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  1. Nakakatawa yunh di proportion yung ulo ni Bella pero pro Malinao… Dios mio, anlaki din kaya ng ulo ni Malinao para sa size ng shoulder nya…. ang bentahe lang ni Malinao, matangkad sya…

  2. To be honest, the biggest controversy in this pageant is how Alaiza not make it to top 5????

    She must be at the top of the SS and EG competitions to the point that her translated answer in the interview would have been offset by SS and EG…

    I was in awe she came out of that white filipiniana gown… I was like dang girl you’re taking a high risk with that gown but she nailed it.

    What do you think my dear readers???

    • Same reaction towards her gown. But, as much as I wanted to believe she should have been in the top 5, I just couldn’t see the spark or drive, or I dunno but something was lacking. But yes, she was undeniably gorgeous, must even be the most gorgeous of them all. Maybe she’s not just for pageants.

    • Alaiza or Tracy should’ve been in the Top 5 instead of Michele. Alaiza gave a very memorable opening statement and her walk is much better than Michele’s trashy walk.

  3. Ang masyoho ang pekpek na si pabyan declared na baduy ang new Miss Universe Philippines. When the gagagita declared that, tiningnan ba nya sarili nya sa salamin????? She na me uod ang kepyas! She na me kuto ang mons pubis! The gumption of this chimp to say so!!!!!! Ambaho mu! Tsuppiiiiii!!!!!

  4. I am happy with the results. One girl’s dream is fulfilled. As for the Runners up, I hope they will join again. If beauty pageantS really are their passions and to be national beauty queens are their dreams, they should not stop chasing their dreams as long as the circumstances allow them to

  5. Repost ko lang yung top 16 ko.
    I got 12 out of 16 at tama ako sa winner and 1st runner up.
    1.Iloilo (I support her)
    4.Quezon City (I support her)
    6. Pasay
    7. Cebu City
    8. Aklan
    9. Biliran (I support her)
    10. Oriental Mindoro (I support her)
    11. Mandaue
    12. Cebu Province
    13. Davao City
    14. Taguig
    15. Batanes (I support her)

  6. Hahaha! Buti nlng hindi isang dambuhala ang magdadala ng MUP 2020 sash. Congrats IloIlo!!! Pusong Pinoy at Palaban! Maganda na may utak. Ok na ok! 👌👌

  7. Well as much as I like Michelle or Bella to win, but Rabiya’s answer to the final 2 questions made her win. Napatalon ako sa sagot nya sa 1st question about “… the best president that we never had…”. That ending to her answer is so strong and impactful, indeed.
    Congrats Rabiya…. look alike ni Shamcey hihihi.
    Congrats to the other girls especially to Michelle and Bella. Pauline and Billie you did a good job, I want to see you compete again if pwede pa.

    Thanks for the organization, great show amidst
    the pandemic.

    • She looks a bit of Shamcey,
      But more of Salma Hayek.
      Tone of voice is kinda Flat
      But she compensated it with her
      Charm, sincerity, and sweetness.
      Very deserving winner, 👍

  8. In Q & A , luck was on her side, she had that Defensor-Santiago in her pocket since February …
    Does she kind of or strikingly look like Shamcey ?

    I feel so sad for Michelle … very last chance or I don’t know if she can join again

    • @janet that’s why i said she is pulling a series of answers for a possible question . Di sya spontaneous. Very eva p
      But at least she is 5’6 and slim
      Mitch is tall and bulky
      Bella is 5’4 and slim
      So Rabiya na talaga pinaka best choice sa 3

      • True! esp on your first statement… she had generic, memorized, encompassing answers to questions. Example- the MDS answer, it was a an answer to ANY kind of question pertaining to a person you look up to and it’s variations. I dunno if that would work in MU where they like the conversationalist type of answers like how Billie/MG/Paranaque deliver.

  9. OMG…. Bakit sinayang si Iloilo!!!!!! Dapat nireserba sya for 2022!!!! Nevertheless, this serves that MUP is really serious about crowning someone who is the complete package. beauty and brains.. So sad because lloilo can be polished to be a serious contender for the future…..

    MY dear Bella, please join MWP. My dear Pauline, please join BBP for International.

    My deal Michele, I always admire your fight but you served us well. Thank you.

  10. I am ok with Iloilo. I think it was the most viable decision. Kita mo din yung hunger sa kanya. I can see that she will also do well.

    Going back to Alaiza, I think she did good in Q&A. Less points ba that she had it in her dialect? I think she stood up for everyone who is more comfortable in conveying messages in their native tongues. Or was it her EG presentation that affected her performance?

    • Alaiza’s answer was subtitled and it was concise and coherent. Her reasoning for speaking her native tounge was reminiscent of MU 87 Cecilia Bolocco. However, her choice of evening gown and its presentation is without a doubt her proverbial albatross.

      On the other hand, thick accent and all, after the final Q&A, Rabiya is undoubtedly the clear winner.

  11. Rabiya Mateo is Miss Universe Philippines 2020! She nailed the final Q & A!
    1st runner up is Bella Ysmael
    2nd is Michelle (who looked like she was about to cry and thriw a tantrum
    3rd is Pauline
    4th is Billie

    • Miss Iloilo is the winner!! It was a close fight between her and Bella who ended up as first runner up. I am disappointed that she did not win. But I am supporting the winner. She would not disappoint us in the Miss Universe stage!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • Miss Iloilo is the winner!! It was a close fight between her and Bella who ended up as first runner up. I am disappointed that she did not win. But I am supporting the winner. She would not disappoint us in the Miss Universe stage!! ❤️❤️❤️

  12. Paula s the prettiest for me
    Pauline is really pretty too … but her walk
    Rabiya needs to work out
    Pia was supposed to be a judge It didn’t happen
    Pasay didn’t make it , sayang
    Laguna and Palawan are also pretty .
    I hope Laguna joins again .. this time with more concrete plans

  13. Pia was supposed to be a judge . It didn’t happen
    Pasay didn’t make it , sayang
    Laguna and Palawan are also pretty .
    I hope Laguna joins again .. this time with more concrete plans

  14. I feel so much joy when I see MUP’s from 2010-2018 randomly get together. I get goosebumps. They are symbols of light who saved our country from zero placements from 2000-2009.

    I’m happy to see Janine Tugonon. Still fiercefully beautiful.

  15. First runner up daw si Ballerina . Ewan koha kahapon pa ko nakakita Ng differwnt lists pero sure daw yan

  16. Hay naku mapapailing ka nlang sa mga contestant na makapal lang Ang mukha at kalandian lang Ang puhunan at kapag nagsmile ay parang kakain Ng t*t*😆
    Kung naligwak man c inday Alaiza at deserving nman cya(diko cya mapapatawad sa prelim interview at parang dadaanin lang sa ngiti, taranta at kabobohan Ang MUP). Natalo pa sya sa mga baguhan na pinaghandaan talaga Ang pageant.
    Girl, join ka ulit sa ibang contest and do it again and again and again baka may maawa pa sa yo sa susunod na sasalihan mo. Sayang😳

    • Mas makapal ang mukha mo!

      At least si Alaiza na-experience nya ang mga national pageants. Kung si Pia nga 3x sumali bago naging successful, malay mo si Alaiza din. Kung makapanlait ka akala mo kung sino kang magaling! Kapal mo, tsee!

    • @bong I’m not an alaiza fan but that is uncalled for
      Alaiza embodies many Filipina at naghanda sya. All foreign bloggers likes her interview

  17. If sana dito nalang kukunin lahat ng representatives to all the pageant eto yung assignment ko:
    Universe – Cavite, so fierce
    World – Iloilo, so sweet
    International – Paranaque, so classy
    Earth – farm girl from Davao charot, but Bohol will be a great Ms Earth spokesperson
    Supranational – Davao
    Grand – Aklan – eto yung gusto ni Angkol, explosively sexy
    Intercon – Cebu City
    RH – Albay
    Then pwede uli irecycle si Ms. MG MG sa MG. Charot.

  18. Tito Norman, u owe us an explanation. As to why and how Alaiza is not being transparent . Are you saying she’s a liar and a cheater ????? Fabian

    • Quite agree again. With all due respect Tito Norman, those statements need an explanation. I’m sure you thought well and hard before including that in your post and you felt it had to be said for a reason.

    • Sir Norman, is the issue about Alaiza about that post a few days ago of a guy who said he was blocked by Alaiza in instagram after doing a photoshoot collaboration together? That post was taken down eventually but my friends and I were able to see it.

      And I thought why would this guy make this issue public?

      Why couldn’t they settle their problem privately? But then again, Alaiza is a public figure already. But still.

      Was their problem and that post made public to show who Alaiza really is? And perhaps, ruin her chances at MUP?

      Sayang po ano? But I have been hearing of attitude issues since her ANTM stint.

      • Tito Norman , you said Alaiza should be more transparent abt her journey from the start ??
        Pls explain

      • I don’t need to explain anymore, Fabian. If you read part of my Final Predictions, you should already know. You’re wise enough to understand it.

  19. IMG is looking for a spokesperson
    padala nyo si Harrietta Roque
    tutal judge naman siya
    siya na lang winner

    • And Alaiza
      I would have said Apriel too . But she got too muscular or heavy

  20. NewsFlash … ! South Africa just crowned their MU rep for 2020 , South Africa will NOT have a back-to-back

    Michelle or anybody else in the top tier of MUP2020 is far much better than SoAf rep

    I hope Alaiza does not lose hope , & the rest of the top tier should definitely join again for MU2021 , Rabiya Mateo is the biggest surprise and biggest stunner for me this year,,,

      • @ miss tissa In a way, yes… After all, wasn’t it Blogger King who keeps saying that this inaugural MUP is a lot like MSA in spirit? And in that way, perhaps, better than most other national pageants.

        So, MUPO aspires to be like MSAO… The latter will be the former’s template.

        But, here’s the thing. If you can say in FULL confidence that Shudufadhzo is superior to Zozibini in all areas, will a South African Back-to-back spur other MU franchisees to follow suit? 🙂

  21. BTW , Michelle has a much better walk than Pauline
    I can’t believe I am saying this
    First , it was Sam Lo … now it’s Pauline
    WTH are the A&Q guys doing ???? They should have noticed this and corrected this a long time ago !!

  22. Don’t expect Michele to lose weight
    She will use Canada 2016’s narrative to justify her lack of drive and discipline to lose weight .
    I find her pretty and classy but I don’t think they will let her Make past top 20 or top 10 at MU

    If MUPO lets her win MUP , I will find it an assault to those who really worked hard for it . I’m sorry but the other girls didn’t just come out looking like that . They worked out and watchEd what they ate !!!!!

      • Fit for her bone structure ???
        Have you seen her brother ? He is long and lean !
        Her thighs are not even toned !!!!
        She needs to lose weight , period

      • yea he is male. she is female…. do you now biology fabbie??? especially about male and female anatomy? are you inferring that the plus size models are being too lazy too?????

  23. Oh my goodness. As I am writing this comment, I just witnessed South Africa crowning its first ever fully shaved headed Miss SA winner, a full figured black woman named Shudufhadzo Musida. South Africa is yet again really pushing the envelope further in terms of redefining what is “beautiful.”

    The big question is, what direction will the Philippines take in choosing its own queen? Will the MUPO go for conventions or will it take a different course this year? Will the organization crown an obvious favorite with a large following or go for someone who quietly but purposively take her unique and strategic place in the history of Philippine pageantry?

    Personally at this point and since this is the first edition under the new organizers, I have no clear idea on where this will go later. Exciting indeed.

    • I remember the stunning but shaved Tanzanian beauty in 2007. She made it to the semis. Had she joined in the IMG era, that could be a different story.

  24. A revelation in this MUP inaugural edition are the remarkable candidates who came from unexpected places– small-town farm girl like Perlyn Cayona of Zamboanga Sur, ethic minority mountain maiden Noreem Mangawit of Kalinga, authentic Ivatan woman Alexis Elcano of Batanes, stunning dusky islander Skelly Florida from little-known remote island province of Biliran, and others I may have missed. They are living testimonies that “beyond the coastlines” of this archipelago exist many beautiful, articulate and compassionate women who can rise above socio-economic constraints and dare come forward to signify their readiness to represent the country in an international derby of beauty, brains and advocacy. With such a broad grasspoots participation, the future of Philippine pageantry is bright.

  25. I finally got a chance to see Alaiza’s interview . And I was impressed in terms of content grammar diction and clarity of thought.
    And I believe she topped SS and EG. … even though she didn’t get the award for either .
    If she didn’t make top 3 at this yr’s edition , I would advise her to move on another pageant Org because obviously the MUPO does not appreciate her .

  26. Hay mga baklang kanals. Di nyo pa ba getsung ang shade ni tito norms? Just like MU, the girls in mup were judged since day 1. Inoobserbahan, may mga lurkers, mga matang nakatingin to truly gauge a candidate’s character! Kaya yang pinagkukuda niyo about prelims, in essence 50% lang yan sa tunay na judging! Kaya alam nating ligwak si alaiza dahil atichona siya!

  27. Based on the roster of judges, the bulky DDS girl is the winner 🤷🏻‍♂️
    Pageants are all about business and politics, especially in the PhIlippines.
    Imagine, a DDS girl representing a “confidently beautiful Filipina woman” while at the same time whose group she supports brands women’s rights activists like Catriona as communist rebels? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  28. Rabiya is baduy
    She can probably make top top 10 or even top 3
    But I donot think she can win MU

  29. Bakit may feeling ako na hindi totoo ang leaked Top 5 photo? Sinakyan lng ni Madam Norman para malito ang tao? Hopeful pa din ba ako na pasok sa top 5 si Inday? 😊

  30. Sorry but RABIYA is more marketable and has a better chance . Michelle looks are not MU caliber. Not fresh , not natural , body proportions are …. well less than ideal .

    • Parang Tita lng ang QC at Cavite✌️
      If you are comparing Cavite with Vietnam and Jamaica, malayo po!
      Buhok lng ang parehas.

      • Korak! Tita dabyana and tita Tiborcia . Jus ko we don’t have to overcompensate for Gazini . Yes they can communicate but they are no beauties ! We can have both ! Send someone who can communicate and has commercial beauty … rabiya or Pauline, even Alaiza and Bella the bird pwede na , but not Michelle or Billy

    • Wag na paikutin. Chaka nmn ksi tlga! 😂 Magmumukhang petite kahit sinong barakong lalaki itabi mo sa kanya.

    • Venus Rah,
      Does she remind you of Angola 1975-2019?
      One thing against Rabiya is that she is not sophisticated enough . I don’t know how she will interact with a Miss USA or guest on the US shows . Will she talk about poverty growing up when her dad is a doctor in Chicago ??????shes so fake!!

  31. No way! I don’t agree on last 2 standing! I can’t believe no one wants alaiza! Many foreign viewers love her! Yes she fucked up her prelims but SS and EG? Come on!… my winner is either alaiza or Bella! If rabies wins, she give me this Lolita complex! Short in heavy dresses! Latinas will chew her off! Michelle? Well the only thing good about her is her comm skills I mean it’s just good, often times she sounded rehearse when answering questions very typical pageant patty

    • Wala na, felt like so many people were against Alaiza, even the blogger said so above.
      And tama ka with Rabiya btw, kay Amanda palang, wala na.

      • I disagree. Wala ngang sustansya mga sagot nun. Not to put her down. Maka-ingles lang.

    • Wala na, felt like so many people were against Alaiza, even the blogger said so above.

      But same thoughts on Rabiya BTW.

    • Naku teh, wah care ang mga vaklush if you agree or not on Mama Norman’s pick as the last two standing.

      Pili ka na rin lang ng iyong last 46 claffers para masaya!

  32. @ Kim Jae-Kyu .. Agree, after watching the prelim Q n A, I was impressed with Billie, and she grew on me.. much as I want Michelle to win, who is undeniably articulate, smart and pretty, there ‘s the question of her “bulk”.. am actually rooting for Bella, so classy and graceful, and articulate too, but she’s petite and it might work against her at MU, a good alternative would be Billie.. smart, articulate, confident and very sure of who she is.. people may say she’s not pretty enough, but it’s a matter of taste/perception, in the same way that the current MU’s face is “polarizing”.. In this day and age, Billie’s sexual preference is no longer an issue, and if the MUP judges see it fit to crown her, then we can also say that Philippine pageantry has truly evolved.. The Philippines’ first openly bisexual beauty queen..?? Hmmmm, the possibilities..!!

    • yes @andy! beauty is subjective…but if they’re looking for a phenomenal woman, they should choose someone who is so much in touch with her core which makes her speak with conviction and confidence and that’s Billie!…all these years, MUO has been vocal in supporting the LGBTQ+ community…it’s high time that we crown someone who’s not only an ally but someone who is from the community to represent and be that voice!!! if you check her IG, everyday her followers are increasing…just shows how much impact she’s making…how much more, if she’s given the title and the platform… IT’S TIME THAT OUR COMMUNITY BE HEARD! raise our🏳️‍🌈 go Billie, you’re my queen!

  33. Tito Norms, what made you put Pauline out of your top 2??? Is MG’s age a factor?

    Honestly I dont mind if MG wins as this is a special edition. It will be a forgotten reign so just give it to her!!!! hihihihih jk.

  34. Nice comparison. Goliath nga si Michelle! Juicemio, sa evening gown, she reminded me of that Host sa Miss Universe Thailand 2020! Matronic na matronic ang arrive! Itapon ang gown na yan… now na!

    Don’t get me wrong! I don’t mind Michelle being bulky, eh yun talaga ang built nya eh. What she really needs is proper styling! I so love her beautiful face!

    Bella so deserved the Best in Long Gown Award. And she really does resemble Margie Moran, her aunt. Pareho may kalakihan ang ulo… at ang ngipin.

    Ewan ko, nakukulangan talaga ako kay Pauline, di ko ma-pinpoint kung ano ang kulang.

    Big revelation sa akin si Miss Pasay! Kudaera di primera din pala!

    Basta, kung sino man ang papanalunin bukas…. suportahan natin lahat.

    • Michele’s only appeal is her speaking skills and nothing more. Any of the four can represent our country well: Pauline, Kimberly, Rabiya and Bella.

  35. At the end if the day, no one is perfect. No one fits oue own criteria of that MU prototype. Si Janine ba gunusto nyo dati? Nagpalakpqk na lang kayo nung napasama sya sa finalist d ba? Same din kay Ariella, dami nyung blh blahss. But look at them, they made their own “stamps” in the pageantry!

    Now, ang inyong mga front runners, marami silang flaws, areas for improvement

    Maganda ba si Billie?
    Matangkad ba si Bella?
    Experienced ba si Rabiya?
    Modellesque ba si Michelle?
    Queenly ba si Pauline?

    Then look at what IMG’s focus, who they are and what they do
    They transform women, they dont exist to make them a “ perfect” person


    Sino sa mga “chickens” nyo ang meron nyan?

    • That’s true, no one is perfect. It is inspiring to know that even if they have weaknesses, they emerged (will emerge) triumphant.

  36. puede ba si shamcey supsup na lang ulit ang representative ng philippines? no girl in this batch has that same caliber as shamcey (naturally beautiful face, well proportioned body, genuinely smart).

    • Excuse me pag nagsalita dimo alam Kung makakatawid yung sense ng sinasabi nya. Yung parang grade 3 sa English class ni madam .

  37. it’s so hard to choose….all of them can represent our country well in MU as they have truly proven how empowered and phenomenal they are…each has its own stories of grit and passion we can draw inspiration from. But I’m rooting for Billie Hakenson of Cavite! raise our 🏳️‍🌈

    • @ Kim Jae-Kyu .. Agree, after watching the prelim Q n A, I was impressed with Billie, and she grew on me.. much as I want Michelle to win, who is undeniably articulate, smart and pretty, there ‘s the question of her “bulk”.. am actually rooting for Bella, so classy and graceful, and articulate too, but she’s petite and it might work against her at MU, a good alternative would be Billie.. smart, articulate, confident and very sure of who she is.. people may say she’s not pretty enough, but it’s a matter of taste/perception, in the same way that the current MU’s face is “polarizing”.. In this day and age, Billie’s sexual preference is no longer an issue, and if the MUP judges see it fit to crown her, then we can also say that Philippine pageantry has truly evolved.. The Philippines’ first openly bisexual beauty queen..?? Hmmmm, the possibilities..!!

  38. Hays ito na naman si Norman ang kanyang forecast😂 pero ang eventual winner dyan eh si Miss Manila Kung ang mga judges eh DDS 😜 KIDDINGLY aside wag nang pangarapin na mag loose ng weight si Gumabao eh bone structure ang probs. Bakit David and Goliath ang drama ? Si Gumabao pa rating lumalabas sa bunganga nya empower empower eh Laos na yan. Hays ewan.

  39. Mga Vakla!

    Ang hindi niyo kasi maintindihan hanggang ngayon is nasubukan na mga katangian na pinagsasabi niyo!

    Kung si Gazini itatabi mo kina Bella o kay Rabiya o Kay Michelle at ganda lang ang labanan na pilit niyo pa rin ipinagpipilitan, siya at siya ang mananalo kahit na pichu-pichu comm skills niya!

    Pero anong nangyari sa Miss Universe? Relegated si bakla sa wild card at ang pinakamahirap na lunukin hanggang ngayon eh nasapawan pa siya nung bonsai na shupitbahay natin!

    Uulitin nanaman ba yung ganun formula? Insanity is doing the same thing and expect different result. Pag alam mo na na hindi nag-work one time, tweak mo na next strategy mo hanggang sa ma-perfect mo at makuha mo formula! That’s how you progress!

    Naging bulky tignan si Michelle because of that hideous gown and swimsuit but she already lost a lot of weight!

    • Sexy na nga si michelle sa mga nkaraang videos nya pero dahil talaga sa gown kagabi, manghihinayang ka.

    • True ClaiRe..and i firmly believe that MG’s Glamteam will bring- out the PASABOG Gown sa Finals!!… Sinadya nila marahil yung bulky Binalot- Gown ng Prelims para medyo hindi masyado tumaas expectations ng Madlang Kabekian… Just my giddy opinion,of course.

      • Yun nga rin iniisip ko kasi sigurado namang pasok sya sa top 16 so mas ginusto siguro na mapansin si Michelle muna in a negative way. Napansin ko yung tela sa loob, parang ang ganda nun kung puro ganun sana. May lumalabas na leaked photos at yung gown ni Michelle, maganda na.

  40. Parang read between the lines, may attitude po ba si Inday? I think, she did ok in her prelims Q&A. Hindi man mataas ang score pero her SS and EG are more than enough to pull her scores up. Deserved nya sa Top 5. 😦 Sayang siya. I still think that she is the strongest in this batch physically.

    Easy to work with po ba si MG? E parang hindi naman po sya serious magbawas ng timbang. Not body-shaming her pero sa inyo na din po nanggaling na since Feb 15 pa sila napakilala as candidates. How long has it been?

    Isa ako sa gusto manalo nun si MG. Pero sa nakita ko after ilang months, wala naman nabago.

    • May pa sponsor na shades kay Alaiza yung blogger. Sana makarating sa kanya para masukat kung kasya sa kanya yung shades. Amfearless lang. 😅

  41. Nice article. I almost agree with Norman’s circle of 5 except Billie. I will replace her with Alaiza. Alaiza’s weakest performance is her interview. Her thoughts came out strong it’s just That she handled the interview somewhat unprofessionally. But her swimsuit and evening gown presentations were exceptional. Her walk, turns, and pauses were effortless. Bella’s performance during the preliminaries were equally good except that she is petite which makes her head disproportionately big in relation to her body. That for me is a big issue because it cannot be altered. Michelle’s achille’s heel is her weight aggravated by wrong choice of gown. She also lacks regal bearing. Rabiya is almost a complete package except that there were instances that she acted unqueenly. . I would choose Pauline as my MUP for the following reasons:
    1. She could be a very good spokesperson for the organization, whom people of all walks of life can relate to.
    2. She is very endearing
    3. She looks a little bit heavy but that can be addressed.
    4. Her pasarela, turns, and pauses were not yet of MU caliber, sometimes awkward, , but they are cute and passable,afterall those were Pauline’s signature moves. Anyway, they can be tweaked and improved with proper training.
    5. I love her smile, it seems authentic.
    6. She thinks and talks with depth.
    7. I love her confidence and stage presence.
    8. Her movements are very natural. Not over-calculated.

    • As for the runners-up, Any of the remaining 4. Should any one of my circle of 5 be chosen the MUP. I am still ok. Afterall, all of them are deserving to win

  42. This explains so much why there are screencapped photos of different girls winning circulating on line (so they’re not photoshopped after all). What they did here is similar to Miss Venezuela 2020 where each “winning” reaction of the eventual top 5 where pre-recorded and only the actual winner’s reaction was shown on the day of the broadcast.

    I have this gut feeling that even up to this moment, the organizers could still be pulling their heads together to come up with a consensus on who to declare as the actual MUP before the airing tomorrow. I personally am pleased on whoever wins because each of the 5 ladies brings a unique set of attributes to the plate. Although no one is exceptionally (international) competition ready yet if I were to base it on their performances at the prelims, each one’s strength can be pushed further and each weakness can still be remedied before the MU dates are determined.

    They’re probably deliberating on who can provide the best mileage to sustain and further intensify the interest on the new organization. For sure, the old beauty formula (height, face/look and body statistics), although tested to work in the past, does not seem to work anymore.

    This is Miss Universe and it loves controversies (as opposed to the more conservative pageants). Mileage can be in the form of unconventional “shock value” like the case of Zozi when she won Miss South Africa or Madison Anderson who won Miss Puerto Rico (perceived not being “Boricua” enough) in spite of mangling her Spanish in the finals. Both of them spurred public debate and were criticized heavily after their respective wins up until both did so well in the MU stage. Both held their ground and were focused which speak volumes of their strength in character – attributes not seen on TV that only the eyes of seasoned franchisees can see. Simply put, choose a winner with whom people’s level of interests (whether supportive or critical) continues even after winning the crown. I have “one” in mind but I’ll cross my fingers as I watch in awe tomorrow.

  43. No doubt, ail MUP contestants are crown-worthy. I’ve never witnessed before a batch of beautiful intelligent social advocates vie for a pageantry platform and crown! Congratulations to the APs who sent phenomenal representatives to this inaugural MUP edition! Michele is my initial choice, but the come-from-behind sterling performance of a pageant newbie, Rabiya, is a solid testimony to the efficacy of “beautiful transformations” brand promise that MUP bandied about. Michele, Rabiya, Pauline, Bella and Billie would all make for a deserving Philippine rep to MU 2020. They are all confidently beautiful and beautifully invincible!

  44. If these ladies will indeed be the last two standing, I would go for the internationally appealing and younger one Rabiya Mateo. She got so much potential that can be tapped by her coach and trainor. She is still moldable.
    I have doubts about Michelle who seems to have difficulty in losing weight aside from the fact that she does not fit the marketing mold of the present MUO.

    • Yung nagtry naman kaso di pumayat so “embrace my Thigh” advocacy na lang.

      • NOT into MG at all…kumbaga sa sinigang, kulang sa asim at matigas ang baka…C Bella naman, lalamunin lang yan…KULANG sa height…yung totoo, 5’4 lang sita? BILLIE MIGHT PULL A SURPRISE…puede na si Pauline n RABIYA…pero bahala na…baka nga SURPRISE!

  45. MG complete package talaga. Thanks tito Norman, We have the same top 3 😀

  46. Tito Norms, I’d like to commend you for coming up with this effortful article. I have been patiently waiting for this and I think, after doing my score sheet, we almost have the same Top 16. I would love to have Miss Pasay on the Top 15. For me, she had been consistently wowing us on the three categories: interview, swimsuit, and evening gown.

    As regards Alaiza, I hope she could make it to the Top 5. After all, the basis for the girls to make it in the Top 5 is having shown excellent performance on swimsuit and evening gown. And there is no doubt that Alaiza would ace both the categories.

    I still believe that Michelle has it in the bag to be the first MUP under MUPO’s wing, albeit her not-so-stunning swimsuit and evening gown presentation. I would rather think that her excellent communication skills makes her the runaway winner. I also thought that MUPO would love to have a tall Filipina wearing a Philippine sash on the MU stage. And… Michelle is telegenic and her beauty is universally acceptable.

    Kudos to Bella, Pauline and Rabiya. Each of these girls could have been an MUP winner. They gave an excellent performance in the three categories, but their being petite is their common ground to be Michelle’s runners up only.

    Anyway, I saw the leaks on FB, and Billie has made it in the Top 5. Well done, girl.

    That’s all.

  47. Malinaw na malinaw na si Ms Alaiza Malinao ay MU material based sa mga napanood ko mula ng na-hook sa panonood ng MU finals since 1994.

    Rabiya pwede sa MW.

    Pauline puwede sa MI material

    Zandra Nicole Sta.Maria puwede sa Supranational

    Nicole Silvernale – puwede sa Intercontinental

    Patricia Mae Santos – puwede sa The Miss Globe

    Trizha Ocampo – puwede sa Miss Grand

  48. ang haba haba
    ang ending eh si ciara sotto/sharon cuneta lang naman pala

    sana manalo si batanes


  49. Good choice for MUP. I agree with sir Norman. If Rabiya and Michelle are the last 2 standing, I will go for Michelle. But Rabiya is also good as MUP otherwise she can join again next year or so.

    • Not into Gumabao. She’s kind of basic for me. She speaks well but there’s no spark there for me, no charisma. Rabiya has the magic for me, although I do get that she might still be a little raw.

  50. May shade kay Inday Alaiza Tito Norms?
    As much as I like MG as a volleyball player, I think facially she is the weakest sa Top5. Overhyped lang similar to Mariel not Padilla and the Manalo sisters.
    Either sa 4 – Cavite, Iloilo, Bohol and Paranaque ang mananalo. If MUPH is brave enough, they will send Cavite. If playing safe, they will go with Rabiya.

    • I think Alaiza should be more transparent about her journey right from the start. Hindi naman maganda kung galing sa media

      • @ Norman Speaking of transparency,… LOLZ.

        May isa’ng former titlist, na-“red tag” tuloy.


        (Told you MSA 2020 would s_ck.)

        Pa-consuelo ko, at least nasilayan ko’ng muli ang kakisigan ni Fafa Neil… (puso).

      • I’m so kilig po Tito Norms, you replied to me. Now spluk mo na ang chika. Aliw ang chukchakan nyo ng mahaderang Robato. Need nyo makahanap ng isa pang vlogger para trio. Pep Troika is shaking. Char!

  51. Wow 5 versions of coronation?!
    At least, nakaranas manalo nung iba kahit fantasy lang.

  52. Ayyyyyyyy!

    Betchina ko ang top choice!

    Michelle Gumabao for the win!

    Confirmed na yung Top 5 sa previous post!

    Hindi lang nila alam kung ano ranking nila!

    Kasi lahat yata sila may record as winner pero isa lang ang lalabas sa airing bukas!

  53. Here is my version.
    Siguro, kung maayos lang ang evening gown ni Michelle kagabi, baka siya ang number 1 ko. Dahil sa mga napanood ko na interviews, naguluhan na ang utak ko.
    1.Iloilo (I support her) Gusto ko sya sana sa MW
    4.Quezon City (I support her, my #1 few montha ago)
    6. Pasay
    7. Cebu City
    8. Aklan
    9. Biliran (I support her)
    10. Oriental Mindoro (I support her)
    11. Mandaue
    12. Cebu Province
    13. Davao City
    14. Taguig
    15. Batanes (I support her)

    • OMG, tito Norman, with that statement “I conciously avoided any spoliers” parang totoo na ngang may leaks and that Rabiya won. If she already did, or she will, let’s support her na lang. Ang ganda rin naman talaga nya lalo na nung prelim interview. Pero sana sa next edition na sya manalo, mukhang mas gaganda pa sya at magiging more polished.

      Alaiza was my bet because again, that type of Filipina beauty really needs to be shown to the universe. I’m okay with her comm skills it’s not bad (hindi English ang basehan), pero parang nawalan sya ng confidence nung preliminary interview. If she wins, good, if not, okay. Which led me to consider Pauline.

      Si Pauline na siguro ang pinakabalanse sa lahat. Hindi pinagtatalunan ang comm skills kasi ma-English (duh), at may laman din naman talaga. Napakaversatile pa ng look, may sobrang ganda, pero meron ding so so. Above she looks like Kelsey M.

      Michelle. I don’t have a problem with her winning MUP. Ang ganda nya (her face) sa evening gown portion, but what was that gown? Wala bang pumuna habang habang nagdedecide sila ng isusuot nya?

      Bella. Ang linis: presentation, delivery, execution. Medyo maliit lang talaga, kaya minsan tuloy mukha syang may hydrocephalus, hindi proportion ang mukha sa katawan. And her teeth, parang masyadong marami (pero madaling remedyuhan yan).

      Billie. Pwede rin naman to. Nakakasawa lang yung iisa nyang look.

      Comm skills kayo ng comm skills, hats off ako sa comm skills ng batch na to, no other batch (BBP, MWP, MEP) comes close.

      Tracy, ang ganda ganda ng wala o light lang na make-up. Skelly, tinabunan neto si Apriel. Nicole, Paula may puhunan din. Kung di palarin, may next editions pa naman.

      Congrats kung sino man maging bagong MUP, next year marami pang magaganda ang susulpot na naman.

      • Impressive talaga silang lahat.
        Kung sinuman ang manalo, katanggap-tanggap. Nakaka-excite tuloy manood.

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