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  1. SAD! this could have been Aya but still good luck Rowee! hope you surprise us!

  2. Magkakaplace pa rin cya kahit Taft 10 the least habang nandyan c Manang Biday Pilar of Canada😳 Divahhh.
    Ligwak sna c Michelle noon kung Wala c Manang Pilar hihihi 😊

    • Pero feeling ko lulutuin Ng Miss Globe Org na Manalo c Philippines tapos madisqualify dahil Walang pahintulot sa BPCI na may hawak sa franchise😃
      Walang perang makuha Ang Philippines tapos Wala ring perang ibibigay sa papalit dahil crown lang and travel + mga bayad sa sponsors at ibang raket Ang maibubulsa Ng papalit😳 Divahhh Puro galawang demonyo lang Ang beauty pageant now… Cherette hihihi

  3. As the MUP pageant has already successfully folded its inaugural season, pageant excitement in me has dwindled. I am gonna hibernate from this blog for now and will concentrate on my professional engagements until the inception of the next edition of Miss Universe.

    Until then.

    That’s all.

  4. Guys, tama ba entiende ko na Rowee is the first KF rep at least since Ann Colis (2015)?

  5. Paalis ka pa lang, ganyan na agad ang shoes mo? Baka matapilok ka ateng, mapilayan kapa at iika ika ka sa pagrampa. Anyway goodluck girl sana may magandang balita pagbalik mo. Ingat at God bless.

  6. I saw a snippet of your interview where you said that Rabiya did really have a Glam Team. You confirmed the presence of Rabiya’s Glam Team, pero di mo masabi kung sino yung ibang merong Glam Team? Disappointed, but not surprised.

    • @ Paul Trililing There were other glam teams admitted into the bubble?

      I think I know for whom. Definitely, neither for Sandra nor Mitch.

      Gosh! This is getting muddier with the passing days…. 😦

      Thinking about it, it’s, indeed, hard to believe ALL the candidates could perfectly execute their respective styling – make-up, wardrobe, hair, accessories if any, etc. – single-handed despite all that training they got online.

      But, here’s the thing…. Since there are only x number of people allowed in the bubble at any time, for any (more) stylists to get in, an equal number of whomever must get out (whether they get back in is another question). Imagine the org staff controlling/monitoring all this movement…. the MUPO pillars were no longer aware of the comings-&-goings? Or, were they? Speculation lang, po.

      • Better ask Baguio Country Club about this. If their security eased restrictions, then it will be am entirely new story

      • @Norman

        Again, why ruin Rabiya’s reputation if you can’t namedrop the names of the other ladies who have glam teams in Baguio?

      • I am not ruining anyone’s reputation, Paul Trilling. If the host resort relaxed their restrictions and allowed the entry of more people than the “bubble” can accommodate, then maybe they should be the one to answer for the presence of more individuals. Keep in mind as well that a number of accredited partners (APs) went up to Baguio City and lingered around Baguio Country Club during the crucial parts of the competition. Now if they brought additional reinforcements for their respective bets, should they be denied access? APs are important allies of the organization.

        The ladies were accompanied by one Makeup Mentor (NSB) and one Hair Mentor (Marqed Salon). While everyone underwent online tutorials prior, such would not be enough to level up the skills of pageant newbies to the veterans. In that playing field alone, the former is already at an disadvantage.

        I hope we can really move on from this “glam team” issue. We already have winners and they deserve our support.

      • @Norman

        Aren’t you aware that Sandra’s fans are using your interview to ruin Rabiya? They use your interview as evidence of Rabiya’s “cheating”.

      • I am aware of that. But the bucket stops here for me. The fans of Sandra should just wait for whatever announcement she will make.

      • @ Norman MUPO should be smart…

        Either unahan nila ang accusers. Or, keep their mouths shut so the accusers slip eventually.

        Basta ako, Herr Boss, NatCos ni Rabiya ang habol/interes ko. Alam mo ‘yan. 🙂

      • @ Norman I want to say that AP’s are NOT equal, that certainly some are more influential and materially/logistically-equipped than others. Could this also have been a source of friction? Of course, you are not an AP, you fielded nobody, you are media yourself (one of many), and not your fault. But,… did your seeming closeness to the MUPO perhaps make not a few persons think that just maybe you knew something was going on but chose to keep mum so as to allow the parties involved to be the one to sort it out to the fans and followers? I will (also) assume the sponsors are not the least bit interested in the controversies, after all they’ve done more than enough to make the pageant possible in the first place.

        But, this also probably means Morris Garages will not be coming up with a 2021 calendar of the twelve candidates they gave the honor of raking their units for a spin/test drive… (sigh)


        OK, sige. Hanggan’g dito na rin lang ako, my last question/statement on the whole BCC chapter.

        As they say, “what happens in (wherever), stays in (wherever)”.

    • This “glam team” things is getting out of proportion.
      To be honest, even if a candidate brings all the best glam team in the world during a pageant night if her face is not as pretty as Rabiya’s or that of Pauline or Bella, she will never be crowned as the winner. The irony of this all is that the ones who keeps on creating issues are those that don’t come close to the beauty of the three women I just mentioned.
      That’s all!

      • @ JustPassingBy Well, now that you mentioned it, just for me the REAL surprise beauty discovery of this batch, THE ONE THAT KNOCKED MY SOCKS OFF, was Romblon (Tajaran).


        Over at MUT, it was Praew.

        It’s interesting that while one becomes spellbinding with make-up (Philippines), the other has what appears to be an all-natural aura (Thailand). Either way, fans everywhere are hooked.

        I think it is a given Maria Fee was not among those who were influential enough to get her own staff. If that’s the case, then WOW, just imagine what she could still become if she had one. 🙂

      • I agree Flor.
        I’m a fan of both ladies – Praew and Tejaran but I see them more for Miss Supranational.

  7. Napakaswerte. Di na kailangang mag-compete sa BBP. Nanalo na agad.
    Ngayon pa lang congrats na. Sana sa competition, galingan nya.

  8. Best of luck to her. I hope she does well in the competition.
    Those horrible shoes though 🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. I just wonder bakit ipinilit na magpadala pa din ng rep kahit pa nagdecide noon pa ang BPCI na wala silang ipapadala. I just wish na nakausap na KF ang BPCI about this…anyway good luck Rowee!!! Ipagmalaki ang gandang Filipina sa buong Globe!❤

  10. So Flores is buddy-buddy with the Miss Globe Org ,,,, and I wonder what it means that “she is the only one who can last-minute requirements” , could be that she has ready passport to travel … not so clear

    “2) The Miss Globe – with the help of Rodgil Flores and Gio Flores of Kagandahang Flores – checked out potential ladies to fill in the representation. They selected #Binibini2 Rowee Lucero as the one who can meet the last-minute requirements needed. Let me reiterate this: BPCI had no hand in the choice”.

    What does Aya or Sam not have and Rowee has in terms of “last-minute requirements”…disappointing

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