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  1. Ngayon ko lang na realize na may hawig din pala si Rabiya kay Yurena Rodriguez, 1st RU ni Gabriela Isler. 😊 I can’t waot for her MU transformation.

    • Actually marami talaga syang kamukha. May anggulong Megan Young, Cindy Miranda, sa upper part ng mukha parang Kristine Hermosa, may kuha din siyang parang Bianca King. Sa Miss Iloilo contest nga para syang younger wyn wyn marquez.

  2. Sandra Lemonon:
    Bb Pilipinas 2018 – BUILD BUILD BUILD

    • I don’t need to wait for her “pasabog”, because at this point , I’ve seen and heard enough to convince me that Miss Iloilo (Rabiya Mateo) truly deserves that crown on her head. rooting for Rabiya! May this challenge motivate her to win the Miss U crown!

  3. Now I know.

    Kaya pala wala dyan sa photo ops si Michelle, pumunta pala kay Tulfo at nagreklamo tungkol sa panggugutom sa kanila ni Super Tekla!

  4. In hindsight, it is more likely that MUPO has expected this kind of controversy regardless of the outcome. For not a year passes by that results of BBP for that matter were not embroiled on some kind of controversies or conspiracy theories. And without a doubt, beauty pageant in the Philippines thrives on these kinds of brouhahas. It kept beauty pageants front and center in most societal conversation which otherwise will be drowned by the likes of Covid-19 and ever-lingering socio-economic disparities.

    As such, it was a wise move for MUPO to make public all segments of the preliminary competition especially the interview portion. It afforded the public such transparency on the entire selection process. Though everyone is entitled to their opinion. Besides, beauty pageant is still a subjective quantification, not totally devoid of personal biases or preferences.

    If the preliminary competition awards are the harbinger of what to come, then Bella, Michelle, Pauline and Rabiya were shoo in for the final five.

    Some people may be clamoring for Alaiza. Her usage of her “native tongue” was such a gutsy move: very commendable. Ever since the “Janina San Miguel” debacle,” I hoping for the day when a candidate would dare challenge the lingua franca of the so-called societal elite. But as I have mentioned before, her choice of evening gown was her proverbial albatross. The Filipiniana is such a signature evening gown of Imelda that only she could wear it with such pizazz.

    As for Lemonon, her hypothetical inclusion in the final five is not far fetched. I was actually rooting for her. But instead of showcasing her enviable curvaceous figure, she chose to play it safe during SS. Then Lemonon followed it up with a different designer gown. Though the new designer gown was form fitting, the end-result borders on being too tacky. Had Lemonon stuck with a Mark Bumgarner creation, she might have been a vision of sensuous elegance often associated with “Hollywood red-carpet.” Then of course, there was that artsy choice of hairstyle for EG portion, reminiscent of Anthea Robles. On the night where the margin of error was so narrow, Lemonon chose a hairstyle that I doubt any Latina would dare sport on final competition night.

    Some people may argue that Michelle should not be included in the final five because even after x-number of months, she’s still on the “chunky” side. However, on the final night where everything matters most, Michelle exudes elegance and confidence of a full-bodied woman especially with that accentuating evening gown. If the competition had stopped at that point, then it would be hard to deny Michelle the inaugural crown.

    But as fate may have it, there was the final Q&A. The essence of the second question was whether beauty pageant is essential or not. Rather than taking a definitive stand on that issue, Michelle’s answer was far too tangential to be relevant. Sure, Michelle has the dependable eloquence of a spokesperson but she missed the mark that matters most.

    If the final Q&A was the ultimate arbiter who deserves what position, both Billie and Pauline should have been placed higher than Michelle. In contrast, Rabiya without a tinge of uncertainty, deserved her topmost placement. Rabiya dared to take a stand on that issue, head-on, thick accent and all. Much more, Rabiya without qualms, gave a solid argument why Defensor should be the face of a new currency: “the best president we never had”.

    To the MUPO, Kudos for a job well done.

  5. It’s sad that when someone speaks people condemn them instead of listening and seeking the truth. Many even call them names as if they know them from head to toe.
    MUP and/or MUPO are saying they could have talk with each other instead of bringing it up in public yet the ND answered using the same platform. I think MUPO should take a bigger step to clear this. Whatever Sandra has, valid or not, for sure there’s an opportunity to grow. It may apply not only for MUPO but also for other org. They can actually learn and earn from this.

    • The Organization didn’t have a choice but to reply publicly, based on how (and where) Sandra started/posted the cryptic messages. She intentionally stirred the pot.

      Michelle is an athlete. She should know protocols. Win or lose, you are expected to face the media. Here in the US, it’s normal. How many tennis players (or LeBron), for example, have to sit down, doing their media interview, and continued to answer the why’s and the “what happened” questions, after a sad loss? It’s normal, and it’s protocol. She shouldn’t be in the kitchen if she couldn’t handle the heat. Sabi nga ni brother, “it’s not the time to be bitter.”

      In my opinion, may hint of disapproval sila against Rabiya, too, since Sandra was posting more about the quality of being a beauty queen. And Rabiya is THE beauty queen.

  6. Ayan na, Alaiza has already spoken to defend Rabiya. She said that Rabiya deserves the win and that she is their queen. Despite the complains of Alaiza’s fans that somebody was favored over her in the Top 5, Alaiza kept mum about it. Hindi s’ya pumatol, which means she exudes a real queenly attitude.

    In view of that, these are the supposed scenarios based on the foregoing antecedents:

    1. Sandra has issues on the Organizer’s unfair treatment of the candidates, and not on Rabiya’s winning, making her cry for the alleged injustice to the candidates.

    2. Michelle has issues on the people (and not on Rabiyas’s winning) surrounding her who annoyingly asked her “what happened, why, why, why.” That is something she could not swallow.

    3. Alaiza’s fans have issues over the alleged favoring of the organization on somebody over Alaiza, which doesn’t have to do with Rabiya’s winning.

    Therefore, walang issue sa pagiging deserving winner ni Rabiya.

    That’s all.

    • But Michele’s manager was the one who posted the make-up issue. Also, kung walang personal issue si Sandra kay Rabiya, why did she unfollow Rabiya on IG?

      Mental Health Advocate si Sandra, right? Bakit ito pinaggagagawa niya?

    • By posting in her IG stories that “real queens play fair, don’t cheat,” though, Sandra was implying that Rabiya won by cheating.

      Alaiza has now cleared Rabiya of that charge by saying that Rabiya won fair & square. Alaiza says that Rabiya really deserved the crown because she (Rabiya) fought for it, practicing Q&A in the corner, practicing her pasarela in the hallways on her downtime.

      The damage has already been done though. There are now parts of the population that believe that Rabiya won due to unfair advantages, including, it seems, Lemonon herself.

      I find it rather telling that neither Michelle Gumabao or Lemonon have congratulated the new winner. Michelle, for instance, could’ve easily explained her disappearing act (we understand, it’s painful to lose & it sucks to have your loss brought to your attention paulit-ult). Then she could’ve also let her inner beauty queen take over & with a display of grace & class, she could’ve congratulated Rabiya for her win. This would’ve cleared any suspicions & helped to legitimize Rabiya’s victory.

      And now we have discovered one more reason why Michelle lost–her inner beauty queen doesn’t really exist.

      • She tolerated the alleged “cheating” when she didn’t do anything to stop it while it’s happening. The timing is very questionable. And even if she’s claiming that she wanted the next batch of girls to have a better experience by doing this. Publicity is not always the option to make things right. She was brave enough to make a fuss about it but she’s not brave enough to tell it straight to the public? i dont know what kind of thinking is that..as for Michele Gumabao, she cant handle the why why why of the other people?? that only happens when you’re so full of yourself and then you failed later on.. these girls are just making noise to stay revelant..pathetic sore losers..

      • Vying for the crown to be a beauty queen, but when you lose, you show to everyone the very reason why you didn’t win. Be a good sport Lemonon and Gumabao.

  7. So it was Michele who was favored daw by MUP peeps over Alaiza, yun daw yung issue sa favoritism, hindi Rabiya over Michele.
    So ibang issue tong bitternes ni Sandra kay Rabiya? Sandra naman kasi, ikaw na lang uminom ng panis mong tsaa.

    • Mali. Sandra’s issue wasn’t about Rabiya. Or well, it was, but not because Rabiya won, but because some people (out of Rabiya’s control) made efforts to favor her. Again walang kasalanan si Rabiya. Hindi bitter si Sandra kay Rabiya, Bitter si Sandra sa pulitika ng org.

      Also, mali din na si Michele ang favorite ng org, isang tao lang sa org ang may favorite kay Michele

  8. I surveyed the pages and vlogs of pageant enthusiasts, and most of them are satisfied by the result and they thought that Rabiya is a deserving winner. Rabiya is a complete package. She is beautiful, svelte, and intelligent. A Physical Therapy cum laude graduate from Iloilo Doctors College, Rabiya wowed the audience with her banging body and flavorful catwalk. Her evening gown was solid and her speech in the Q&A sealed the deal. Hence, whatever tea Sandra Lemonon is going to spill will just make herself slip on that along the way. It won’t advance her purpose.

    I had been an overt Michele Gumabao supporter during her MUP journey because I believe she had complete package, and the only thing she had to work on was her body. I thought the pandemic would give her enough time to seriously work on losing her weight. And she just won’t let us believe that her physique would hardly give her that va va voom body, when we all know that most heavy weight mascular individuals could lose weight if their goal is to slim a bit, and that she won’t resort to “body shaming” tactic when we are sucked up to this scheme. I stalked her social media accounts as well those of some pageant groups to see her body transformation, and yet I couldn’t see her program on her diet and gym routines. Then, October came and only Michele could show were her glammed photos without any hint of her losing weight. I hoped Michele realized that it was her last draw in pageantry because of her age, but then she seemed too lax because she might have been overwhelmed by the number of fans supporting her. She did not think that there would be judges in the pageant who were, perhaps, oriented to pick a girl who is ready to compete in Miss Universe the next day, a girl whose needed transformation work would be little considering the months left before the Miss Universe pageant. And Rabiya (or Bella for that matter) was the most ready for that. Rabiya’s body needs a little toning only and her styling has to be little polished then. Per her TV guesting, MUPO and Rabiya are going to start working on their training next week.

    I cannot deny that Michele’s screen presence during the finals was outstanding amongst all. She was the most telegenic, as if she was a Miss Universe contestant already, but her undeniable heavy look on screen wreaked havoc. No, I am not body shaming; I am just giving an honest opinion. I wish my co-Michelins accept Michele’s sad flight, after all a second-runner up finish is factually decent. And I wish Michele the best of everything after this. I know there are a lot of things in store for her. She may follow Patricia Bermudez’s pathway, who tried Mutya and BbP and did not earn a title at all, but ended up an accomplished courtside reporter and sportscaster, and a contented wife to the very handsome, former PBA heartthrob Vince Hizon.

    Let’s move on, guys, and support Rabiya. Also, ‘wag tayong masyadong makipagbangayan sa social media sa mga shupits kase matitindi ang mga attack dogs nila, baka mag-backfire lang sa atin. Ipakita natin sa kanila na cool lang tayo at class dahil wala tayong dapat patunayan sa Miss Universe.

    That’s all.

  9. Mga baklang kanal talaga dami kuda! Dati reklamo kayo ng reklamo kasi SURE NA SURE KAYO papaboran ng mupo mga taga a&q! Now ang nanalo di a&q may pintas pa rin kayong favoritism! Magsitigil kayo sa kaipokritahan nyo!

  10. Baka naman hinintay lang ni Sandra kung totoo talaga yung nakikita at nalalaman nya. Kung binulgar nya before the coronation baka wala siyang ebidensiya. Ngayon na tapos na, baka na confirm na nya talaga na totoo ang lahat kaya ibubulgar na nya. Sino naman siguro ang magsasalita nang ganito if wala ka namang proof. Nakataya rin naman yung credibility mo, di ba?

  11. I’m not against Rabiya winning the whole thing…. but her getting the SS over Alaiza who really killed herself To have that body ???? Rabiya needs a lot of body toning !!!

    I hope more girls will speak up about their experience at MUP

    • I think Rabiya’s SS prelims walk wasn’t very good, and her getting the SS award shows that she really is kind of favored by the org. But as most of the other candidates, Rabiya improved during the finals.

      Again, I think given the Top 5 performances, Rabiya’s win isn’t contestable, although Bella put up a very good fight and would have been deserving as well. Still, Rabiya getting into Top 5 over Alaiza is the more confusinf part. Not to say that Rabiya was far behind, but I’d say Alaiza was better in all segments including the first cut q and a. I’m only mentioning Rabiya particularly because Pauline and Michele, though not the best walkers, arguably did better than Alaiza in the q and a, while Rabiya I think did not.

      • Kung may tao na wala dapat sa Top 5, si Michele yun hindi si Rabiya. Hahanap pa ng rason to question Rabiya’s Top 5 placement eh hindi naman siya yung hindi deserving. Kung hindi fan favorite si Michele feeling niyo makakapasok yung ganung performance sa Top 5? Pathetic.

      • Also, I saw a photo of her 5 years ago and ganun na mukha niya now. Ano yun, high school/college pa lang nagparetoke na? Kahit walang before and after pics, malalaman mo kung retoke ang ilong, tignan mo ang ilong ni Emma Tiglao.

      • @Abede, between Alaiza and Rabiya’s pasarela sa swimsuit, kay Rabiya na ako kahit hindi pa ito polish… yung super effortless gewang ng balakang, yung way at timing nang paglapat ng paa nya para magkaroon ng illusion na sobrang haba at lambot nito eh hindi yun nakukuha or natutunan ng basta basta… oo pro na ang datingan ng pasarela ni Alaiza pero sobrang typical lang nito… sa last 10 years ng mga BQ natin, after Mutya D, ngayon lang ulit ako nakakita ng ganito ka natural na pasarela sa isang pinay…

        Also, if sasali si Alaiza next time, I hope na ayusin nya yung posture nya habang nagsasalita.. napaka unprofessional tignan…

      • Between the prelim interview of Alaiza and Rabiya…. Although both are equally substantial, Rabiya was obviously more confident… which may have led to her being favored for the swimsuit award to justify her being included in the top 5 instead of Aliza. Meanwhile although Aliza was able to speak with more content in Cebuanon… Speaking in her native language did not help her chances due to the fact the Top 5 was able to give an equally substantial content in English.

      • I also believe that Alaiza should have been included in the top 5. Her SS and evening gown are among the top 3. Her interview is not that bad actually. When she used her own language, I thought she would make it.
        Well, Alaiza please come back next year or two.

      • Bakit kasi Alaiza vs. Rabiya? Eh hindi nga si Rabiya yung undeserving sa Top 5. Gets? Kung may aalisin ako sa Top 5 para ipasok si Alaiza, si Michele yun kasi hindi siya deserving.

      • @Abcde

        Michele is the best speaker, has more fans than Alaiza(IG followers and Lazada voting) and has a way better pageant credential/reputation than Alaiza… So how can you say that Alaiza is more desserving?

      • @Closer2Fame

        THE PERFORMANCE!!! Alaiza gave a much more impactful opening speech. Let’s not talk about their walks because we all know Michele’s walk is trash.

        If that’s your mindset, bakit pa pala nag pafinals night?

  12. I feel bad for AlaIza
    She really worked hard for it
    Even her interview was good.. better than Shamcey or MJ could ever accomplish
    The whole time. … they Were already against her even placing

    • @fabian di ko bet si alaiza pero almost lahat foreign bloggers sya bet. I feel sad for palakasan.if she is top 5 e di 4th ru nila Kasi di nila betpero tangalin at palitan grabe

    • Alaiza should’ve been in the Top 5 instead of Michele. Even Tracy and Lou did better than Michele overall. If there was a favoritism it is towards Michele and Pauline. Very obvious that they don’t like Alaiza. Michele is in my bottom 5 for Swimsuit and Evening Gown and she didn’t give avery powerful opening interview. Alaiza (and Tracy) were fvcking robbed.

    • Panong better than Shamcey and Mj? Eh ang tatalino ng mga yun at witty. Si Alaiza kahit binisaya na, mahina pa rin.

      • Hahaha grabe… pero tama ka.. kaya nga natatawa na lang ako sa mga illusyonada na makakalaban pa daw sya sa kudaan kapag nakapasok sa top 5… wag na tayong maglokohan… himala ang mangyayari kapag nakapagpakuda si Alaiza gaya nung 5 kahit sa dialect pa nya… yung kasabawan ng utak hindi yan natetrain… kaya pasalamat na sila atleast di nasira ang imahe nya.. tama na yung may isang Maxine…

  13. teka now Lang ako na online dami nanalait sa aparador na in my mind bakulaw. Teka binabawi ko sorry sa pagsabi ko na bakulaw At least bakulaw sya pero maganda face na shock ako sa indogs pages . Mukhang Betty la fea si rabiya Nung bagets. Akala ko Wala siyensya pero overhaul pala if familiar kayo sa movie ni Nanette medved at Christopher de leon at Cesar montano nung late 80s early 90s ganun Yun pala ang bakulaw face picas na nahalungkat Ng asos sa baul kalerks . Sana di Makita na science pala ang half hindu na rabiya. Basta Kay ahtisa manalo ako next yr at walang tsismis ang ganda . Bago kayo mangaway sa akin tingnan nyo Yun pica at movie ni Nanette medved

    • @ Kimi95 At talaga’ng pagsasabungin mo si Atty. Patitay at Jessa Zaragoza… 🙂

      Imo, Ahtisa should bide her time. She’s young. Haste can make waste, unless may plano sa siya’ng iba sa buhay within a year or two. Patch, kasi, pa-overage na.

      Personal matters notwithstanding, A&Q will make the decision who to field and when.

      • @flor atty still tied w bbp . She needs to crown mi pH 2020-2021 so she will join mu 20202
        Basta Kay Jessa Zaragoza/Lindsey custodio ako Wala tsismis
        Even patitay no tsismis

    • Di uso glow-up? Tignan niyo nga kung may nagbago. Yung ilong daw, pero ganun pa rin naman ilong niya. Si Michele yung retokada sa Top 5 diba?

      Also, she started working 2 years ago, as someone who came from a poor family, uunahin niya pagpaparetoke? Miss Iloilo pa lang ganyan na mukha niya, chubby lang yung face.

  14. MG reminds me of Katarina’s behavior back in 2017. Both expected to get the top placement eh hindi naman prepared physically and pangit ang pasarela. Tapos sore losers kahit klaro naman sa mata ng lahat na lamang ang performance ng nanalo on pageant night.

    • Uhm. Pero nagtrabaho si Katarina sa Intercon. Si Michele? Walang gana sa Miss Globe. Don’t compare Katarina sa tamad na Michele.

  15. I’m so sad about what is happening right now. Instead of celebrating the victory of Rabiya and the other girls who really worked hard…these girls devoted 9 months of their lives for this pageant…some of the girls even lost their jobs but they still continued their dreams…they’re really phenomenal women and they deserve our support and appreciation ..another is the successful staging of MUP despite the pandemic, something to be proud of…for sure there are so many unsung heroes who worked behind the scenes who sacrificed and risked their health and safety just to give us this show. Yes there were setbacks and challenges..it was not perfect but remember they worked under so much unfortunate circumstances…but here we are focusing on the intrigues, the blind items, the ig story of this girl who has not fully and directly stated her complaints and has left us guessing, speculating, shading, blaming…all these negativities…it’s very toxic…to Rabiya, you are very much deserving of the crown, to all the other girls, you are all phenomenal!!! to MUP, congratulations for soldiering on to give us the best pageant show we can have at this time of pandemic.

  16. So naniwala talaga si Michelle that she would get the crown? She can’t look in the mirror?

  17. Kissing-ass of the owners and the org is part of the competition… kung ako may-ari ng org… Siempre ligwak agad lahat ng may attitude… and papapanalunin ko pinaka magaan sa loob ko… Bat ko bibigyan ng chance mga hindi ko naman kasundo?!
    Top 5 ko e yung mga favorite ko.. tapos kung neck and neck ang labanan.. I would choose the one who would favor my business the most… #Allteanoshade

    • I agree! it’s a business partnership between the girls and the organization that’s why there’s a contract…they really have to select someone who shares in their vision-mission since she will be the face and the voice of the organization. That’s why attitude is also very important.

    • Yan ang hindi maintindihan ng mga tao eh, gusto nila magpaka totoo mga bet nila at gusto nila ang org eh panalunin at tangapin ang bet nila regardless kung may attitude, josko hello! isang taon siyang makikipag trabaho sa org tapos bubuskahin lang nya, syempre sinong gago ang papayag sa ganun, kahit saang trabaho naman good behaviour over skills ang labanan.

      baka mamaya pag dating sa miss U, nag hire sila ng trainers at magaling na designer pero dahil attitude ka di mo susundin, aba baka pag nagkataon eh siraan mo pa ang org na nagpapasahod sayo noh! kaya ligwak lang dapat sa mga ganyan

      • Nireremind ko lang si Sandra @Fabian, baka kasi walang mangyayari sa paghihintay na yan, kagaya ng paghihintay ng pagpayat ni Michele.

    • Wala nagbackfire sa kanya… hahaha kung ako eh may nakita at may nalamang daayan, dun palang pack up na, bat dadagdagan ko pa ang pagod ko kung alam kong alam kong tapos na pala ang labanan at kung may balak ako mag spill the tea, mas bongga yun ganung eksena…. walang shade ng ampalaya…

      Paniniwala ng Lemonadang talunan vs tabulation at reputasyon ng SGV?

      Sa mga naniniwala at maniniwala kay Lemonada, ito ang tanong ko sa inyo, kung si Cabinet ang nanalo, magpapatsaa ba si Lemonada or hindi?

      • nagbackfire nga…dami nambabash sa kanya sa social media…she is now portrayed as a bully and a sour graping villain who stole the moment of Rabiya’s victory 😦

  18. I understand why its Michelle who had a bigger reaction than Bella… It’s Michelle’s last year in pageantry while Bella has at least 4-5 years more. But I do understand why the “4 sangres” favored Rabiya….

    1. She has the same back family background and racial mix as Venus…
    2. She has simillar looks and Illonggo origins as Shanmcey…
    3. She has a simillar advocacy as Ariella
    4. She has a simillar drive and career direction as Janine.
    5. Her provinciana upbringing is very relatable to all 4 sangres…

    On top of that in comparison to the other 4… Rabiya has the greatest unquestionable chance of making it to the Top 5… Why? It’s because she does not have the issues of the others… And her story resonates to most Filipinos.

    Although distant, Bella’s Lebanese ancestry would not be favored by the Jewish owners of IMG..and her proportions may not be suited for the kind of modeling gigs, a Miss Universe has… She’s morr suited for Miss International.

    Michelle’s Chinese ancestry would also not be favored due to the recent pandemic and her walk may not make the Top 5. Not to mention, her family issue could have a controversial outcome. Her absence may be part of her goal to vie for the Miss World Philippines gown.

    Pauline’s Belgian ancestry may not be favored by the African market which is currently being targeted by MUorg & IMG… thus She may also not make the TOP 5…

    Billie Hakenson’s unique personality and features may favor her local bid for the crowb but internationaly, she’s not physicaly striking enough to make the Top 5.. and the controversy she could bring may not favor the local and international org.

    • yes. MG shuld vie for the Miss World Phils gown competition. tyak, winner ang emerald green gown nya dun. lols.

      • But according to Tito Norman… MG is no longer elligible for MW…. Unless with some divine intervention, Julia Morley raises the age requirement and she’d be favored by Arnold Vegafria…

    • Masyado namang inover analyze and situation…..hihihihi do you really think they had the time to consider the candidate’s ancestry to make a decision? My gosh….

      Case in point, Rabiya slayed them all when it mattered most.

      • @4M

        Yes! Hello, kung si Venus nga binawian ng crown last minute dahil sa birth location inconsistency e… Ever wondered why puro mestiza at halfie naging winner natin tapos yung mga pure e runner-up lang?! Ever wondered why there is never a Belgian winner in all big 4 pageants?! Ever wondered why there is never a Miss International and Miss Universe winner of Chinese heritage pano pa kaya ngayong pandemic?! Ever wondered why Lebanon never placed at MU since 1974.. And even a Miss USA w/ Lebanese ancestry is one of the very very few of their reps who never placed at Miss U?!… same contestants never placed at Miss World and Miss International except when Lebanon won Miss International in 2002.. Ever wondered why Miss Universe, World & International never had a winner with a Muslim last name?!.. FEEL FREE TO PROVE ME WRONG!!!!

    • Or maybe, just maybe … Rabiya’s final interview answer was the best of the top 5 & so she was rightfully rewarded for being the best of the night when it mattered the most.

      • @Jasmine

        If you have been following this page for a long time… you would know that I am rarely wrong… 4-5 years prior, I have predicted that Megan Young would Win Miss World.. 1st time Kylie Versoza was featured in this blog after she graduated college, I predicted tht she would win Miss International and 1st time Catriona was featured here, I commented she would win either Miss World or Miss Universe… I also predicted that Mariel de Leon would not place at MI and Katarina would not place at MW and Bianca Manalo would not place at Miss Universe. I also predicted that Gazini would not reach the TOP 10. Kay Janine lang ako sumablay cause I thought she would actually win Miss U…

        And now you want to bet against me?! 🤨

  19. Hindi magrereklamo Tao Kung walang nakitang Mali. Buti nga may mga Tao na kaya mag speak up . Mali Lang ni girl may prelude sa pa tsaa. Hindi porket may reklamo bitter na.may Mali nga na Sana ma correct at di maulit. Sa mga sasali na merlies wag na sumali if di kayo bet Ng dating sangres. Dapat magbigay pugay sa mga dating sangres ex good morning sangre danaya sangre pirena ganern .. may teacher nga ako na nangbabatok pag di ka nag good morning kaloka. Sa mga sangre na palalo may balik Yan in your face kala mo mga di candidate dati tseh

    • Bakla, dati yung candidate sila, ngayon hindi na. Mga big boss na sila kaya natural na irespeto. Ano gusto mo magka-level lang? Rarampa at magtu-2 piece din sila? Laki mong tanga at gaga! Ampalaya ka con mustasa. Tseee!!!!

      • Basa Paulina Sabi ko magbigay pugay
        Tagalog Yan
        Magbigay Ng respeto . Sinasabi ko Lang empathy Alam nila n nagcandidate din sila Alam nila hirap tseeh

      • Hindi yan magrereklamo during the contest, e di lalo silang pinag-initan ng mga sangre? Lalo silang mawawalan ng chance na manalo.
        Pero kung manalo sila, syempre wala ng complain. Ibig sabihin hindi tinolerate ng mga sangre ang maling nangyayari.
        Mostly sa mga contest hindi mawawala yan… dayaan, favoritism, malakas sa org., at mga irregularities…

      • Ay ganun ba. Sensya na dhay. Pero contest yan kaya wag umasa sa awa at habag, instead ipakita ang galing at worth. Contest nga kasi.

      • isang magandang ugali yang pagbibigay pugay, pagbibigay ng respeto sa mga sangre.
        Kahit pinakamagaling ka kung wala kang respeto, at kagandang asal matatalo ka rin.

      • @ Ms tissa yes pag sila nanalo no comment na. Yun din masama. Dapat may acknowledgment sa former queens para di ma black ball

    • halina magbigay pugay sa mga sangres . A beauty queen will not be a queen Kung di sya nangarap at sumali.mali Yun di ka bet alis ka na sa listahan. If may bawal lumabas si Kim chiu
      Bawal ang di ka bet Ng sangres ( 2 sangre to be precised)
      Sana di nyi na Lang pinasali .porket di nyo bet walang dream si girl .di na Sana kayo kumuha Ng ” judges”

    • Ang sa akin lang, matatawag pa rin talaga na bitter kasi tsaka lang tumahol kung kailan tapos na. Nung napansin sana na may mali sa sistema, right there and then, complain na agad. Well we’ll well buti na lang deserving ang winner. Ika nga sa advise ni Rachel Chu sa kalaban sa poker game sa Crazy Rich Asian “the key is playing to win, instead of trying not to lose”.

    • @paulina yes naisip ko baka bagets ka pa di mo naintindihan ang pugay. Dapat palagi may acknowledgement wag daanan . Pero syempre Sana ma feel nila na baka shy Lang si girl ,or may internal battles may pangarap din Naman like all of us

      • Mama bonsaihater, (charing!!!) love na siguro si Rabiya ni SSL since nung mag-judge (Chief judge daw) sya sa miss iloilo kasama si Richelle Singapn (Richelle ba first name nung merlat na nag-judge sa Miss U 2018?). Wah Chosss!!! 🤪

    • hindi naman kasi dapat lahat dinadaan sa social media….dapat nagfile sya ng formal complaint…lumalabas sore loser sya na attention seeker

  20. Daming kuda ng mga faney ni Cabinet Girl… oh sya balikan din natin ang injustice na ginawa ni Madam Stella kay Dindi Pajares not once but twice…

  21. @ Abcde Birta’s styling looked MTUSA? Oh, my… Pilipino designer ng gown niya. Na-feature pa dito. 🙂

    @ unorthodox There was internal conflict among the MUPO “pillares”? I can now imagine who they were… I felt this was coming… It’s that AP scheme, talaga. ‘PAG DIKIT NA ANG LABAN, THE BOSSES DO THE TALKING. Happens everywhere, not a peculiarity of the Philippines. I think one of the pillars will have to go before long, to preserve her/his good name from tarnish.

    BUT, at least ROM has gotten warm/favorable reception from foreigners. Like Rushton, “wala’ng away ang mga bakla pagdating sa kagandahan” (said by someone from SF, I don’t recall who).

  22. Mga vekla, it is so easy to pass judgment to someone. I can definitely relate to the big disappointment in MG in not winning the title. She probably poured her heart and soul in the competition and to be always questioned as to why or how she lost is definitely very annoying!!! It’s also to say that they’re putting the blame on her so give her some space and respect that. Hopefully, after the emotions have simmered down, she’ll be able to regroup her composure, accept her fate and make the right decision on what she thinks is best for her- keep the runner up or just resign. Either way, she does not own anyone an explanation anymore but does sting a lot.

    The reality is that this batch of MUP candidates really is very strong and one slip could cost you the crown. And despite doing everything right, you still need to have the stars to align that night.

    • for me, she should resign if she wont be happy working with the org anymore then another girl will be given a chance….then move on, MUP is not the end…

      • Amen to this… tyaka itong lemonada, kung may dayaan edi lumayas ka na agad during the prelims pa lang.. maygad… di yung pa tsaa tsaa pa ngayon… so kung si Gumabao ang nanalo tatahimik sya, ganern?! Nyemas sya… paayos nya lang yung weirdo nyang mukha

  23. Ang daming mga magagaling na vaklash dito. Napakatoxic ng mga sinasabi nung iba.
    MUP organization and organizers laughing their way to the bank. Lalo kayong mag ingay,
    lalo ninyong pag usapan. The more noise you make, the more headlines it make. Yan ang
    gusto ng mga organizers, para lalong ma excite ang mga fans. More mileage sa kanila.
    Ang ingay ay kailangan ng MUO, lalo na ngayong pandemic. Sige, tuloy tayo sa pansamantalang
    kalibugan, bukas, hanap tayo ng pagkain, mamroblema sa covid, siksikan uli sa traffic, and
    back to reality.

  24. U have to understand joining a pageant is very expensive and takes a toll on you physically and otherwise . So while we want everyone to be ‘sport’ , we have to accept some will deal with it differently .
    I applaud Sandra and Michele for having the courage to react the way they do knowing fully well that they were going to be tagged as sore losers for doing so .

  25. Why are losers automatically considered bitter ??? Let’s hear from them . They may have something valid to say !!!!
    Janine should not have been a judge anyway because she had already publicly announced the candidates she favored to win the crown

    • @fabian I agree w you. Hindi porket nagreklamo sore loser. Dami oras sinayang sa pageant na yan ng bawat candidate. Saka I’m not friends w Sandra pero dami nagsasabi maganda ugali nya na misinterpret Ng iba

      • Edi sana nagfile sila ng complain sa simula pa lang .. kung ginawa nila yun kahit sangkatutak na pa Tea pa ang gawin nila tyak nasa kanila ang simpatya…

      • @ anony sarado govt office para mag file sila may bagyo pa. Pero di magmaktol Yan if walang injustice

      • Di yan magrereklamo during the contest. E di lalo silang pinag initan ng mga sangre! Pero I am sure kung manalo sila, there will be no complain kasi ibig sabihin nun hindi tinolerate ng mga sangre ang mga maling ginagawa.

      • @bonsai, so kapag si Cabinet ang nanalo deadmakels na lang ang issue ganern… kasi ‘ My Queen’ ?! Kung may injustice na totoo, edi pack up sya agad.. eh alam na nya na ligwak ganern na pala eh… balik sya ng Taguig… dahil sa isang neophyte ang nanalo, may pa tsaa tsaa sya ngayon.. eh bat hindi na lang i splok lahat agad agad kung meron talaga?!

        Mas maniniwala pa ako sa tabulation ng SGV kesa sa paandar ng isang talunan… kung may dapat na tanggalin sa taft ave, si Cabinet yun… isasakripisyo ba ng SGV ang reputasyon nila para sa isang placement? Asan ang utak? Isang totoong scandal lang yan, wasak ang reputasyon ng auditing firm at magkukumahog ang ibang firms para makuha ang mga client ng SGV…

        Yung apat walang tulak kabigin na sila ang top performers, yung isa halatang pakunswelo di bobo dahil naputungan ng korona sa kabilang kobol yun ang totoo…

      • Anony wag mo mix si cabinet at reynang Iloilo. Di ko bet si cabinet since day 1 Alam Ng lahat Yan. Pinaglalaban ko ay ang pangremove sa top 5 sa di nila bet Kasi di makatarungan Yun. Paramg blackball sa sorority Kasi di sya in
        Dami hirap Ng girl na Yun I’m sure. Kung si batanes nagroro baka magsangla pa Ng kalabaw ibang candidates .di ako team cabinet please ha ayoko Lang sa injustice .Wala ako Alam sa cabinet issue

    • Can’t agree more. It’s sad that when someone speaks people condemn them instead of listening and seeking the truth. Many even call them names as if they know them from head to toe.
      MUP and/or MUPO are saying they could have talk with each other instead of bringing it up in public yet the ND answered using the same platform. I think MUPO should take a bigger step to clear this. Whatever Sandra has, valid or not, for sure there’s an opportunity to grow. It may apply not only for MUPO but also for other org. They can actually learn and earn from this.

  26. Michelle and Sandra should speak with Janine while she’s here and learn the valuable lesson of graciousness in the face of loss.

    • @philip base sa ibang tsaa si Janine ang bumoto Ng high scores Kay alaiza go sa titasofpagenatry hanapinmo book of sleeping beauty
      Alam ni janine pano ma politics ayaw nya mangyari sa iba Yan ang tunay na sangre

  27. Ang laki ng pagkakahawig ni Rabiya Mateo kay Megan Young at Miss Universe Thailand 2020 1st runner up Praveenar Singh. Fresh na fresh din si Rabiya hindi mukhang babad na sa contest. She reminds me of Miss Universe Iceland 2019 Birta Abiba Þórhallsdóttir na fresh as in ang dating last 2019 Miss U. Sana masungkit ni Rabiya ang Miss U 2020. Sige na kahit top 3 OK na ‘wag top 10 lang tulad ni Birta.😝

  28. Just to put a stop to these insane talks and hullabaloo and before netizens will unjustly hurt the feelings of everyone concerned in this issue, Manila Bulletin (Entertainment) issued 3 successive articles earlier to clear the muddy waters. Here are the links to these articles:

    1. https://mb.com.ph/2020/10/25/sandra-lemonon-ignites-controversy-after-miss-universe-philippines-2020-finals/ (Sandra Lemonon’s supposed cryptic message which appears to be just a funny joke)

    2. https://mb.com.ph/2020/10/25/michele-gumabao-i-knew-who-won-last-night-pa/ (Michele Gumabao’s light-hearted explanation on her absence at the viewing party as posted in the Aces and Queens Instagram account, so all is well after all)

    3. https://mb.com.ph/2020/10/25/new-miss-universe-philippines-hurt-by-criticisms-of-fellow-candidates/ (Rabiya Mateo’s emotional response to questions on her winning which I also saw in MJ Marfori’s Facebook account)

    As I said before, this is Miss Universe and it loves controversies to squeeze as much juicy mileage post coronation event. It would be unfortunate if crowning a winner with a “squeaky clean” image will not provide an anchor to sustain public interest after the finals.

    After watching Rabiya’s Facebook interview, I do have some advice for her though if ever she reads this: “You can never please everyone. You will always have people who are happy that you won and those who are disappointed because they support other girls. That’s just life so don’t take those comments and intrigues get to you. Develop a thick skin, you’ll need that to be steadfast on your goals. You are now a national titleholder, hence you become a public figure. Global eyes will be on you from now on as you start your journey. Some hard critics will be there to prod you to do better and test your tenacity. Many comments will be hurtful (others are low and personal) but you have to remain focused and you need to choose your battles well. In the meantime, enjoy this experience because you’ll never know what the future holds. Cheers!”

  29. Enough of all these issues. There is only one reason why Rabiya won- she outperformed everyone else that night including those who felt they’re gonna win.
    I understand Michelle’s and the other girls’ feelings but if there was one girl who should be weeping now is Bella Ysmael who I’m sure was edged out by Rabiya by a fraction not those whose scores were obviously far form Rabiya’s.
    If Rabiya is indeed the outcome of favoritism, then I’m so overly ok for it. The kid just got so much potential; young, fresh, beautiful, intelligent and above all still moldable and coachable.

    • Ok let me just give my honest opinion about the top 5. For me, Alaiza Malinao should have been there instead of Michelle Gumabao.

  30. Just to put a stop to these insane talks and hullabaloo and before netizens will unjustly hurt the feelings of everyone concerned in this issue, Manila Bulletin (Entertainment) issued 3 successive articles earlier to clear the muddy waters. Here are the links to these articles:

    https://mb.com.ph/2020/10/25/sandra-lemonon-ignites-controversy-after-miss-universe-philippines-2020-finals/ (Sandra Lemonon’s supposed cryptic message which appears to be just a funny joke)

    https://mb.com.ph/2020/10/25/michele-gumabao-i-knew-who-won-last-night-pa/ (Michele Gumabao’s light-hearted explanation on her absence at the viewing party as posted in the Aces and Queens Instagram account, so all is well after all)

    https://mb.com.ph/2020/10/25/new-miss-universe-philippines-hurt-by-criticisms-of-fellow-candidates/ (Rabiya Mateo’s emotional response to questions on her winning which I also saw in MJ Marfori’s Facebook account)

    As I said before, this is Miss Universe and it loves controversies to squeeze as much juicy mileage post coronation event. It would be unfortunate if crowning a winner with a “squeaky clean” image will not provide an anchor to sustain public interest after the finals.

    After watching Rabiya’s Facebook interview, I do have an advice for her though if ever she reads this: “You can never please anyone. You will always have people who are happy that you win and those who support other girls. That’s just life so don’t take those comments and intrigues get to you. Develop a thick skin, you’ll need that to be steadfast on your goals. You are now a national titleholder, hence you become a public figure. Global eyes will be on you from now on as you start your journey. Some hard critics will be there to prod you to do better and test your tenacity. Many comments will be hurtful (others are low and personal) but you have to remain focused and you need to choose your battles well. In the meantime, enjoy this experience because you’ll never know what the future holds. Cheers!”

  31. Michele is a sore loser . Sandra is a mean girl. They are both fake not just in their face but in their spirit . Rabiya is a true beauty. Intelligent , kind and a fighter . Go girl ! Actually Bella won me over too . She would have been a deserving winner as well .

  32. that “bring it on” statement was the downfall, overly confident, not good. Reminded me of Ariadna miss colombia, both came as a winner, not good.

  33. Congratulations to Ms. Ilo-ilo 👏👏👏
    Ms. Parañaque was my queen during the finals, from her gown to her posture, sosyal at winner ang dating.
    Congrats to Ms. Cavite as well!
    Best of luck to our Ms. Philippines. Sana at least makapasok sa top 10 para I can watch her compete sa favorite kong portion, the evening gown segment.

    It’s ironic that the bulky woman who consistently promotes sports didn’t display sportsmanship and decided to forego her runner up title 😶

  34. Tama si MissPluto sa baba kanina. Sandra’s tea isn’t about Rabiya’s supposed glam team. It’s about Jonas Gaffud.

    just to give you the gist. The members of the org collectively had favoritism over a certain candidate. Jonas was the only one against it. But he doesn’t hold that much power and control in the org as everyone of us imagined. Jonas allegedly broke down in front of Sandra and the other girls at their dinner last night because he couldn’t hide it anymore. THERE WAS A PARTICULAR GIRL IN THE ACTUAL TOP FIVE WHO WAS REMOVED IN FAVOR OF THE ORG’S FAVORITE. I guess you know what happened next.. Also, that particular candidate was removed from the Top 5 BECAUSE TWO PAST QUEENS ALLEGEDLY HAD PERSONAL BIAS AGAINST HER. That’s why they were really quick to speak on their social media platforms at magparinig about bitterness kahit wala pa naman talagang nasspill na details about the tea.

    AS for Michele’s case, she had every right to be salty. She’s not the candidate removed (obviously), but she is directly affected with the internal politics that happened among the pillars of MUP.

    Ayan na inispill ko na. Bahala na kayo kung maniniwala kayo o hindi. Ang final na masasabi ko na lang dito is Sandra is so durog right now dahil kahit before this issue pa, marami na ring reklamo mga girls sa org at si Sandra yung napipilitang maging spokesperson nilang lahat dahil sya lang yung may K kumuda. Matagal nang pressured si Sandra, hindi nyo lang alam. Tapos today binabash na sya ng mga tao kahit wala pa naman sya talagang sinasabi. Nag assume lang mga fans ng possible na tea na sasabihin nya without actually waiting for her to make a statement. Parang karamihan dito, assume kayo nang assume tapos binash nyo agad yung dalawang candidate kahit na hindi nyo pa naman talaga alam buong story behind it. Ganyan katoxic ang Filipino pageantry. I hove you do realize this and ask yourselves kung ganyan ba kayo at kung tama ba na ganyan kayo.

    • @Unorthy, I also read that juicy tidbit in another forum. Accordingly, some people in the organization unfairly allowed Rabiya to bring with her a glam team when in fact it was restricted to do so. In her statement, Michele emphasized she knew how to accept defeat, and what she could not stand about was the people surrounding her asking what happened. It sounds to me that Michele learned about favoritism and that the same people asking her what happened were the ones who favored Rabiya more.

      I hope MUPO releases an official statement to clear any shady accusations against it. It’s their inaugural edition and they deserve praises after a beautiful production and not this hullabaloo. I love the outcome of the pageant and it’s worth emulating to other national pageants, therefore, any controversy such as this should not mushroom.

      Let us celebrate Rabiya’s win because she deserves it. She is beautiful, charming, and vibrant, at alam kong may igaganda pa sýang talaga.

      That’s all.

      • @Ana, yes, that’s actually the point. Kaya hindi ko matanggap why people are calling Sandra and Michele as bitter losers. Kasi their issue (and my issue as well) was NOT with who actually won. I will reiterate this, based on her performance during the finals telecast, Rabiya deserved her win. But the problem both Sandra and Michele have is how the Org handled this particular situation. Hindi kasalanan ni Rabiya na favorite sya ng org, kasalanan ng org ito for having favorites and being unfair to the other candidates.

    • @ unorthodox I think I know who that favored one is.

      This S-M-E-L-L-S like a (long-term?) business deal in the making. After all, it seems MUPO didn’t make a helluva lot of cash on this literal and figurative maiden voyage!

      And if it was enough to make JG break down, is it possible… the “Cubao folks” are party?

      • @Flor, well I just named her in my recent comment above this.

        But I don’t think that this was a business deal. I dont particularly see that angle, and which business enitites would actually benefit from this. However, I do know that there were some strings pulled by some people, not necessarily members of the org, but the who’s who of the Iloilo community, to make this win even more possible.

        I really hate to be the devil here, but I just can’t stand the fact that many are bombarding Sandra and Michele with the “bitter” judgment without actually knowing the whole story. I also wished that Rabiya’s win isn’t as controversial as this, coz I really believe Rabiya could still win even without those strings pulled, and without benefitting from favoritisms from certain people. Sayang lang, there are a lot of stories floating that are still not verified, and they are already tarnishing Rabiya’s win na in reality kaya naman nya sanang maachieve just on her skills alone.

    • Really curious to know which 2 past queens?? I’m assuming the girl left-out was Alaiza. Can’t tell which is the favored one though. The modelling/pageantry world can get really small .

      • @KittyCat, just observe the past queens’ recent social media presence, it’s pretty much identifiable from their online behavior na

      • @kitty itago na Lang sa bi na about religion tanong sa kanya nun sumali sya sa mu competition way back

    • This might somehow be in line with what the blogger wrote in his previous post about Alaiza not being included in the Top 5–that there are people within the org who dislike her.

      I would understand Sandra’s frustration more, I think, if she just went ahead and said what it is she’s upset about. That she’s teasing it out, letting the intrigue fester is what’s stopping me from trusting her.

      To be honest, among the Top 5, it was Rabiya whom I thought was the weakest and was outperformed by Alaiza. Rabiya gave a convincing enough Top 5 performance to merit the win though, although I would have preferred Bella or Billie.

  35. As I look at this photo and as I read what seems to be a statement from Michelle (I hope it is not fake news I am reading), I feel sad for her. Grief over a loss, whatever kind of loss it may be, is to each her own. Nonetheless, as I have mentioned in my other comments, joining and winning MUP or MU is more than just a competition. It is also a “job”. If I have to imagine this crowning moment happening in an international stage where Michelle is our rep, losing to another candidate by a fraction, being a runner up to another country, for example, just like what happened to Janine Tugonon, will this kind of action or attitude of hers be acceptable? (In my heart Janine won, but the org preferred another). How will she handle that? I’d like to give Michelle a hug so as the rest of the girls who also tried everything. The stars in the universe just didn’t align in her or in their favor. It was on Rabiya’s that night. Plus, it was not only Michelle who brought the A-game. Again, anyone in the top 5 is crown worthy. I hope in time she’ll find peace in her heart. God bless.

    • Michele already competed internationally and she didnt win. Not even a runner up. She was just a semifinalist. But we never heard any news of her throwing tantrums in that pageant. that’s because she knew that the placement she got back then was what she deserved based on her performance. This year is a different story

      • Hahaha nakakatawa ka … maswerte na nga ang Cabinet at nag place pa sya eh mas may pwede pang ipasok sa top 5 sa kanya… Favoritism? Eh may mas tatalo pa sa over exposure ni Cabinet sa lahat ng activities ng MUPh.. lahat na lang eh andun ang mukha nya…

        Kahit sang angulo pa natin tignan, Rabiya won fair and square… kesehodang may glam team o wala… kahit tuwalya lang ang ipasuot mo sa kanya mas aangat pa din sya kesa kay Cabinet…

        Kung may dapat na tanungin dito eh pano nakapasok ang isang gumabao sa top 5 knowing na may mas maayos na performance kesa sa kanya… dahil ba sa celebrity sya kaya nahiyang bigyan ng mababang scores?

        Affected si Cabinet? Ay sa paanong paraan? Nag eexpect talaga sya na mananalo? Sa katawan at mukhang yun? Que horror… ipagpipilitan ko na lang si Ms Pasay or Ms Manila kesa sa kanya… oo magaling syang magsalita pero yung tono at dating nya magsalita eh mayabang, kahit anong gaya nya kay Muning….

      • E syempre di talaga sya magrereklamo kasi nagpabaya sya… eh sino bang gaga na lalaban internationally na instead pumayat eh tumaba? Eh sino ba ang tangang nilalang na alam mo ngang ang panget mong maglakad eh di ka nagexrt ng triple effort para umayos? Tapos sasabihin mong competitive ka? Timawa lang ang org na magbibigay ng titulo sayo kung ganyan ang attitude … dahil ba 2nd tier ang Ms Globe? Kaya ganun ganun?

        Eh kung ako nga kay Jonas, pabuena mano ko na lang yung top 15 sa kanya eh… mas mabuti pa nga ang Pasay, anlaki ng improvement since March.. eh kay Gumabao, kung Cabinet ang katawan nya nung March hanggang ngayon Cabinet pa din… at please wag nyang irarason yung pagiging player nya… dapat kasi nakipag hiwalay muna sya sa jowa nya ng makarecover ang katawan nya…

      • @anony, again, uulitin ko. wala akong problema sa pagkapanalo ni Rabiya. Deserve nya yung win nya based sa performance nya. Hindi rin bitter si Michele at Sandra na si Rabiya ang nanalo. Ang issue lang nung dalawa ay kung paano hinandle nung org mismo yung sitwasyon, at pano nagwork yung internal politics within the members of the org

        As to Michele’s Miss Globe placement. That’s precisely my point, hindi nagreklamo at nagtantrums si Michele noon dahil alam nyang yun lang ang placement na deserve nya based on the efforts that she exerted at that time. At lalong hindi sya nagreklamo kasi alam nyang walang hokus pokus na naganap behind the scenes.

        Lastly, walang credibility sa akin ang mga taong gumagamit ng “cabinet”, “aparador”, or any form or term that espouses body shaming. 2020 na, ang dami nang pagbabagong inachieve ng IMG sa Miss Universe. Pero hanggang ngayon yung standards mo pang 1900s pa rin. Time to grow up and move past your skin-deep standards and ways of thinking. At kung may criticisms ka sa kanya, sabihin mo in a constructive way. Otherwise, you’re just a sad, pathetic, and spiteful online existence.

      • @unthor, So gusto mo ng credibility, fine.. Sandra vs SGV? Sa tingin mo kaninong statement yunh mas may katotohan? Statement ng isang talunan at pagkabitter or tabulation na ginawa ng mga taong nag aral ng apat na taon at ng isang kumpanya na may reputasyon na dapat protektahan?

        Mamili ka.. so ano qng mali sa pag tag kay Gumabao ng Aparador/cabinet? Madami akong kilalang volleyball players and yet hindi ganyan ang katawan.. beauty pageant ito hindi ito declamation contest… may nine months sya para ayusin ang katawan nya and yet walang nagbago … ang sabihin mo tamad talaga yang gumabao… hindi body shaming ito, nagpapakatotoo lang… hindi nga nya mapa toned ng maayos yung binti nya..

        So yes aparador / cabinet talaga sya kasi antaba nya tapos antaas ng expectation nya sa sarili nya… athlete sya di ba? Dapat aware sya sa status nya… physically alam nya na talo na sya… the only thing na meron sya eh ‘talak’ nothing more nothing less.. kahit sa final questions, lumabas na pagkababaw ng utak nya…. yun ang totoo…

        Kung may issue pala sila during the pageant, may option naman sila di ba? Pwede silang magfile ng formal complain, ginawa ba nila hindi? So ano silbi ng reklamo at pa ‘tea’ ngayon? Kung tinawag na nila ang attention ng organizer sa simula pa lang, kahit magpaka gaga sila ngayon tyak nasa kanila ang simpatya…

        Ang mgq ugaling ampalaya, kahit anong tago lalabas at lalabas yan

  36. Perhaps most of you failed to notice one candidate who graciously cheered on her co-candidate who she believes can get in to the final slot of the Top 16 than her. She is none other than Miss Zamboanga Del Sur, Perlyn Cayona and the girl she cheered on was Bella Ysmael. I hope Sandra Lemonon had Perlyn Cayona’s pureness of heart in her because that gesture marks the real queen attitude.

    As I watched again the final Q&A, I thought that the thing that brought Michelle to a 2nd runner-up finish was her overconfidence when she said “bring it on” as KC queued for another question. That was not queenly. Bella’s answer was good, but it was full of deadwoods. Rabiya’s answer was direct to the point and full of wisdom. Therefore, Rabiya won fair and square.

    That’s all.

    • @ Ana Winter-Lund We are a trio in “girl-crush” with ZamSur. See @ Baby Nica below.

      I am saddened, too… Recalling that tarp her town mates put up in her honor. Even our dear Blogger had her in BOTH Swim and Formal Dress in his Prelims 16-pick.

      I am positive a blessing will be in the pipeline for her! 🙂

      • Butt bump, @Flor Tula! Miss Zamboanga Del Sur actually was not in my radar in the Top 16, but her Radost Todorova moment was laudable. She should have been the winner of Miss Congeniality award would Shamcey Supsup’s team bestow one.

        Oh, I love beauty pageants.

        That’s all.

    • that “bring it on” statement was her downfall. Overly confident. Reminded me of Miss colombia Ariadna, both came as a winner, not good. Bud ! how’s it going ? You now got hit 40mil ??? dayyyng ! you go bud 🙂

  37. Kahit naman sino manalo e paniguradong ibabash pa rin dahil yung ibang fans e perfectionist na laging hahanapan ng flaws yung nanalo. Though I’m rooting for Michelle but I believe deserve naman ni Rabiya ang crown.

  38. I just the tea of Sandra is not just on Rabiya but to Jonas and the whole MUPOrg. I’ll just wait for Sandra’s accusations and the answers from MUPOrg before judging.

  39. Tigilan nga ako ni Michelle, ni hindi nga cya nakapasok sa top ten ng pipitsuging International pageant miss globe tapos sa high calibre miss universe pa kaya

    • Exactly… baka nag eexpect ang Cabinet ng crown… dios mio, kung nagpabaya ka dati sa Miss Globe, ano ang rason ng MUPh na ibigay sa kanya ang corona e may history ka na?! Anong kasiguraduhan ng MUPh org na mabibigay mo ang 100% mo kung dati eh sinabi mo na yan pero ngangey?

      PasokPasay-TanggalQC dapat… lahat my diva attitude ligwakin sa simula pa lang

      Same case kay Malinao, ano ang kasiguraduhan na di sya tutupakin sa gitna ng competition

  40. Perlyn Cayona is robbed big time. This is just so unfair to her. She deserves to be in the top 16.
    Should could make it all the way to top 5. She is not a favorite of the organization and they know that once Perlyn makes it to top 16, she can emerge as the winner so she did not include her in the first cut.

    What a waste of beauty and potential. So much injustice made to Perlyn

      • @ Paul at number 1 fan ni ganados First of all, are you really “paul”?…

        ‘Di ka nagagandahan kay Aubrey Miles, siguro… Troy Montero will be sad. KC should be told…

        Speaking of celebrity unions, what do you think of Kristine Hermosa and Oyo Boy Sotto? 🙂

      • Tingnan mo Flor ginagamit na naman ng IBA ang user name ko dito. Walang ginagawa si Norman. ONE of these days, I think I have to report to concerned government agencies.

  41. Why is nobody talking about the show? Kahit walang audience, it is sooooo much better than the pambaranggay BBP! KC Montero is hooot!

  42. I agree that if there is indeed some girls breaking the rules, then it should be investigated by the MUP Org. But I think there is a proper way of doing it, not through social media. This is like Miss Colombia2015. Maybe they should have sent an official letter to the org and if the org does not act, then that is the time to involve the lawyers.
    Anyways, so proud of my gurl Cavite. Sali ka uli next year. Rabiya or Bella, in case Rabiya will be dethroned, will do well in MU.

  43. OMG. NapaWinner ako sa Q&A ni Iloilo(delayed telecast kc dito sa Pluto hihihi).
    Request ko Sana na panoorin ni Alaiza with humility Ang lahat Ng performance ni Iloilo including media interviews para Alam na nya next time kung sasali sya sa ibang pageant😳

  44. Si Sandra Lemonon parang si Clint Bondad, daming ingay, kung may alam di na lang sabihin agad.

      • Kung ako sa kanya, manahimik at mag retire na sya…dios mio.. ipaayos na lang nya yung tabingi nyang mukha yung mga patatim nya…kasuya..

  45. I tried to like Michelle, but I just wasn’t convinced. She tried to do the Catriona playbook, but some girls train and practice to the point where their perfection loses that spark. This didn’t happen to Catriona, but it happened to Michelle. Her perfection became generic and as someone has aptly described, ‘was boring and basic’.

    I’m surprised I’m quoting Siera Bearchell here, but I agree with her on three things; that Bella Ysmael fits the MW mold more; same with Pauline; and that Alaiza, for all her perfection in everything that involved posing and modelling (she should have won best in EG for one), wasn’t really a good speaker. And only because in this edition of MU Philippines, it seemed that all everyone did was talk and talk and talk. Had it been on any given year, with only one question for the Top 5, and had she been in the Top 5, Alaiza would have been considered. But all the talking outed those who were truly comfortable with it and Alaiza wasn’t one of them.

    And don’t get me started on Sandra Wonkey-Faced Lemonon; whatever goodwill she had from her build-build-build episode has been wiped out with whatever bitter complaint she’s cooking up. The girl’s only skill is contouring that wonky face of hers (have you seen her socials and her ever changing face). As Miss Ann Winter-Lund would say- that’s all I have to say about this ho.

    Kudos to Billie for being brave, even if I personally believe that her truth was out of place even if it was well-intentioned. But physically and facially, I would have swapped her place in the Top 5 with four or five others more deserving.

    But Rabiya- OMG- Shamcey deja vu; it had also been Mrs. Lee’s first pageant, and while the polish was yet to come, the sense of destiny was there- not anything arrogant mind you, but a calm confidence knowing that you’ve done all you can at that point and that allowed her to be herself.

    And it’s been a while since we last had someone up there being truly herself.

    Credit to Jonas and his team for pulling it off- never easy, but he knows this.

  46. Pauline endeared herself more to us Boholanos when she cried ” I’m sorry guys” during a live interview at the conclusion of the MUP 2020 crowning. Bellevue Resort sponsored a viewing party for pageant fans, the media n Pauline’s family and friends. Although part of us wanted to get excited with the final show, there was a palpable sense of gloom and resignation inside the venue especially when leaked results started trickling in. Bohol is already planning an appropriate homecoming fit for a queen when she returns home. We are so happy and proud for her especially for an impressive performance from a homegrown Boholana

  47. The organization favored Rabiya more than Michelle!

    Rabiya should better give a good fight then at Miss Universe!

    I DEMAND a Top 3 finish!

    Nakakasawa na “support by default” to a winner who will not give a good fight just like what happen last year!

      • Of course not, paano cya nakapasok sa miss universe top 3 eh ni hindi nga cya nakapasok sa top ten kahit na pipitsuging miss globe na nga lang sinalihan

    • Oppsss🤗 Hanggang Top 10 lang c MG kung suswertihin😆
      Over nman Yung Taft3 hihihi😱
      Vakah maTucuyo award pa nga kung mamalasin hihihi kc we don’t know what will happen from day 1 to coronation day Ng MU kc vakah may maumbag cyang Latina kapag tinawag cyang Fat or bouncer😳
      Divahhh😊 I love Michelle ha dahil mas gusto ko pa nga syang Manalo kesa Kay Davao Alaiza na boots sa interview 😱larolaro lang vah Ang sumali sa MUP, ohhmyGed hihihi.

    • I demand a top 3 finish!? Just Wow! Teh, it is not all about winning. Do you think Rabiya would not give us a good fight in Miss U? The fact being an outsider probinsiana from the start to a front runner is a testament na lumalaban ang bata. Cum laude graduate yan kaya laging prepared sa lahat ng pagsubok. The result? Tinalo ng first timer ang mga pageant veterans. That’s all 🙂

  48. anyone who decides to join a beauty pageant must be ready to accept a loss even if they feel that they put everything in it and they deserve to win, their heart & soul, it is after all a competition, it is never easy… I just feel sad for Michelle because this might be her last chance, with her competitive nature, she must be feeling devastated right now but I am sure she knows how to exhibit grace under pressure … I hope Rabiya learns this at the onset of MU, grace under pressure, taking control of your nerves at all times even during the pre-pageant activities … if Michelle were our delegate, this is where she will excel, I can just see her being so very relaxed during those preliminary events…having fun , kidding around with all the other girls …

    • Gurl, be gracious in defeat when the competition was fair. If not, speak out. Speak the truth. Do not tolerate this injustice. Haaaays. BbP na lang sana kasi para walang ganitong keneme. Mga palingkera at kanal ang ugali. See Jonas’s posts. Kadiri. Ewww.

      • I completely agree.

        Personally I miss the drought years. I miss the ninang Cumbia wardrobes, the kilay-raising national costumes & Divi-couture evening gowns by Barazza. I miss the 5 hour long Bb Pilipinas coronation extravaganzas at that mecca of taste & elegance, the Araneta Coloseum (because everyone knows the Baguio Country CIub is where the best palengkeras gather for cocktails). I miss the 42 year gaps between Miss Universe crowns. I miss the 13 year gaps between a Bb Pilipinas Universe making the top 10 (1998 to 2011). The gap years were the best years EVER! There’s nothing like consistently missing the top 10 that makes you feel like a champion!!!

        So we need to get rid of Jonas & MUP!!! How dare Jonas & company produce winners & bring honor & glory & pride to the country? WHO DO THEY THINK THEY ARE?

        There is no training like the Binibining Pilipinas training. They are the best at training our delegates … to clap graciously in the background at Universe while wearing a sub-standard Barazza gown.

        Does Jonas actually think he can do better than that?

        You know, I actually genuinely respect the Binibining Pilipinas organization & their role in developing the traditions of pageantry in our country. Definitely, Bb Pilipinas was instrumental in winning crowns in the 60s & 70s. Their role in the history of pageantry in the Philippines cannot be contested.

        BUT they also presided over the drought years of the 80s & 90s & the 2000s. It was KF & especially A&Q that revitalized the training & development of the queens that placed & brought home crowns during the last decade.

        Jonas deserves more credit & respect than these comments give him credit for.

        So … sorry not sorry for being so rude.

      • Amen to SQ… kung walang Jonas, Nad, Maruffa, walang Venus, Shamcey, Ara, Pia, Janine, and yes even MJ and Catriona…. hindi si Stella and group ang nagpakapagod at naghirap para maibalik sa pageant scene ang Pilipinas…

        @catriona fan isalaksak mo yan sa makitid mong utak… do you think kung hindi nakuha nung tatlo yung formula ng MU eh sasali yang Catriona mo sa MWP at BBP?

      • Wow. Completely attributing everything to evil and palingkerang Jonas? HAHAHAHA.

    • How about being a sport? She’s a professional athlete. Parang di niya naranasan matalo. Yung No show niya sa press con if it’s for the reason na talo siya is so disappointing. Shoutout kay Sherie Ann Thormes na ilang beses natalo pero di nakitaan ng pagiging bitter.

  49. Congratulations to the winners especially to my bet Billie Hakenson 🌈🏳️‍🌈❤️! you’re still my queen! 👏👏👏

  50. more intriguing are the ig stories of Sandra Lemonon 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • ung grupo pala nila ang mga b*#chenas sa edisyon na tu. lols reminds me of the duo/tandem of Ms Ukraine and Miss Puerto RIco Monic MU 2013 edition..winner sa awrahan.

  51. Baka mugto kasi mata . Hirap humarap na maga eyes. Sakit pa legs sa taking
    I understand Mitch’s sentiments

  52. Wala naman sa glam team yan kaya nanalo. Nanalo si Rabiya dahil sa sagot nya sa Q and A. Aminin na natin na nag shine talaga sya sa Top 5. Daserb ang panalo! 😊

  53. Quite intriguing, gosh! Well, we should understand how Michele is feeling, considering that she was the favorite of almost all seasoned pageant aficionados to bring home the Filipina crown.

    To Michele: accepting one’s defeat is the biggest triumph in humanity. I hope you can recover very very soon. I love you, girl.

    That’s all.

    • On a positive note, naisip ko na baka sobrang excited lang si Michelle na paharurutin ang kanyang MG car kase nga Miss MG winner sýa, so she thought sa kanya ang kotse at hindi kay Rabiya.

      That’s all.

      • Actually Michele asks them a question, lahat gusto mauna sumagot, taas lahat kamay e. Pero si Pauline nauna sumagot, sya kasi pinakamataas kamay.

        Seriously, Michele is obviously hurting. May those pageant fans bashing her stop for a few days to give her time to cope and clear her head.

        About the rumors, I hope it’s not about the org doing shady stuff.

      • I hope every pageant fan finds kind words for Michele. It’s tough to lose a battle in a competition, especially if almost all people surrounding you believe you are gonna win. Been there than that.

        Let us pray na lang that Michele will recover the soonest she can.

        That’s all.

      • @ Paulina …. Porizkova??!!


    • i really dont get it why MG was predicted by many pageant experts kuno to bag the crown.. at 28, she actually looked like the manang of the batch.. height lang naman talaga totoong asset nya..yes, after her previous pageant stints, she got the edge in terms of public speaking and all, but then, she can be contrived at times (or most times) losing the authenticity the judges were looking for. just my thots.

      • Exactly! I rooted for Bella pero mas well rounded ang personality ni Rabiya kaya ok na rin.

  54. Of course di siya aattend, she looked tired and worn out sa kakaiyak, mugto ang mata niya, saw it on one of the video, feel sorry for her ! She can still join Miss Earth 🌎 pasok pa sa banga ang age niya

  55. May kumakalat that Mitch left the group na daw. Sana Hindi. Pero if ever may ma promote ba sa top 16?
    Since sa mut lagi silang lima

  56. Nilamon siya ng Pant Suit nya! Mukha tuloy siyang 5’4″

    Ayaw na ni Michelle, hindi na lumabas sa kwarto nya


  57. Wow , Bella . I wonder what her next plans are
    I still want her to try next yr

    • Ano ba yang suit ni Rabiya…Ang pangit Ng fitting..nilamon sya Ng mga runner ups nya

      • nilamon man siya ng runners up… tapos na ang laban nasa kanya na ang Korona ng MUP 2020, kahit magpaganda man sila ng todo tapos na ang laban sa local. HAhahahaha

  58. Romblon for me is the prettiest
    I’ll watch her interview to see if she can talk

    • Katatapos pa lang po ng MUP, nega na agad…wag namang ganon…let us give Rabiya a chance…kaya siya ang napili becauss may tiwala sa kanya ang MUPO Board…tiwala lang. Hindi yan pababayaan ni Jonas at Shamcey…let Rabiya shine through one day at a time hanggang sa finals ng Miss Universe. Mabuhay ang gandang Filipina! ❤

    • @fabian angle of camera tawag dyan fr left ang camera 5’8 si Billie 5’4 si bella at 5’6 si rabiya , 5’7 si pau as you can see

      • Lol there’s no way Rabiya is taller than Bella
        Rabiya is taller than Shamcey which proves my point Shamcey is not any taller than 5’4”

      • @fab try mo makipag selfie. Sya kukuha promise mukha maliit face at katawan at height mo since sya kumuha. May angle ang camera.
        Di ako maka rabiya Alam mo yan.

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