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  1. Si Gazini, nag-request pa si Mr. Tinio FORMALLY – in a dedicated blog post post-BBP 2019 – for unconditional support in the backdrop of the formidable pro-Patch lobby. Up to until she competed in Atlanta, skeptics kept their ground. She was lucky Cary Santiago gave her a superb NatCos, which was silvery-shiny enough to deflect some of the criticism. Maaari’ng naging mali ang titular assignments ni Mdme. SMA, but I recall NO one saying there was favoritism or preferential treatment for the duration of the 2019 National. Unlike nu’ng 2017…

    Si Rabiya, many folks are now accepting despite allegations of impropriety on the part of MUPO. And our dear blogger will formalize his support for her with a FULL REAL-TIME interview, not in mere writing.

    What’s the possible difference? Notwithstanding gravity of respective back stories, na para ba’ng mas deserving ‘yun’g isa dahil mas naging mahirap ang karera niya (sa buhay)… Para hindi personalan ang atake.

    We are unable to accept Gazini dahil siya ay mahina ang utak. Rabiya, never mind that her victory is marred by controversy anyway marunong naman… 🙂

    In any case, all is now water under the bridge for “Talisay, Cebu” while “Iloilo City’s” battle has just begun. It all feels like a change from one sovereign to another, an upheaval of which the subjects have little choice but to obey/accept. Fine… Therefore, I REALLY hope the NatCos will be even better! And to ensure that, I want MIlo(2x) organization to have FULL CONTROL in its realization; I expect JG to have absolutely nothing to do with it (sa wardrobe, styling, at make-up na lang siya pumapel anyway ‘yun naman ‘yata ang talaga’ng forte niya).

  2. Tama ang shade ni Rabiya! She competed without the burden of high expectations compared to MG and Alaiza kaya win or loss, di niya didibdibin kumpara sa kay michele. kaya nanalo si rabiya coz she’s raw, teachable, moldable and authentic ang humility!

    • @ Jasmine “…Raw, teachable, moldable..” can have sinister connotation… 🙂

      Seasoned veterans like Mitch & Sandra aren’t anymore?… Was that your point, also, po? That their minds are already made up (“sarado na utak’), therefore potentially troublesome to MUPO?

      No wonder ALV wants #FreshFilipinasForTheWorld…. After all, 2M & Vanessa Mae Walters… 😦

  3. Tama si Mr Blogger sa interview nya. Di naman maiiwasan ang challenges in the process – sa producation and the likes. Siguro Sandra would like to be treated as a queen na lahat ng kailangan nya ay nasa harap na nya. Gusto nya yata smooth lahat. Sa panahon ngayon, limited lang naman ang taong pwedeng kumilos para sa organization for health concerns. Also, they will not allow na kung sinu-sino na lang ang makapasok sa venue.
    If may reklamo sa pagkain, sa venue, transportation, idaan sa proper channel.

    • So far Sandra havent say anything other than those cryptic post. Having said that, technically hibdi pa sya nagrereklamo. Ang mga fans lang ang nagbigay kulay. Kaya hindi dapat magbigay ng kung anu-anong assumption on Sandra.

      • Tingin ko, may nagpayo na kay sandra na tumahimik na at wag na magdrama kasi mas masisira pa ang pangalan nya. Babalik sa kanya ang karma.

  4. Why are the judges on finals night mostly males ? I thought I heard that there was an announcement that the panel will be all-female … >?

  5. Sandra bitter Lemon is such a fake phony girl . Fake face fake attitude . Attention whore and cannot accept that a poor, hardworking, natural beauty won. It’s unfair to Rabiya that her win is being tainted by malicious allegations by a bitter sore loser . Pati si Michelle should clarify her stance . She is being unsportsmanlike.

  6. I’m sooo much happy talaga na nanalo ang bet ko.
    Ang ganda at ang galing talaga ni Rabiya.

  7. Rabiya…love her Megan Fox vibe. I feel like she should not change anymore of her styling to compete for Miss U. Love the long, curly wave of hair and the walk and the way she speaks. If there’s anything that she needs to work on is maybe getting more toned and curvy – but what am I talking about, she won Best in Swimsuit! So maybe just make sure she is abreast with all international news, do daily gym work out, read voraciously and make sure that she comes up with a really, really strong platform!

  8. Kudos Tita Norms. I am sure nagngingitngit na naman ang isang commenter na chimp jan sa inggit.

      • Feeling ko tito norms, yung issue about pagdadala ng glam team, mukhang questionable sya because una, limitado lang naman ang allowed na people doon sa venue. Pangalawa, I believe na wala namang pera si Rabiya para kumuha ng glam team na hahawak sa kanya.

  9. Thank you for the tireless coverage, Miss Norms! Congrats sa latest appearance on CNN 😉

    Btw, I just saw a recap of Rabiya’s performance and interviews, and I do think the right girl won. The fight in her is impressive, and I like her personality/comm skills a LOT. A definite contender for Miss U.

  10. Tito bitin nemen po eeh, hehehe! Sana next time may sarili ka nang talk show! Congratulations! 😀

  11. Congratulations Norman, the country’s most bankable pageant blogger/vlogger. Ang daming guestings.

  12. ‘ALA! OMG (3x),… Then, it’s true. 🙂

    (Siera Berchell provided yet another piece of the puzzle.)

    Mr. Tinio, you’ve now seen how MUP panned out in comparison to MUT & MSA, the two now widely-perceived pace-setters in national pageantry. Definitely, there are peculiarities when it comes to Philippines. But, what in your view MUST be the way forward for the organization?

    (I’m imagining I’m Pia… Hontiveros. Interviewing you.)

    Anyway, congrats to The Camp for placing ALL THREE of their wards, ABC. And Mark Bumgarner still rules! Telle looked like high-end liquor in his creation – smooth, sensual, & hard-to-find.

      • @ Norman So, that will be your response in the event you are asked… Kung sa bagay. They would/should know themselves better than anybody. Very diplomatic of you, po. 🙂

        But that now-tired “it-hasn’t-sunk-in” modesty is unnecessary. Isn’t the winner phenomenal? If so, then TAKE UP THAT SPACE. The fans expect their kween to be that galleon that “won’t sink”, will master the wind and current, and navigate the loneliest night by the stars that aligned in her favor.

        AS EARLY AS NOW, and as requested by our @ Closer2Fame, work on her NatCos employing the most sophisticated “alta moda” techniques MUST begin! I am certain M(Ilo)2x organization will spare no expense towards making known to all nations how beautiful their capital city is.

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