the banig? Heller Fabian, san mo nakuha yang news na yan? @Fabian Reyes

    • who the hell are you chimp na masyoho ang kiki? ano ka sa buhay ni Rabiya to demand anything from her???????!!!!!! Tsupppppiiiii! I wonder why Tita Norman is still allowing you here. Punyeta ka!!!!!! Dun ka sa kagubatan where u truly belong hayop ka!!!!!

    • @Fabian

      FYI, based on my research, although Rabiya studied in the best schools…That is because she was a scholar who had to maintain excellent grades so she could study there for free… And the banig story was from a congratulatory FB post of the land lady’s son of the boarding house she could not pay for that is why she had to sleep on the floor. If her rich father was supporting them then why would she have to sleep on the floor?!

      • Puede ka bang mag-ischolar Kung 1st hon mention ka ? And PT ? It’s hard to keep a full scholarship with that course … unless you go to UP where scholarship is based on financial status .
        If I had a daughter like her who is very smart and diligent , I would do everything to make sure she got the best education . Something is amiss here . She needs a lot of explaining to do .

      • Puede ka bang mag-ischolar Kung 1st hon mention ka ? And PT ? It’s hard to keep a full scholarship with that course … unless you go to UP where scholarship is based on financial status .
        If I had a daughter like her who is very smart and diligent , I would do everything to make sure she got the best education . Something is amiss here . She needs a lot of explaining to do .

  21. With IndiA Thailand and Philippines.. and possibly more looking practically identical to each other , what will be Rabiya’s chances of doing well at MU????

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