36 comments on “Shudufhadzo Musida wins Miss South Africa 2020

  1. She’s beautiful and intelligent, but I don’t get frontrunner vibes. Might still make Top 20 at MU, but not sure she’ll go farther.

  2. Nag-evolve na ba ang uri ng ganda? Ganyan na ba ang gandang hinahanap ng universe?
    Paiksi ng paiksi hanggang makalbo na ang buhok!
    MU South Africa 2019 – 2020
    MU Canada 2020.

    Huwag naman po sana magpakalbo si Rabiya. Omg!

  3. This girl looks way more feminine than Zosi
    However , they had a lot of extremely pretty girls at This edition.. and these were the winners that they came up with ??

  4. If we are going to talk about the Africa-Asia Pacific group, then So Af will be eliminated but there is still the wild card … I hope for 2020 , to mix thing up and be kind of unpredictable and entirely different from the prior three years, that the wild card will be dominated by the Europe group

  5. A tad underwhelming their set of winners this year. If the whole game is now focused on speaking ability and all that blah blah blah crap lol, then we have ourselves to blame because that is our edge and our winners of the last 9 years have been know to have clinched their crowns by virtue of truly ‘winning’ final answers.

    But the final judging I think still rests on an ever shifting set of factors that settles down only when the final scores have been set and tabulated, and the top three queens make their penultimate final walks/looks.

    So you do need a candidate that should have everything- unquestionable facial and physical beauty, wit, intelligence, kindness (yes, kindness), empathy, whatever that thing the organisers are looking for and overall-general appeal- and the ability to calibrate these to their maximum effect at every stage of the competition in order to advance further.

    And I think Rabiya has this and also because the training to get this is Jonas’ team’s forte- and they haven’t really faltered in this regard (except perhaps when they had a chance with Pat Magtanong, but bungled it by over-styling her when MI has always been mostly about subtlety).

    • Someone is using my name lol….funny I just noticed this, I haven’t been active here lately.

  6. OK. Just managed to watch the first thirty (30) minutes or so…

    WOULD MUPO DO SOMETHING SIMILAR? Imagine only the Top 16 – Aklan to Paranaque City – actually going through the pageant proper. The AP scheme probably will not be compatible with it.

    They, like Americans and ourselves, call the kicking game “soccer”. “Aphelele” means “we are complete” (puso)…. Melissa Nayimuli, described as someone opinionated, probably was too smart for her own good, like Wanvisa, Sawyer, and Saubier. It’s pronounced “fan dur fay fer” and “you-bear”, Jordan and Natasha, respectively. Chantelle, from certain angles, looks like TMPerez (Cebu City). And of course, my Caroline and MSA-Supranational (hopefully, according to at least one Indonesian pageant page) could be sisters, just going on facial bone structure. 🙂

    Guys, thanks to all the post-MUP “tension”, I got to watch an hour or so of AN’s last night. They had one of the judges as their guest. A Pena guy, forgot his first mane… Arthur, Alvin? Parang “A”.

    Why do I now get the feeling(era) that India will return to global pageant prominence again? Doesn’t Rabiya look like a petite Adline? And Nepal is slated to host 2022. Atty. Patitay pa rin ba tayo?

  7. Honestly, nope. Tamaryn Green was hot – but this one….I just can’t. South Africa is pushing it.

  8. the press release says “the three most prestigious pageants.. MU, MW and Supra..” ganun na ang level ng Supranational…???

  9. Michele should shave her head and join again ! Maybe Sandra Bitter Lemon can inject silicone in her hips and join again . Bitter ang mga beks , Sore losers!

  10. When beauty pageant is no longer a quest for beauty. It should now be renamed as Miss Universe Extemporaneous and Current Events Contest.

  11. Congratulations SA.

    She is ok. But could not come close to Flaviana Matata (Tanzania, 2007).

  12. Top 3 material nanaman ang South Africa!

    At Top 20 material naman ang Philippines at pag minalas-malas pa eh baka yung tie breaker with India for the longest streak eh maputol na!

  13. Mukhang public speaking contest na ang magiging labanan sa Miss Universe. Lamunan ng microphone. Having a beautiful face or sexy body or strong walk e di na ganun kaimportante. Parang Miss America na ang nagiging direction ng MUO hindi na sya totally beauty pageant.

  14. Mga candidates ng South Africa parang lumalaklak ng gingko biloba. Ang tatalino!!!

    • Grabi din naman kasi ang screening salang sala talaga pati final Q and A nila nerve-wracking talaga, hindi pwede ang alanganin alabanan talaga ng maganda, matalino at wais.

  15. I guess Chi has an auto-termination clause in their contract with Miss South Africa Organization, in that in case a bald candidate emerges victorious, sponsorship on hair care products will be moot and academic. Char!

    Good vibes lang. That’s all.

    • Agree. Ha ha ha. Nakakaloka. But I think she can still grow her hair by the time Miss Universe starts. I hope she is not genetically bald.

  16. Guys, the newly-crowned MUC(anada) is ALSO black (African provenance) and bald! 🙂

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