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  1. In my honest opinion, Michelle Gumabao should accept defeat graciously and really be thankful she made it to the Top 5.

    Although she did better finals night, her performance in the Gown and swimsuit during the preliminaries were so mediocre and not Top 16 material.

    In the prelims, Michelle, indisputably, may have scored high in the Interview but not so, in the swimsuit and gown. Many others who didn’t make the Top 16 for sure had a better swimsuit performance than her (not to say, sexier bodies). Additionally, her preliminary gown performance was extremely disappointing. That Green gown did not flatter at all and made her look even bigger. It also made her much more mature than her 28 years.

    If I were a judge during the prelims and stuck to the criteria, there was a chance she wouldn’t have made the cut.

    • I love love love Michelle…
      But that prelim gown of hers was FUCK UGLY!!!!I It looked like retasos from making my grandmother’s curtains!!! Even the bottom half of her finals gown disapointed me as well… UGGGGGHHHHH!!!!! Even her national constume lacked luster…


    • your guess is as good as mine. her name does not deserve to be mentioned even. So why bother. nangangamoy talaga.

  2. Smooth Rae di natin ka level ang isang chimp. Shine through ang byuti natin if we ignore a bitch chimp. Nanlilimahid kiki nya. Umaygads!!!!!

  3. Authenticity is key . I’m sure the MUO has seen Rabiya . And their reaction ? She looks exactly like the MUPO director.
    I hope she discovers her true self and stops copying !!

    • Authenticity is a very BIG word. Bago ka po magdemand ng authenticity make sure na authentic ka sa relasyon mo sa sarili mo. Gaano ka ka-authentic sa sarili mo? Please stop bashing Rabiya, walang atraso ung bata sayo. Masyado ng madaming hatred sa mundo kaya kung di mo po bet ung nanalo…quiet na lang po tayo. Si Rabiya ang nakatakda…Let Rabiya Mateo shine through one day at a time hanggang sa finals ng MU.

    • Mga bes wag nyong gawing relevant ang isang hamak na chimp na may kuto ang pekpek at inuuod pa. wag patulan mga ineng so for your own sake. Juskoday dito lang naman yan nagpapasikat yan. kahit ang higher forms of monkeys iniisnab sya dahil sa masyoho nyang pipi.

  4. Sana si Alaiza na lang ang nasa top 5 hindi big bitter no show girl. I wish Alaiza the best, i still hope to see her in the international stage.

    • True hindi ba conflicting yung sinabi ni Michelle na she can handle defeat but what she can handle is the why…..Kasi it can be positive nga for her. Tapos revealing din yun sinabi nya na gabi pa lang alam na nya result…..MUP should investigate sino nag leak. Hay naku ghorl, to be honest hindi sa pambabash you don’t deserve to be in the Top 5 tapos may ganya ka pang statement. Hay naku!!!! Hindi ka rin namin nakaya sa totoo lang. Masyado ka kasing overconfident.

  5. Prettiest Romblon
    The best from beginning to end Bella
    But congrats to Rabiya for the great strategy of trying to look like Shamcey

      • Smooth Rae di natin ka level ang isang chimp. Shine through ang byuti natin if we ignore a bitch chimp. Nanlilimahid kiki nya. Umaygads!!!!!

    • Why do you have to dim Rabiya’s light in order to elevate your favorite?

      You’ve been underestimating Rabiya based on her socioeconomic background (vs Bella’s alta lineage) but the rightful queen won.

      Bella herself has the innate grace & refinement to accept the results & support Rabiya.

      But you, peering down & sneering at Rabiya for the disadvantages she grew up with (and overcame), you’re showing us all that you’re the unrefined & graceless one here.

      • Why can’t you see this as a challenge for her to prove everyone she is her own person ?

    • I was trying to figure out who she reminds me of, it’s Susupan!!!! Lol…but rabiya looks gorgeous, but not her picture without the makeup on, just the headshot of the top five.

  6. Words of wisdom from Bella Ysmael: “A huge congratulations to all my MUPh sisters. We made it, together. The friendship and the sisterhood we have gained in the last 9 months is something I will treasure forever. I am proud to be a part of Batch 2020,,,,, because of all of you. I may not have gone home with a crown on my head, but my crowning glory has undoubtedly been my entire experience during Miss Universe Philippines 2020. Thank you for teaching me to stay true to myself and to remember that a queen is phenomenal not because of the crown on her head but because of her heart that is as big as the Universe” Nuggets of wisdom from a queen who knows the real meaning of winning!

    • A winning mindset is not entirely bad as it generates intensity, determination and effort. However, obsession with winning restrains people from engaging in a personal journey of self-knowledge and appreciation of one’s place, and instead draws them into a world of constant competition with others as a measure of self-worth. A true winner is someone whose ultimate goal is never to prove something to others nor to vanquish an opponent, but more to fully realize one’s own potential. Real winners are people who take risks and are not afraid to lose — because they learn and grow from it. Indeed, a true winner’s satisfaction of success comes from doing one’s best through cooperation, and not through competition. This is a sign of emotional maturity and strong personal identity– the mark of a truly confidently beautiful person. Who among this batch, placed or unplaced, are real winners like Bella?

  7. Honestly, Michelle Gumabao was the one favored to be included in the top 5 over Alaiza Malinao.
    I mean I didn’t see any change in her since her dismal performance at Miss Globe so anyone who believes that she’d do better at Miss Universe is definitely in a state of deep somnambulism.
    That’s all.

  8. When the choice has been narrowed down to the Final 5, I believe that the final criterion laid before the Selection Committee is the question: Who is the most Phenomenal Woman of them all? Broken down into manageable byte, the question becomes: who could best be an Image Model, Harbinger of Hope and Rallying Point to the general public? The question further translates into: who is the most invincible woman who can inspire confidence and bring hope to the millions who are suffering from the economic, psychological, social and spiritual fallout of this pandemic?

    • CONT… Is it Michele, the invincible woman in the sports arena and courtside broadcasting? Is it Bella, the invincible woman in mental health advocacy? Is it Pauline, the invincible woman in inspirational speaking circuit? Is it Billie, the invincible woman in the LGBTQ rights? Or is it Rabiya, the invincible woman in formal and informal education? The five different personal brands trigger important emotional connections to the public, with the first four impacting the upscale socio-economic ladder, and the last impacting the masses. Apparently, the Selection Committee chose that brand personality whose imagery of humble beginnings reinforces the importance of mass education advocacy.

    • I am not tito Norms, but Alaiza was my universal bet. MUP and maybe MU is just not ready for that type of personality, yung “magpakatotoo ka.”
      I so love Alaiza, pero habang tumatakbo ang competiton, with her character, I realized she’s not going to do well at MU if she wins MUP, not yet, not now, that’s why I shifted to Pauline for MUP. Maybe in the future when MU considers a “magpakatotoo ka” woman, we can send Alaiza’s kind. With this edition, siguro if she acted prim and proper (nagpanggap), she could have been considered.
      Anyway, I am happy with Rabiya’s win, she deserves it, although I was really hoping na sana for future MU editions sya, magmature ng konti, I think pinays are at their best at around 26, but bring it on Rabiya.
      Kahit sino naman sa top 5 nanalo, deserving, really competitive batch, walang patapon.

  9. Flor I posted a reaction on Ana Winter-Lund’s post on Margie Moran-Sandra Lemonon. Pro-Sandra and anti-Margie. Hindi pa lumalabas hanggang ngayon. Natakot yata si Admin kay Margie Moran (at kay Ana). Pero hindi siya naawa kay Sandra Lemonon who is experiencing a difficult & stressful moment in her life right now.

    • @ paul Wala tayo’ng magagawa. Parang mga kandidata din tayo… Si Admin ang pageant org.


      Ganito na lang gawin mo. Inilabas na ‘yun’g Official Candidates ng isa pa’ng national beaucon. Share mo na lang sa ‘min ang masasabi mo… Clue : Malka Shaver (former Bb) is in the roster!

  10. whoever it is who asked Michelle to do that pose obviously wants to emphasize her big built. she looks big and wide in that pose.

  11. Miss Universe 1973 Margarita Moran-Floirendo exemplifies a classy and sophisticated demeanor when she posts the best of words for her niece, Ysabella Roxas Ysmael, on social media. Here she goes:

    “The first runner up is my Champion. Ysabella Roxas Ysmael. You were a stand out but the purpose designed for you is greater than you can imagine. A STAR DOES NOT COMPETE WITH OTHER STARS AROUND IT. IT JUST SHINES. Matshona Dhliwayo. We love you for who you are.” (emphasis mine)

    Thus, we need Margie Moran in the world full of Sandra Lemonon.

    That’s all.

    • “Crown or no crown, a queen prevails. 👑

      “First, a huge congratulations to all my MUPh sisters. We made it, together. The friendship and the sisterhood we have gained in the last 9 months is something I will treasure forever.

      “I am proud to be a part of Batch 2020, the inaugural batch, because of all of you.

      “I may not have gone home with a crown on my head, but my crowning glory has undoubtedly been my entire experience during Miss Universe Philippines 2020.

      “Thank you for teaching me to stay true to myself and to remember that a queen is phenomenal not because of the crown on her head but because of her heart that is as big as the Universe.”

      –Maria Ysabella Roxas Ysmael, 23, Miss Universe Philippines First Runner-up

      Indeed, a true queen.

      That’s all.

  12. Someone we haven’t heard from and who probably should be vocal now is their lawyer, Atty. B.

    I don’t know if Mdme. SSL’s “statement” on socmed (to Lemon) bears enough weight in the event revelations necessitate formalization of complaints in a court of law, not public opinion.

    (Admin, sige! Tingnan ko nga kung di-delete mo ‘to’ng comment na ‘to?) 🙂

  13. @Flor Tula, if we could analyze how beauty pageants roll in the country, I think a two-year contract for any pageant joiner is unconscionable. It would only best suit to a winner whose commitment to the brand and the latter’s sponsors is needed for the next two years. Even runner-up beauties would not love the idea of being tied up for another two years in an organization because the opportunity for them to win other beauty titles in another pageant platform is higher and they could not afford to get aged (and become disqualified) should they wait for another two years. If indeed the MUPO has that two-year non-competition provision in the contract, do you think there would be a lot of girls join their contest?

    In this batch, I see a lot of potentials on non-Top 16 finishers to do good in other beauty pageants, such as Zandra Nicole Sta. Maria, Jo-Anne Flores, Christine Nicole Silvernale, Ivana Pacis, Dianela Loya, Kia Moreno, and Trizha Ocampo.

    I agree with you, next year MUP will be a bloodbath of pretty girls who are more fierce, prepared, and intelligent. I expect Patch Magtanong, Kathleen Joy Paton (who looks like Amanda Obdam for me), Isabela Galeria, Nicole Guerrero, etc. to join MUP.

    Oh, beauty pageants are getting exciting more and more.

    That’s all.

    • Zandra was a big surprise for me. Kung di lang talaga siya lumalagpas sa 30 seconds.

      • For me, Zandra was the most fashionista in the MUP and her walk was classy and flawless. Her preliminary interview was even at par with the other frontrunners. Her gown might not be the cup of tea of the judges, but I thought it was high-fashion which she perfectly matched with a non-tripping platform heels.

        Hindi man ganun ka-pleasing ang face n’ya, pero for me it’s very universally acceptable oriental look. Nitong nagkalaman ang katawan at mukha n’ya, she looked even more beautiful. Her cheekbone is divine. Loved it.

        That’s all.

    • Gusto ko sa preliminary interview si Zandra Nicole tsaka si Pampanga at Muntinglupa.

  14. Magandang hapon. Ako’y nagbabalik with my UNSOLICITED suggestions/recommendations.

    To FABIAN – Ysabella should stick with MUP until the next edition of MU next year. Why? If something happens to the winner, the first runners up takes over. OR remember the case of Marina Benipayo replacing Marilen Espino days before MW started. Then she should try the 2021/22 edition of MWP.

    To SCORG – It is not YET end of the road for Michelle Gumabao. She is still qualified for MWP age wise and ALSO ELIGIBLE for the titles Miss Tourism Philippines (to represent the Philippines to all the tourists around the world) and/or Miss Supranational Philippines. ALV can also talk/request to JM & the Dr. of Miss Eco International to raise the age limit because of the global pandemic. MG can be very competitive in the sports competition (& there is no swimsuit category anymore).

    To FLOR Tula – Pauline is highly recommended to join MWP next year or in the 2022 edition of BPP. A number of titles are suited for her including Miss Eco Philippines, Miss Multinational Philippines, Miss Supranational Philippines, Bb. Pilipinas-International, & Bb. Pilipinas-Globe.

    To the MODELS: Billie Hakenson, Nicole Sta. Maria, Apriel Smith, & Alaiza Malinao – If you ages still qualify, you may join Mutya Pilipinas next year because CQ is OFFERING TWO MODELLING TITLES.

    To Sandra Lemonon – Join once again for the next edition of MWP and/or BPP in 2022. ALV is offering 7 titles and you are good for Miss Eco international and Miss Multinational. You also ask Paula Ortega to join you in MWP because she is best suited for Reina Hispano Filipinas.

    Wala nang kabuluhan ang pag-iiyak o pagngingitngit sa natapon nang gatas. Move on, move on… to Miss World Philippines, Mutya Pilipinas, Binibining Pilipinas, Miss Philippines Earth, etc. He, he, he…

    • @ paul Isn’t the MUP 2020 standard contract good for TWO (2) years, if earlier comments are accurate? So, the entire Court – including Mitch – are bound until 2022, at the shortest…. And, are you insinuating that something will happen to ROM, that Bella should be on stand-by?….

      That’s Dr. Amaal Rezk. Dude, hindi na nga naka-compete si Kelley Day. Kawawa naman… 😦

      Tell that to @ Cool Brew, not me. He’s the one in a position to do anything regarding Pauline. 🙂

      Let me refresh you once more how CROWDED the 2021-22 season already is even without this current clutch! Sirene Sutton, Ahtisa Manalo (but I hope A&Q will defer her to ’23 or even later), Atty. Magtanong, Aberasturri, MIG-Sorsogon (unfinished business, of course, and her fans will demand it!), Cortesi, Omay (hopefully her Runner-up status at Aliwan Fiesta will not be a hindrance, unless she resigns), Keshapornam Ramachandran (who was bent on joining a BIG nationals this year except that, well, look at what happened at Miss Iloilo where ROM & Karen Laurrie were prioritized)…, are the names that come to mind. Who knows? Perhaps your Chiara Lyn Markwalder might sign up at MWP 2021…. Let’s see.

      For myself, it is Tajaran, Veronilla, Ortega, Florida, & Perez whom I will look forward to… (puso)

      • Resign from the title or rescind the contract. Ang lawyer ra ang motrabaho ana Flor uy. Ana ra na kadali manang. He, he, he… Musta naka Flor after MUP bruhaha?

      • @ paul Good Tuesday PM, fren. 🙂

        ‘Eto, imbiyerna kasi ‘eto’ng si Admin, kalokah…

        I just seek out silence as best I can. People fill their perceived voids with noise. We know better.

    • Paul, as all my comments days before the crowning event indicated, so many ladies stepped up the plate ready and capable of challenging Michele, the frontrunner. From being one of my top 10, Rabiya zoomed up to Top 5 in my list on the eve of pre-pageant– after seeing her performance in most interviews. My list of potential serious threats to the crown by that time in fact included all those that we now have in the Top 5, plus shoo-ins like Caroline Veronilla of Misamis Or, Adee Akiyama of Or. Mindoro and Nina Soriano of Pangasinan. My shortlist have grown so long that I just wished all of them could win. That’s why I remarked at some point that the lady who will take the crown is that one who can successfully demonstrate her distinctive competitive edge before the Selection Committee. Luckily for Rabiya, the Selection Committee found in her a distinct differential advantage.

      • Michele’s athletic, broadcasting, modeling and inspirational speaking credentials would be perfect for the MW template. I wish she gives it a try.

      • Thanks for the reply Scorg. Umiyak ka rin ba sa pagkatalo ni MG? Echos! He, he, he…

      • No, why will I? Pageantry is a celebration. We should celebrate all 5 of them. They are all desrving winners! Just like any contest or anything in life, someone wins, others lose. But life has to go on because there are other challenges that lie ahead where today’s loss can transform to a win soon.

  15. I’m very happy for Rabiya. I now have a new BQ crush. 🥰🥰🥰

    I’m still very sad for Alaiza. I hope she will not stop pushing for her advocacy. She should use platforms where she will be appreciated. I think she has a huge following in Mindanao, I can tell from my circle of friends. I can imagine her gathering all the farmers and linking them to big businessmen (like the Floirendos, Puentespinas, etc). Probably create a seamless farm-to-market scheme, much like the set-up of 농협 NH Group in South Korea. Mindanao is such a rich “fruit basket”, and with all the infra-building happening lately + the upcoming Mindanao Railroad System, there is so much more to come in terms of commerce and boosting local economy.

    I also believe Billie should be 2nd RU at the very least. The girl was robbed!

    • Okay, looking back. I remember Billie did not really seem to answer the second question. Michele has a better answer, although if I account ss and eg, I don’t think MG should be 2RU, but a bit lower.

      So, if the mechanics is back to zero for top 5, and Q&A was the sole basis for the placements, then their current rankings are more or less correct. But if that’s the case, then the next question would be, when did the SS and EG matter? Is it to narrow down the Top 16 to 5? If yes, then Alaiza should be there instead of MG.

    • @ lonewulf I imagine…

      One current “best practice” as far as involvement of small farmers with big business is through contract growing schemes… Hopefully, more like what Ilocandia has with Phillip Morris (tobacco) and not like what happened with the poorest coconut farmers (coco levy fund, copra issues, etc.).

      Is that Mindanao rail included in the “Build(3x)”? Hhhmmmm….. Made me think (3x).

    • @lonewulf, fascinating thoughts on Alaiza’s advocacy. I have always been appreciative of Alaiza’s innovative and forward-looking advocacy that leverages on the latest IT-powered business model. I think MUP should have given her an award for her outstanding work, especially in this pandemic-battered economy. Her AP and MUPO should in fact support it, push it forward, and make it a self-generating social entrepreneurship venture with global reach. This will give MUP’s advocacy-driven branding a solid tech-and-business savvy element that will yet again bolster MUP’s burgeoning reputation as the industry’s pacesetter.

      • I don’t know why my responses are not being shown. I have posted and re-posted. And was even notified that I already posted a duplicate comment, yet I’m not seeing it here.

      • @lonewulf, I experience it sometimes when my somments are long. What I do is divide it into 2 or 3 paragraphs with the succeeding paragraph a reply to the first.

      • @scorg

        Thanks for the tip, scorg. I’m still wondering how come you know about my academic and professional background and I don’t know about yours. Do we know each other personally?

      • @lonewulf, I don’t know you personally. But from your comments in this blog, I can detect your line of work and specialisation– which is almost parallel to mine. I more or less know you are an expat like me. Your language is the language of business. Your ideas reflect a level of intellect reflective of someone in the executive position. I need not know you personally to see what is inside your head. Lastly, both of us want to remain anonymous outside of the corporate jungle.

      • @scorg

        Wow. 😯 Sharp deduction skills you got, scorg. You are almost too eerily accurate. Altho, I am not really an expat. I don’t count my quick stint in Seoul as a part of my real career experience. But anyway, I hope there is another channel where I could contact you. It would be interesting to pick your mind for some thoughts re: our field.

  16. May Alam ako ba matinding scoopy pero dahil ayoko maban sa Norman . Gusto konlang I share sa mga regular dito Wala Naman ako direct contact
    One word facade

    • @ bonsaihater “Oh, it’s perfect!… Oh, Maria Elene, it’s perfect. And no retouching. It’s beautiful”!

      (An excerpt from “The Return”, a film by Karl Lagerfeld on Chanel’s first collection after 15 years.)


      • @flor passe na ang retouching so 2020 naOk Lang retouchingyu
        pero ang principles Hindi passe mawala

  17. The Furne Amato is like the M5 “kamiseta” Ahtisa wore at MI 2018, at least in spirit. Likey! 🙂

    The red-and-violet “panelling” done by Glarino looks arts-and-crafts with all the seaming. Nope. 😦

    Also loving Louis Pangilinan’s chartreuse peacock. THAT’s the way to pull off swirling asymmetry without resorting to Tumang’s nude lava flow Jessica Rabbit.

    Monochrome red works on ROM. Dinaan sa T-E-X-T-U-R-E. Texture will be the way to go for 2021!

    Mikee Andrei likes flow-y drama, apparently. Recall the first “diwata” shot at Kawasan, Antequera?

  18. Rabiya is fresh but seductive; Bella is classy without even trying; Michelle is beautiful and plump; Pauline is pretty; Billie has worldly appeal; Alaiza is wala diyan.

  19. Daming super bitter na bakla. Its done and dusted ika nga sa mga briton. Sumuporta nalang . Nakuh kung ikukumpara naman sa mga manok nyo wala sa kalaingkingan yung ganda nila.😂

      • Hoy tandang Fabian napatong na ang korona Kuya kapa ng kuda dyan. Magtayo ka ng sarili mong pageant at koronahan mo yung talunan mong candidate. Tse tanda tanda mo na Hindi ka parin natututong tangagapin na sa isang beauty contest isa lang ang pinagpala.kaya Baklang thunder tsupe

      • Aching mag-aral Lang mag-English para maintindihan ka ng paciente mo . Puro kalandian ka

      • Hay naku Fabiano wish pwd Kita pm re a scoopy not a tsism Kasi this is confirmed

      • Go Ivan!Sabunutan mo ang chimp na si pabyan. Kaso sa nakakasulasok nyang amoy, I doubt if kaya mo lumapit sa kanya. isang kilometre amoy mo na ang masyoho nyang kiki. Alam mo naman mga chimps hindi naliligo!

    • @ivan. Bakit mo naman inaaway si lola fabian? Kaibigan sya ng Mama bonsaihater ko. Sabunutan kaya kita down there?! 🤨🤪

  20. In my opinion, Alaiza’s prelims ensemble was very Miss Universe… that gold dress showcased her lean-fit musculature, modelesque proportions, hourglass figure and legs for days….

    Her final Classic minimal Filipiniana was also gorgeous… I’m just pissed that Apriel also wore a similar all white Filipiniana gown… I don’t know who the copycat is but Alaiza looked better… I just wish there was a modern twist in the design aside from the open back…A pair of shimmery semi-transparent butterfly-sleeves w/ a subtle silvery-blue ombre effect would have made a bigger impact…

    • I agree . Alaiza should have been rewarded for the hard work she put in to look k like that . It’s quite unfair .. what happened to her .
      Unfortunately , she will never step on the MU stage for as long as Shamcey is the director .
      Shamcey will continue crowning a mini-me year after yr

      • Everyone, each candidate puts hardwork when they joined. For this year they even risk their health. If you want Alaiza to be rewarded for her hardwork then I believe everyone should be rewarded as well. Hindi mo nga masabing pinush nya yung sarili nya kasi she opted to use a translator even though she knows how to converse in English. Wag nyang sabihin hindi sya maalam mag English when she works as an international model. Ano yun lagi syang naka Google translate sa auditions and go see?

  21. Let’s listen to what Sandra ( and other girls ) will say . They spent so much money and time for this pageant. They deserve it.

    • Only one girl can win? Are you crazy or just bitter. Well I think most of us here know the answer … both !

      • Exactly si Lola Fabian bitter mas bitter pa sa gallbladder. Gusto pang ipasok si Alaiza na mukang tuyot at DDS🤣😀

    • I agree with Fabian na Sandra and Michele should be given their chance to tell what they want to tell. Everyone is entitled to share what they want to share. Lalo na sila kasi involve sila sa MUP 2020. Kung tayo nga na hindi naman kasali kung makapag bigay ng opinion as if alam natin lahat. What more sila na naka exepreunce ng journey to MUP. Baka naman hindi sila against sa nanalo gusto lang nila maclarify yung mga issues na naobserve nila ng sa ganun ma-address ng organize. Pero ang wish ko lang sana hindi na nila I-tackle publicly. Pero tayong fans din ang may problem. Nag post si Sandra ng ganito nilagyan na agad ng kulay. Hindi naka attend si Michele bitter agad. We don’t know yet the truth and Co. Plwte details pero pinalaki na.

      • The problem is dahil sa mga “pabitin” ni Sandra, she’s giving the chance to people na gumawa ng kwento. Kung sinabi agad ni Sandra issue niya, feel mo gagawa pa ang mga tao ng kwento na ikakasira ni Rabiya?

        Right timing daw, pero obvious naman na dinedelay ni Sandra for attention. I regret supporting that girl.

  22. I cannot wait for the physical transformations of these ladies especially of Rabiya.

  23. HMMM… bakit wala man lang congrats Kay Norman😂 medyo bitter pa si Norman na ang manok nya eh 2nd runner up lang😀. anyhow, ang tanong meron bang Miss U this year? nag spike nanaman yung Covid dito sa states pero if they can do it again sa Thailand that would be awesome. or sa Vegas nalang para makanood nanaman😀

  24. Ang laki in Michelle . She should really embrace being a plus . There a huge market for plus size models . She could make money being endorser for those products

  25. Rabiya & Bella are probably about the same height pero Bella looked taller than Rabiya during the finals when they were the last women standing because she has better posture. Bella’s ballet background helped her in that sense.
    Rabiya should work on her posture.
    Congrats again to Rabiya, Bella, Pauline and Billie 👏👏👏

  26. one semifinalist in the top 16 who has not been talked about but I thought is very stunning and should join again is Miss Misamis …she speaks well also and this year’s Top 16 as a whole is also very strong

    • I concur. Miss Misamis has uber cute face. All the Top 16 were all beautiful in there own right.

    • I agree 100% wth Caroline Veronilla. There are other unheralded but equally outstanding ladies like Nina Soriano of Pangasinan, Alexis Elcano of Batanes, and Noreen Mangawit of Kalinga.

  27. yan pala yung chartreuse color…ganda ng details ng gown nila Billie, Bella at Rabiya 🙂

  28. Walang tapon sa Top 5 na to. The best in recent Philippine pageant history. All beautiful and smart. Congratulations Shamcey and co! Way to go MUP! 👏👏👏🙌🙌🙌

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