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  1. Pauline will win MUP. She has everything. I believe she is our best bet to MU 2020. Alaiza’s performance. is sub-standard. That was frustrating yet funny. I wish on the final night she will not embarrass herself by doing the unforgettable!!! She has a killer body and walk but her biggest struggle is her communication skill.

  2. OMG. Pakunswelo de bobo bah c Alaiza at napasali sa Top 15😳lol
    Bet ko pa nman cya pero na disappoint ako sa interview nya na parang mga palengkerang vaklah lamang mga kausap nya🤗😱
    I was really shocked.

  3. I’d go for TOTAL PACKAGE…height, beauty of face and figure, malakas dating, lovable, endearing and great communicator…BASTA 5’7 and above SANA…

  4. Crossing my fingers🤞 MUP doesn’t crown the DDS girl.
    A Ms. Universe is supposed to champion women’s rights.
    DDS sees championing women’s rights as communism.
    No to Miss DDS!

  5. Napansin ko lang. “it’s something that….” eto yung palaging sinasabi ni Bella sa interview nya. Lahat ng answer nya may phrase na “…it is something that…” Sana bawasan nya yan. Pero magaling pa rin sya.

    Michelle: what I like with her is the way she ends her answers, meron syang impact palagi. Medyo mabilis lang syang magsalita, parang may hinahabol, pero that is understandable due to the 30 seconds time limit.

    Both Bella and Michelle top this segment.

  6. Good luck Billie, Pauline, Bella, Michelle, Adee, and the rest of the girls (most of you if not all are really good). I dont want to complicate myself so I just narrowed mine to 5. haha. But I believe it is still anybody’s game especially if we will factor in the “job” side of being MUP. If they ace their performances it will boil down to choosing the woman whose personal values match with that of the organization. The face and person who can best represent the brand and the org. Praying for you all. 🙂

  7. Miss Bohol is the best in this round. Wala ako mafeel na sincerity sa mga sagot ni Gumabao! Masyadong pinipilit magpa impress pero di na achieve. Honestly, mas ok yung content ng mga sagot ni Alaiza.

    • Most of the time the judges look how the candidates answer the questions. It is not always the contents of their answers but they look how confident they are in front of many people. This is one of the tests to show how confident you are.
      If Alaiza will win MUP, she cannot say she is nervous all the time. Preliminary pa lang ligwak na sya. As I have said: Remember a Miss Universe is a confidently beautiful woman. How can you be confident kung kinakabahan ka lagi in front of just few people. Paano na pag may live audience na?
      Most of these candidates can actually speak but they need to practice more in public speaking.

      • Alam ko din ang bagay na yan. That’s why in this round, Miss BOHOL is the best for me. 😅😅

  8. I would choose Pampanga Patricia Santos over Alaiza Malinao from this preliminary interview. Please check her video.

    Alaiza always mentioned that she is so nervous during the interview with her mannerisms. I also noticed the bag with her which is a sort of distraction. The judges actually understood that every candidate is so nervous but it is up to them how they carry and control that feeling. They should looked confident when they answer questions.

    There are a lot of good speakers from this batch. Hindi lang napapansin.

  9. My current Top16 in Random Order

    Michele Gumabao
    Bella Yshmael
    Alaiza Malinao
    Pauline Amelinckx
    Billie Hakenson

    Rabiya Mateo
    Skelly Florida
    Sandra Lemonon
    Christelle Abello
    Tracy Perez

    Adee Akiyama
    Zandra Santa Maria
    Paula Ortega
    Apriel Smith
    Sigrid Flores
    Lou Piczon

  10. Kelan kaya ang Prelim for gown and swimsuit?
    Ito ang listahan ng mga sinusuportahan ko.
    Quezon City (I live here now)

    Iloilo City (the most beautiful for me)

    Oriental Mindoro (my province)

    Biliran ( nakarami ako ng votes sa kanya)

    Batanes (teary-eyed at goosebumps sa QnA)

    Davao Del Norte (kaya lang parang di sya makakapasok sa top 16 pero attracted talaga ako sa ganda nya)

  11. I have not seen Rabiya’s bit
    I was expecting her to be in the top 5
    Did she really do that bad ?
    And where is Ivana??

    But… I agree on the topnotcher
    Bella has a way with the words … nobody can topple

      • Whats the hyoe for this Rabiya
        She is “too” raw
        Or “very” raw
        “Teacher sa province” kung magsalita
        Apply ka na lang sa malacanang
        Pang spokesperson, segunda kay Roque

        More practice
        Better polishing
        Proper commumication
        And relax, parang natataranta kaya nabubulol sa pagsasalita

  12. Napapamahal na rin po ako kay Ms Muntinglupa. Ang sarap ng boses at sagot nya!!! Sayang ang mga di mananalo dito…..

    • Sarap pakinggan diba.
      Nung una, di pa ako makapaniwala sa naririnig ko pero consistent ang tunog ng boses hanggang dulo.
      Kaka-inlove ang boses

  13. I believe Billie Hankenson had the most relaxed, spontaneous, sincere and relatable interview. I love the fact that he didnt go the usual pageant-ish answers.

    • The interviews revealed those candidates who have innate class as well as the ones who pretend to have one. A “front runner” and favorite showed the real her that is somewhat off-putting Alaiza Malinao. I’ve been a fan of her until her interview. She does not have class.
      That’s all!

      • Awwww, talaga? I hope Alaiza doesn’t read this or she’ll be simply devastated bu how little you think of her. Walang class kamo? I’m pretty sure she cares about your opinion bwahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

      • Super agree with you! We cannot afford to send a Gazini 2.0 at the MU! Sila yung mga “blonde” sa Asia!

  14. My rankings just based on the Preliminary Q&A

    1. Bohol – 9.3
    2. Quezon City – 8.5
    3. Cavite – 8.4
    4. Batanes – 8
    5. Iloilo City – 8
    6. Laguna – 7.8
    7. Aklan – 7.5
    8. Albay – 7.5
    9. Parañaque – 7.3
    10. Oriental Mindoro – 6.5
    11. Pasay City – 6.5
    12. Davao del Norte – 6.5
    13. La Union – 6
    14. Biliran – 6
    15. Cagayan Province – 6
    16. Muntinlupa City – 6
    17. Mandaue – 5.8

    My scoring method:
    33% – Knowledge/Content/Substance
    33% – Manner/Delivery
    34% – Charisma/Being engaging/X factor

    • Miss Manila: Not your Typical Beauty Queen

      Ang una kong impression sa kanya – alam ba nya kung saan sya sumasali? At bakit siya ang napili?

      But I realized na she’s a true representation of what Manila is.

      Enjoy talaga ang QnA moment nya hahaha

  15. I have a strong feeling na BOHOL, PARANAQUE, at QC ang TOP 3.
    Pwedeng BOHOL ang manalo and she could be our country’s 5th MU winner and dahil MU na siya… magiging MUP na ang 1st runner up na si Bella. And pwedeng pasalihin uli c Michelle (or baka hindi na dahil sa age nya)… or pwedeng QC ang manalo then PARANAQUE and BOHOL.
    I can see DAVAO CITY and TAGUIG na part ng TOP 5.
    CAVITE and AKLAN… pwede clang lamunin nung iba sa GOWN… pero gusto ko rin cla… even ILO-ILO.
    Sana lang marami sa kanila ang puwede pang sumali.
    Mayabang na kung mayabang pero nakikita ko na ginulat natin masyado ang mga kapitbahay natin lalo ung mga feeling nagset ng trend jan nung mga ilang linggo lang ang nakakaraan.

  16. Davao City better than Iloilo City, Pangasinan, Cebu City, and Aklan? Hmmm… Im no hater of Davao City but yes that might be authentic, but no empowered, let alone, phenomenal woman. Remember we are looking for someone who is confidently beautiful who can clinch our fifth crown. I see her in Cavite, Bohol, and Iloilo City.

  17. Ang sarap isipin na maraming mga Filipina na napakagagaling.
    Parang kulang ang “Top 16” para sa kanila.

  18. i am surprised that you have Alaiza on your list instead of Sandra. I think Sandra did better than her. I did not like how she saying she was nervous. What if this was in Miss Universe and her nerves would take control over her, That would be disastrous. Its just me.

    • It’s his list so he can put anyone he deems fit there. If you don’t agree with his choices, make your own list.

  19. Mr. Tinio, I noticed that up to until this post, you have held on to your Bella-Mitch tandem.

    I hope by tomorrow evening, when you discuss matters with Aring-ing on PN’s, you will FINALLY make up your mind as to who exactly between them you BELIEVE MUST BE MUP 2020.

    For once, don’t think about bruising ego’s, whether it’s The Camp or A&Q.

    One more thing,..

    Advise the ladies to TAKE IT EASY when they do their desfile later. Tell them to heed what Siera Berchell had to say of Melissa Nayimuli – she was the one who looked queenly with her slower pasarela as everyone else walked too fast. And in general, I can say in FULL confidence that the physiques over at MSA are vastly inferior to the ones we currently feast upon at BCC. 🙂

  20. 1. Pauline 2. Bella 3. Cavite 4. Aklan 5. Gumabao 6.Batanes
    I’m not into a great speaker na debater type

  21. Si Bella, napaka-calm and feminine.
    Ang nagustuhan ko naman kay Michelle, yung mga sagot nya ay may “character”. Sa bawat sagot nya, napapansin ko na “selfless” sya at handa talagang gawin ang trabaho kung sya ang papalarin.

  22. Yes, Oriental Mindoro! Ang galing pala nya.
    I’m so proud of her.
    And si Skelly, bata pa pala sya. Magaling. Pwede pa isabak sa mga susunod na taon.

  23. The list is quite fair I’m thinking baka neck to neck .what surprised me is why christelle was in the bottom considering she is impressive.
    I’m not a fan until I heard her during the supposed to be closer door interview that was thankfully shown

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