6 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 2 Episode 7

  1. More than 90% of the talk was spent on description of the pageant . We all have seen it . We need to hear your personal take on it …not a transcript of the pageant . Pls

  2. Nakuh pinuputakte ng mga DDS yung nanalo dahil sa sinabi nyang the greatest president we never had. Dalawa lang yan talagang certified DDS na tanga o certified na DDS na bobo 😂. I will support Ms Iloilo 😀

    • I’m a DDS pero di ako galit kay Iloilo, bakit? kasi MDS and Digong are close friends. and oe of the reasons why kumandidato si MDS at Digong ay para mahati ang boto, kung di man manalo si Digong dapat si MDS, at kung di man manalo si MDS dapat si Digong. kaya kung mapapansin mo all through out the Pilipinas debates never ginisa ni MDS at Digong ang isa’t isa.

      sa linyang “she is the best president we never had” hindi yun para kay digong, para yun kay Ramos at sa instant dayaan na nangyari nun panahon na yun.

    • So I guess ikaw hindi DDS…. tanga lang…

      FYI, MDS is pro-Duterte… MDS ran for president to increase PDuterte’s chances of winning by dividing the votes of the other competitors… Du30, BBM & MDS allied w/ each other to defeat the Yellows and they suceeded. 😊

  3. Sir Tito, nito na lang ako ulit nag-check sa PN’s. You are doing shout-outs now. So sweet. 🙂

    I look forward to how you will tackle the one-on-one with ROM (Rabiya Occena Mateo), assuming a herd of features and interviews with other media outfits will precede your turn on 1 November.

    Gerard Ruivivar es muy lindo! Why was Tristan Francisco absent?

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