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  1. Congratulations. The moment i saw her duiring screening wearing pink cocktail dress. napansin ko na sya in a group photo. she stand out. so nasa list ko na sya by that time. but bohol is my top choice. kasi everything she lacked is trainable. but i am disappointed to her prelim especially final gown. and the bun. she has best hairstylea during photoshoot pero bakit during competition pony at bun pa? ung tela ng gown is still a wise choice hinde masyado magastos pero sana ginawang fit sa body nya no extra kasi ma ano na ung body built nya. pinalaki pa syang tingnan. but i like her ss performances d ko lang bet na nasa bewanb pa ang kamay during rampa. michele hairstyle is meh also. but they both did a great until Q&A. But rabiya really owned the night. the stage. she is so charismatic. effortlessly beautiful. malamya pero feel mo stage presence nya. her eyes sparked all the time and talking during Q&A. she has that something na kahit ganyan height nya ay magugustuhan pa din sya ng mu judges. you can see it in her face that night. you can see her being humble and sincere with a heart na kayang lamangan ang pagiging fierce at amazonas ng makakalaban nya. she have a chance in Miss Universe just train her well.

  2. Her yearbook writeup reads:

    “A girl with glamorous smile. Every boy is mesmerized with her sophisticated looks. The darling of Year IV-Saint Agnes. Those shimmering tan skin catches everyone’s attention especially the boys. She has a towering height. When she starts speaking, you should ready your handkerchiefs for your nose might bleed. She is a very sensitive person so be careful with the words you choose. She is sweet like sugar. That’s what makes Rabiya “Byang”: Brilliant, Youth, Admirable, narcissist and Gorgeous (sic).”

    CTTO- https://www.esquiremag.ph/culture/arts-and-entertainment/look-miss-universe-philippines-rabiya-mateo-s-yearbook-photo-a00293-20201025

  3. She is Megan Fox!
    Anyway, all top 5 did very well in the final Q&A, especially Cavite, Quezon City and Iloilo. When Quezon City spoke, I thought the night had a winner. But then, Iloilo spoke – and she just left me in awe. Between Iloilo and QC, it was hard for me to choose which one was better. QC’s only advantage over Iloilo was height, because both were beautiful and very eloquent. QC was heavy (putting it bluntly), but that could have been something she could still have worked on had she won the title, since we don’t even have a date for Miss Universe yet. But Iloilo, what can I say, she just unstoppable – beautiful and very intelligent!

    Paranaque should go to Miss World. She’s a sure winner!

  4. Congrats! Megan Fox….I mean Ms. Ilo-ilo. Such a pretty face 🙂
    I don’t agree with MDS being the “best president we never had” though since she ran alongside BBM.
    Ms. Parañaque 😔
    Crossing my fingers that she’ll join a pageant again in the future and be a Ms. Philippines Universe, World or International 🤞

  5. bud, have you seen some latin blogs? some said POR DIOS filipinas will win again.

  6. Congrats to the top 5 winners. Well-deserve win. Satisfied naman ako sa results. Marami pa namang pageants ang pwedeng salihan nung mga di nanalo. Added experience din ito. Goodluck.

  7. Congratulations to Rabiya and to all the runners-up especially to Billie, continue to raise our flag 🏳️‍🌈!

  8. Congrats, Rabiya, and good luck on your journey as MUP. I would have wanted Billie but if this finals was done on the same day of the preliminaries, I would have to agree with what Sierra in her vlog mentioned. I somehow didnt see it at first, but she’s fighting the nerves. The top 5 is really the toughest. Anyone is crown worthy.

    The rest of the girls in the top 16 were also so stunning. I would have to say how more beautiful the girls were compared to their looks and dresses in the prelims. There were even parts, not grand but stayed with me like towards the end of SS segment with April and Skelly leading the pack. The color of their skin were ahead of them, making a statement that.. This.. Is.. Beautiful.. Universe.. Another, when Alaiza dons a white plain Filipiniana with no embellishment, I remember saying in 2017 how I would have wanted to see Rachel Peters on a plain white dress for her EG as it complements that kind of skintone, so divine. Just like MSA 2018 and 2019 during the prelims of their MU editions.

    In the future MUP editions, I would love to hear Billie and Pauline or Bella or even Michelle exchange thoughts and give their commentaries in the background while the girls are walking on stage in SS and EG like how they do it in MU finals night. They are good speakers and I enjoy listening to them.

    Congrats everyone and congrats MUP team. Good luck.

  9. Rabiya’s win as the first Miss Universe Philippines titleholder reminds us of Pura Villanueva of Iloilo city, who also at 22, became the first Miss Philippines in 1908. Way before the Miss World and Miss Universe came into being, way before the notion of beauty pageantry as a platform for noble social advocacies was conceived, Pura Villanueva showed the Philippines and the world the template of what a real beauty queen should be— brains and brawns, not just physique. Coming from the province, she conquered Manila and used her beauty platform to spearheaded many causes for women empowerment on the national level, including lobbying for the passage of the first women’s suffrage bill at the Philippine Assembly. If there is one thing the world can learn from Philippine pageantry, as pioneered by Pura Villanueva, it is the fact that pageantry is an effective platform for noble advocacies.

    • If Iloilo gave the Philippines and the world the first advocacy-driven beauty queen, the province seems set to regain that prominence 112 years later in the selection of Rabiya as the first title-holder of an advocacy-driven pageantry platform, the Miss Universe Philippines. I pray for Rabiya’s success in her new role as Role Model, Harbinger of Hope, and Rallying Point. We are all behind you, Rabiya!

  10. It wasn’t a contentious win and she was consistent (not necessarily topping in my view) in each stage of the competition. She is beautiful for sure. I found her top 16 conversation with KC a bit lackluster as her energy was underwhelming. However, she didn’t have to be the best in all aspects. All she needed was to be up there when it mattered – that is, gearing up to the top 5 and delivering an ample response to the questions. She was calm and composed as well so that’s a good thing. From now on, I hope they coach her on elocution so she can better enunciate her words.

    In a good way, her win won’t spark any strong dramatic reaction from the public (it appears that that’s the stance of the new franchise holders). Having said that, it also won’t generate as much excitement as I thought it would. This is not a trailblazing edition after all. Nonetheless, that excitement can still be revved up leading to her participation in the MU, whenever that is. Any Miss Philippines has always been pumped up by loyal fans.

    Overall, given the circumstances, it was a “dainty” show and the production was clean and crisp. I also find the finalists worthy of their placements especially noting their responses towards the end. If I were a judge, I would have chosen differently (I prefer people going crazy over social media) but then no one can argue that indeed it was what it was and those girls who showed the fire to win rose to the top. Congratulations and best of luck Philippines.

  11. Congratulations, Miss Iloilo City Rabiya Mateo!

    This girl indeed came to Benguet to win. Actually, she is the one who came big when it comes to transformation. She was hardly noticed right off the bat, but perhaps pandemic brought her a realization why she joined Miss Universe Philippines—and that is to win big in the competition. I myself had noticed her quite late, and that was the time when she was peaking. Rabiya has the prettiest face, perfect body proportions, and eloquence. She has a good educational background and is a Latin Honors (cum laude) graduate. She also embodies humility which makes her phenomenal. I am sure the reason why the judges and the MUPO picked Rabiya as the first winner of the standalone beauty pageant is because she is trainable and can be transformed more. Her beautiful face can give any MU candidate a run for her money. That’s why she is a perfect shoo-in for Miss Universe.

    Actually, I am very much content of the Final 5 girls because all of them were great in the Q&A. They seemed to be the toughest Top 5 in Miss Universe already, and I thought whoever among them runs away with the Filipina crown would be good.

    At this juncture, we have to give the biggest warm of applause to the MUP Organization for running a polished and excellent production as that. I am very much pleased how they presented the pageant: the girls’ dresses in their production, swimsuit and evening gown, the production number of course, the stage (although not big, I understand and am grateful at the same time considering the pandemic), the camera works, and the host (good job KC, although sometimes you mispronounced the words but you still made it live and energetic). The whole ensemble gave me pride as a Filipina as we showcased to the whole world, the universe rather, that this beauty pageant-loving nation is the biggest thing in pageantry. I can’t wait for the next year’s MUP edition in a bigger venue with live audience cheering on their favorite candidates on stage.

    And to the girls who were not proclaimed MUP, here are my parting words:

    – Miss Cavite, Billy Hakenson, you may continue your advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community in another platform. If your age permits, you may join Binibining Pilipinas and represent our country in Miss Grand International;

    – Miss Bohol, Pauline Amelinckx, please also try Binibining Pilipinas because I have a feeling that you will win Miss International 2021;

    – Miss Quezon City, Michele Gumabao, I am teary eyed but still believe that you are not forgettable because you gave a good fight, and I thought that was a graceful exit from the pageantry and that there is something big coming to you; and

    – Miss Parañaque, Bella Ysmael, please come back in pageantry, particularly Miss World, because you can be the Philippines’ second Miss World. Your beauty is expensive and your bearing is so Alpha. I am sure Madame Julia Morley will give you her blue crown on a silver platter.

    And why did I not say these girls shall come back in MUP pageant next year? That is because Patricia Magtanong is ready to conquer the universe next year.

    That’s all.

    • @ana winterlund. Nakakaloka. Ha ha ha. I was almost smitten by your comment until the last line. Ha ha ha.

      • @Serge, hahahaha! In writing, the last sentence must always be impactful. Kelangan may bang! sa huli. Hahahahaha!

        That’s all.

      • @Ana Winter-Lund, exactly same thoughts here! Including the last sentence. I have been noticing Rabiya since and she remained in my top 10. When I started seeing her interviews these past several days, she zoomed up to my top 5. There is an unmistakable depth in her answers, despite the relatively lower facility in English (compared to the other 4) understandably due to her upbringing in a home and community where Ilongo and Filipino, not English, is the spoken language. I see in her a Venus Raj vibe, not in terms of having the same backstory, but in terms of the drive, stamina and battle-readiness spurred by her humble beginnings.

      • @Scorg, you said it right. I thought the judges saw wisdom on Rabiya’s answers than her co-finalists. She may not have the natural tongue as her regional accent is distinct, the same can be remedied especially when she gets to start rigid training from the MUPO, but her natural talent in collecting her thoughts and expounding them is phenomenal.

        What’s good about Rabiya is her natural and charming beauty. I told this already, she is the Megan Young version we longed to see as Philippine rep in MU. I can’t wait to see her bigger transformation when the organization finally makes her a well-polished lady.

        That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund Very well said, Ms Ana, same sentiments here.. i have set my eyes on Bella Ysmael ever since and have been rooting for her. I feel you really nailed the descriptions.. her beauty is “expensive” and her bearing so “Alpha”. However, I certainly don’t feel that she should join MWP should she decide to give pageantry another try…. we all know how MW selects the winner, and at least for me, it would be a waste of her time.. sali na lang sya sa BBP, i believe she could be a good rep for MI..

      • I respect your view, @andy. I know the negative impact Miss World Organization brought to the Filipino pageant fans when it denied Catriona Gray its blue crown, but I thought it was a blessing in disguise because Baby Jesus gave this country its fourth MU crown pride. By that, we should put water under the bridge already and start loving Miss World no matter how boring its production is.

        That’s all.

    • Ahtisa says Hello 😉

      I feel for Michele really. Obviously she’s hurting so bad and I hope pageant fans can let her heal instead of bashing her.

      But there’s a smoke, may there be no fire. From the surface, Rabiya won fair and square. May she continues the streak started by Venus.

      • @ThisIsMe, Ahtisa is still young and, thus, can give way to Patricia. I understand Ahtisa’s dream of competing in Miss Universe, but I see her beauty a Miss World mold. ‘Wag lang silang mag-laban ni Bella Ysmael kase I’d pick Bella than her.

        I am confident on Rabiya and MUPO. I am sure MUPO will bring their best on Rabiya, so that when Rabiya finally competes there will be no more stones unturned.

        That’s all.

  12. After all. Correct pala yung nag leak na top 5 and winner the other day!
    Niligwak talaga ang girls from Binibining Pilipinas, only Michelle Gumabao has survived. So girls from Binibini , think twice before joining baka ma Inday ang beauty ninyo. Buti na lang di ako nag subscribed ! Daming bayot na nabudol ended up watching in GMA

  13. Congratulations to Rabiya and the runners up.
    Rabiya have a supper pretty face. I didn’t realize she is of average height. She looks long kasi, like Ahtisa. Looking forward to her photo with the ND. 🙂

    BTW, Where is Michelle? Still reading the bible?
    Hope something good comes up after a few hours/days.

  14. Not the most eloquent but arguably the most determined. She’s more Janine Tugonon than Olivia Culpo, speaking wise. Her life experiences ( abandoned by father and poor) will serve her well in Miss Universe.

  15. This is probably the biggest upset in Philippine pageant history! A pageant newbie from the province, still a bit shy and awkward-looking when she signed up, underwent an amazing beautiful transsforrmation under MUP tutelage, and bested 50 others in the 9-month pandemic-stalked journey to the MUP crown and platform. This is nothing but a phenomenal feat! As we congratulate Rabiya, let us show our solid support to her mission of inspiring confidence to the millions of Filipinos who stii batter the onslaught of this pandemic. In this very close battle for the title among 50 equally phenomenal women, I also raise a toast in honour of Bella, Michele, Pauline and Billie. All four undoubtedly also have the qualities of an MUP queen, and deserve our utmost admiration.

    • I congratulate MUPO for staging its inaugural edition despite formidablle odds! You proved to the pageantry industry that with innovation, agility, and rersilience, the show– and business– must go on despite lockdowns, travel bans, and very strict regulatory health and safety protocols. Your feat can be a template which other pageant organizations worldwide can benchmark on. Congratulations also go to sponsors, host cities, APs, LGUs, beneficiaries, the press, beauty camps, glam teams, and fans who supported this trailblazing initiative! We again affirmed to the universe that in the Philippines indeed, revolutions come and go, pandemics come and go, but pageantry stays forever!Batanes

  16. Gaano sya katangkad? Ang liit nya compared kay Gazini sa crowning photo!

    Miss USA will be crowned on November 9, so it will show how they will do the Miss U next year (production wise)

    Pumunta ba si Catriona? sorry di ko napanood yung show

    They wanted someone FRESH, so ligwak lahat ng Binibini crossovers


    • And there’s a reason those Binibining Pilipinas alums were “ligwak.” They just weren’t the best during finals. I was actually surprised Michelle finished as high as she did. She’s articulate but I find her so basic & boring. Rabiya has the magic—which the judges saw. She’s raw, but the drive & charisma are there.

  17. Sierra B is probably one of the best if not the best when it comes to predicting winners of a pageant

  18. & a well-deserved victory it was.

    Out of that top 5, you could see that Rabiya was a fighter & had the “I am Miss Universe Philippines” mindset. Also, I loved her “Miriam Defensor Santiago, the best president we never had” answer. I loved that Rabiya knew the history of the community she represented, the achievements of its prominent citizens. With that answer she showed us that she prepared. Meaning to say, she showed us that she has the hunger, drive, discipline & work ethic to win.

    Finals was a better production vs prelims, although I would say that Thailand still sets the bar for their production capabilities (even their Miss Universe production was so much better than Manila’s). That said, our top 5 was phenomenal. And the placements were spot on based on the finalists answers.

    Cavite fell just short in her answers. However, she has an ease & confidence about her that I just love. She’d actually make an excellent & credible anchor person. I would listen to & believe whatever she said. Also, I hope Lia Ramos will utilize her to educate & train future candidates of MUP about women’s issues, gender violence, equality, etc. because you can tell that Billie is progressive & woke in the way that reflects the current values of the IMG-run Miss Universe organization.

    Ysabella’s head to body proportions were fine to me (I know it was a concern for some people). Her first runner-up placement was correct. I grew to love her during the finals itself. She was so effortlessly elegant.

    Just a suggestion for future productions. I don’t know what it is about Philippine pageants but the lighting always looks like hospital lighting—that bright white glare that is so stark. I think the softer lighting that Thailand uses, for example, is so much more elegant. I have yet to see that kind of lighting in a pageant here in the Philippines.

    Otherwise, kudos to Mama J for pulling this off & during a pandemic at that. Phenomenal PHENOMENAL effort. Congratulations to the MUP Board of Directors!!!

    • @ SQ Go watch the Ashtie Nights episode where they guested Mario Garcia (together with two candidates from the recently-concluded Miss & Mister Chinatown Philippines 2020).

      There, the technical differences between Thailand and Philippines are mentioned…

      But they agree that the solution is the need to invest in manpower and infrastructure.

      • @Flor Tula

        Awww, so I guess I wasn’t the only one who has noticed our limitations in staging pageants vs the capabilities of other countries like Thailand & South Africa. I’ll check the episode out to see what insights the experts have on this. Also Mario Garcia is hot so I think I’ll enjoy the episode anyway lol.

        Thanks for the recommendation =)

  19. congrats Rabiya, i was hoping na ikaw talaga manalo, despite the predictions placing you fourth trailing behind the so-called triumvirate of bella, pauline and gumabao. yes, u need a lot of polishing but it is totally understandable given that this was your first nationals, and given your humble background. i am so happy that jonas and company stuck to the gold standard that it should be beauty of face first (and body) before anything else like being an excellent speaker. after all, beauty contest to and not a speaking contest. and after all, you have a good heart and a smart mind, practice lang talaga to have fluidity and cohesion..also, yes, I guess your only 5’6, but then you have well-proportioned body, reminds me of Olivia Culpo..go Rabiya, may your reign be fruitful and may you let PH back on the tough 10 (at least) come mU finals.

  20. When I watched her interview with Norman at Pageantry Norms, I immediately included her in my circle of 5 replacing April Smith and I thought she could be a spoiler. And indeed, she is!

    • You sound so outdated, honey. There is Bible App in Google Playstore, ICYDK.

      That’s all.

  21. Ito yung top 16 ko that I commented on the previous write-ups. I got 12 out of 16.

    1.Iloilo (I support her)
    4.Quezon City (I support her)
    6. Pasay
    7. Cebu City
    8. Aklan
    9. Biliran (I support her)
    10. Oriental Mindoro (I support her)
    11. Mandaue
    12. Cebu Province
    13. Davao City
    14. Taguig
    15. Batanes (I support her)

    • Teh, ilagay mo di itong comment mo dun sa post ni Tito Norman about Miss South Africa.

  22. Congrats Rabiya
    After your reign , you can go to med school and do really well

  23. Kung di ko kasama manood pinsan ko kanina, naluha na ako sa sagot nya tungkol kay Miriam.
    I put so much effort that time para makahikayat ng mga boboto kay Miriam. Sa bakuran namin, gumawa at nagdikit pa ako ng sarili kong posters para kay MDS. Then nagpatatak pa kami ng tshirts nung kapatid ko.

    • tapos teh….. anong nangyari? Dali, spluk mo na, giddy na ako sa excitement!

  24. Am I the only one, the whole show looked pre-recorded … ? ( similar to the Miss Venezuela show )

    I now wonder how they will conduct the MU 2020 in early 2021 … without a live enthusiastic audience, the entire thing will be a complete let-down

    • @ jaretwrightlover It WAS ALL pre-recorded. Watch the Jing Castaneda – Papa Ambet interview with Tito Norman in the other post. Blogger Boss said so… 🙂

  25. Congrats IloIlo!!! 👏👏 Basta Ilongga GWAPA!!!! Asan na yung Paul na maingay dito? Ano masasabi mo sa 2nd RU placement ng bet mo? HAHAHAHA! nakakaiyak ba? Sana continue parin siya sa advocacy niya kht na-lotlot siya sa MUP. Yun nmn tlga ang admirable kht wlng koronang suot. 😇

    • Panalo pa rin ako dahil KASIMANWA ko si Rabiya. I am a full blooded Ilonggo. Ha, ha, ha…

      • Yet admittedly, you underestimated her. Ngayon mo lang nabanggit na kasimanwa dhl nanalo over your bigating bet. 😅

      • @ paul Kalokah! With the delightful exceptional of course of yourself, suddenly so many are claiming provenance on Panay island.


        Ako? WALA! My mother is Boholana. My father is Ilocano. They met in Intramuros….’YUN NA.

  26. I was right all along.
    She is the prettiest in this batch and witty too.
    She got depth at such a young age.
    Love her!!

  27. FLOR na-understatement natin (for MUP) si Rabiya Mateo. Anyway, congratulations sa akon nga kasimanwa nga si Rabiya, gwapa kag maalam pa gid. Amo na ang Ilongga ya.

    FABIAN Reyes congratulations also to you for being the first runners up. Almost…

    SCORG my felicitations to you for bagging the 2nd runners up.

    FLOR congrats as well to you for getting the 3rd runners up position.

    To all the LGBTQI+ communities, best wishes for Billie Hakenson as 4th runners up.

    • Paul , I did predict Rabiya could steal it from Bella given her drive and good comm skills
      But She has a lot of polishing to do. .
      First off , she needs to modulate her voice and work on her facial expressions . She’s a little baduy and Idk if Jonas can tweak it . You have to be born or have grown up in the Northern Hemisphere or come from a Buena familia to exude that kind of personality and confidence .
      But who knows ?
      She won past Bella Michele and Pauline

  28. Let us all support Rabiya Mateo, the new Miss Universe- Philippines. Ipagmalaki ang gandang Filipina sa buong universe. Congratulations!!!

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