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  1. Sa leaked photo,

    nag-change pala ng gown yung Top 5,

    Michelle is wearing green gown!

    Billie is wearing yellow!

    Rabiya is wearing red!

    Yung dalawa, parejo naka-blue!

    Kaloka ang suspense!

  2. Di ba magre-release ng prediction si tito norman?
    Kung ako ang gagawa, sila ang gusto ko.
    1.Iloilo (I support her)
    4.Quezon City (I support her)
    6. Pasay
    7. Cebu City
    8. Aklan
    9. Biliran (I support her)
    10. Oriental Mindoro (I support her)
    11. Mandaue
    12. Cebu Province
    13. Davao City
    14. Taguig
    15. Batanes (I support her)

  3. Guys,…

    1) ENOUGH with the Mak Tumang lava gown inspiration – high slit & asymmetric swirls on the bodice! Ang dating sa foreigners, we are overdoing the sultry. I agree. Move on na. Boring na.
    2) Good thing there was not a ribbon in sight. At least not overtly… I may have missed one or two?
    3) H-U-M-I-L-I-T-Y! I cannot stress it enough. Always remember, the drive for excellence can all too easily morph into conceit. And it’s not always easy to distinguish one from another. Listen. Observe.


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    • et this toast honor the Phenomenal Women who persevered the 9-month race, including those who were constrained to pull out just when the finish line is in sight! Before being stopped by the strict testing protocols of in-person events during this critical period, they undoubtedly ran a splendid race and therefore deserve our utmost respect and admiration. Finally, let this toast be an affirmation that in the Philippines indeed, revolutions come and go, pandemics come and go, but pageantry stays forever!

  5. Leaked top 5 nasa pic sa twitter ni kurtinanayellow: Cavite, Iloilo City, Bohol, Paranque, Quezon City
    And so far sa mga nag chichika si Rabiya dw ang title talaga. Ganun din mga pa clues ng mga bloggers. Same sa mga pa fearless predictions na pinost after natapos ang finals, so alam na para lang masabe na reliable. Anyway Rabiya for me naman talaga is the total package. Hopefully tama ang mga pa chika, pa clue, at pa kunwareng fearless prediction.

    • Yan din ang Top 5 na pin-post ng Missosology and they posted it AFTER the taping!

      Rabiya is the winner and first runner up is Michelle Gumabao!

      Knowing ang Missosology na palaging may mole sa loob kahit nga sa Miss World eh!

      Kung si Rabiya nga nanalo, lalamunin yan ng mga Laitina sa stage kahit gaano pa galing commskills niya!

    • If Rabiya is the winner, I’m into this.

      I know Jonas can train & develop her to be more polished & confident & competitive.

      She’s the face of this year’s competition for me. If she is indeed the winner, she is, in my opinion, now the strongest facially among the Southeast Asian representatives crowned.

      My initial thinking was that Rabiya should give it another year or 2 to really up her game. But I agree with @Marmar Yakik that among that top 5, she is the most complete. There are areas to be addressed, yes, but fairy godmama J will take care of that.

      I did love Cavite as well, though. She looks like the actress Ruth Negga to me.

  6. may nanalo na
    sa daming bakla dun malamang nag leak na ang nanalo
    basa basa din sa mga blogs

  7. I’m probably old-fashioned but I’m happy with Michele’s prelim performance . In fact , her walk is better than Pauline’s

    • You are . She looks so matronly . Pang Mrs U . Bella is soooo hyped by older gays . Like the mestiza they always wanted to be.

    • @fabian ..Mitch body is very ruffa g like but ruffa is 46. See the differences. I always love her 2018 body but di nya nabalik

  8. Ysabella Roxas Ysmael , 22, Philippines!!!!
    Grace and poise is Bella
    Not too far away is Pauline .. though her walk is a pain to watch

    Aklan Albay and Biliran can rep us to MUP as well.

    • @ Fabian Reyes A&Q can tweak Pauline’s pasarela. Sila pa…

      I’m sticking with Amelinckx. I said before that it will already be a significant accomplishment for The Camp if they can put one of their three wards – Alaiza, Bella, & Christelle – in the Final 3/5.

      Pauline, had her Mutya international assignment pushed through, would have done well, seeing how Asia-based beaucon brands go… WE OWE HER A PAGEANT. NOW, OR NEVER.

      I WANT A “SKELLY-EMMY” SHOWDOWN IN THE FUTURE. Somewhere, somehow…


  9. I believe Bella is the best speaker
    But Bohol is just as articulate and has a way that is so sweet and soothing and not very imposing
    Michele is similarly articulate but she needs to project a queenly aura … something that Bohol and Bella deliver to the tee
    Cavite is not too far away though she sounds and looks a little too serious. But I think she’ll do well at MU
    Rabiya can be really pretty with the right styling but she has to tone down something … she is too provinciana … and can be too imposing And overly confident .
    Alaiza is fine at Q and A and is the best in SS and EG. I will be happy to see her on MU stage .

  10. I have to concur with one of the commenters here in this blog. Had this been a Trump era MU, it is Sandra Lemonon’s crown to lose. Sandra has that coquettish beauty enough to give the Latinas a run for their money. However, with IMG’s branding and after seeing all three segments of the preliminary competition, I believe it’s still anybody’s game. What is so surprising is the fact there are lots of impressive ladies in this competition that were barely blogged about.

    • The impressive ladies were barely blogged about because most baklang kanals refused to give them a chance! Puro kuda mga bakla edi ayun nasupalpal when the prelim q&a was broadcast in public!

    • ang cute ng f***buddy ni Siera…hihihih i mean bf…. hihihih

      parang nagselos si madam sierra kay alaiza kasi g na g si bf sa kanya….

  11. Gazini is 5’8″
    Pauline is 5’6″
    Bella is 5’7″

    reference: wikipedia

  12. Bohol 5’7
    Iloilo 5’6
    Paranaque 5’4
    Mitch 5’9
    Cavite 5’8
    Alaiza 5’8
    May mga ladies na mataas pero malapad
    May payat na maliit kaya mahaba tingnan
    Ex jehza huelar

    • As per Wikipedia,
      Pauline 5’6″
      Bella 5’7″
      Rabiya 5’7″
      Alaiza 5’9″

      • Anyone can edit wiki. Check nyo na Lang po Yun nagtuturo si Ian sa mga aces girls. Pauline is taller than the other so called 5’6. Gazini handler told me magkasing height si Pauline at gazini. Both
        5’7- 5’7 1/2. Check Ms Bohol competition
        Hindi porket malusog at maskulada maliit may Tao pa nga na di mahaba biyas pero matangkad
        May petite na mahaba biyas kaya mukhang mataas
        5’4 po si bella confirmed by a pageant blogger
        Alex Gonzaga nga 5’9 sa wiki

    • Bonsai , I know For sure Shamcey is not any taller than 5’4” . I saw her with high heels on and I was still taller than her

      • @fabian yes height doesn’t matter w mu po. What I’m trying to say anyone can edit wiki. Pauline is gazini height but she is masculine that’s why mukhang maliit.
        Jehza huelar nga 5’5 1/2 mukhang 5’8
        Rachel is 5’8 mukhang 5’10
        It is Bec of the body built . just stating the factual height

      • So how tall do you think Bella looks?
        In reality , a 4-6 “ difference in Height between candidates does not matter anymore . When you are on stage getting scored , you are by yourself . So you are being judged for being you and what you bring on stage

      • @fabian Bella is 5’4 but looks 5’7 bec of the graceful stint and she is slim. She is one of my fave lagi ko din sinasabi.
        Bella is my sentimental ru

    • @BonsaiHater
      You’re right. If only people would check out the Miss Bohol 2017 features including the last two standing (Gazini n Pauline) they would realize that both girls actually have the same height

      • @coolbrew same height si gazini at Pauline. I’m more aware na kasi sa body type . Pauline is my mup since day 1.

      • @BonsaiHater, I can verify it myself for I was with those two ladies during the Miss Bohol 2017 edition. Both are malaman…

  13. Gumabao’s EG performance is commendable, but her dress is a total disaster. It made her look bigger. Her pasarela and facil expression might pull her score up. Hope she still makes it to the semis. Sobrang nakakahila pababa yung gown nya, parang maglalaba lang

    • I agree, it is the gown actually pulled her down. Tama ang laki nyang tingnan. But her presentation is not that bad at all. She will be in top 16 that’s for sure. Change na lang ng gown and I want to see her something like Ariadna Gutierrez style na gown and she’ll be in top 5!

    • Naalala ko ung EG ng Nepal last 2018. Ganung level. Parang gusto ko gupitan ng tela ung gown 🙂

    • Ms Universe Colombia 2008 had a similar gown and she pulled it off well. Si Michelle hinde talaga

  14. I prefer the taller candidates to win. The shortest candidates we have sent to MU since 2010 is in between 5’7″- 5’8″.

    Bohol – 5’6″
    Biliran – 5’6″
    Iloilo – 5’7″
    Paranaque – 5’7″
    Cavite – 5’8″
    Davao City – 5’9″
    Quezon City – 5’9″
    Pasay – 5’11”

  15. Apart from the front runners, I think Romblon did well in SS and EG segments too.

    For EG, theses ladies also did well:
    Cebu city
    Quezon province

    For me:
    Inday should have clinched the SS and EG.
    Ilo ilo and QC (Bawasan lng ng tela) are next
    Palawan was refreshing in EG.
    Bella’s gown was perfect on her.
    Pauline, bawas tela din.

  16. Pasig was a surprise for me!! She looks amazing in both SS and evening gown. Hope she makes it to the top 15!! Bella looks great and gown was designed by Furmes Amato!!

  17. Pasig was a surprise for me!! She looks amazing in both SS and evening gown. Hope she makes it to the top 15!! Bella looks great and gown was designed by Furmes Amato!!

  18. Bella
    Hair is everything . Sandra disappoints !

  19. MUP candidates are way better than the MUT candidates who all looked kontesera

  20. Total disappointment:
    Pasay … she’s too cliched. But she has improved a lot
    Rabiya …I find her too baduy . Raised through poverty ? I’m pretty sure she got financial support from her dad who is a doctor in Chicago . Give me a break , Rabiya !

    • Apriel and Rian are a disappointment too. Apriel is very ‘maton-ly ‘ and cliched
      Rina is very matrona
      Camarines Sur has lost weight … is looking great !

  21. Alaiza easily tops both SS and EG
    She has the best form and the best walk !!!

  22. Why Alvez
    I’m sorry but he looks like an asshole
    Can they not afford Marian’s husband or one of the Guifierrez twins????

    • @ Fabian Reyes I think it is because Benjamin is an EmpirePhl talent.

      But, he was only for the Prelims. Tonight at the Finales, KC Montero takes over. 🙂

      One of the Gutierrez twins?… Raymond? OK lang sa ‘yo? Kasi si ‘Chard, nag-host na sa BBP…

      • Either Raymond or Richard is fine
        KC is ok too . We need some masculine vibe tomorrow night

    • I agree, Alvez is so boring! Nasa abscbn kasi ang mga magagaling na hosts. Sana si Derek Ramsey na lang.

  23. Grabe si Albay at Bilran amazing in EG
    Alaiza is easily one of the top in EG

  24. Naisip ko pwde bang manghiram ng Q&A?
    Ate the end of the day, Alaiza pa din. Total package. She can communicate naman.

    Pwde din alternate si Iloilo City. Or pwde mo isugal si Pasay.

    Ok sana si Paranaque pero sana mas matangkad pa sya. Wala din naman remedyo ung height. The same with Bohol.

    I think, Angeles, Bulacan, Kalinga and La Union (dyan pa lang napanuod ko sa SS) have great body proportions too.

    Si Laguna at Mandaue, pwde sila manalo in other international pageants.

    • Pwde na din sii Quezon City, kaya pa nya mag bawas for sure. Pero parang wala naman efforts or hindi seryoso at all. Ilang buwan na din ang lumipas.

    • Andylirius08 “Mandaue City” is Lou Piczon… Or, were you referring to Tracy Mau Perez, “Cebu City”? Laguna is Jo-Ann Flores… don’t you find her forehead a tad too high, like Skelly?

      YA-AAA-ASSSSS!!! Cole Silvernale of Angeles City has a BANGING bod. And Noreen Victoria Mangawit of Kalinga can make a strong impact on global fashion runways as the next Asian face.

      Missosology has Rabiya as their Top Pick, as per Newsflash last night…. She’s OK,… but,.. I’m sorry to sound mean, her “rise-from-poverty-like-Venus-Raj” backstory is so “gasgas”… why does she need to keep mentioning it? I know it means much to many folks, but here’s the thing… if you invoke that over and over again, don’t you give the impression of not-having-gotten-over-it-yet?…

      • Hi Flor, was referring to Lou Piczon. While I think Laguna’s forehead is more acceptable compared to your later. 🙂

        So if you don’t like Rabiya, I guess si Alaiza na din ang bet mo? Hahah

        Nagexpect ako ng improvement kay MG, pero waley. Betchina ko pa naman din sya kaya lng looks like todo na nya un.

  25. Biliran and Albay , amazing in. EG
    Bohol is pretty too but her walk is super awkward . She needs a lot of training

  26. I’m disappointed in Apriel during SS
    Para syang maton
    And the Half-Japanese reminds me of Ganda Hari. And Spain 2014. She looks like a transgender in SS

  27. Pasay City is a lot prettier than earlier
    But I think she is way overrated
    She may sound good in English but I don’t think she’s better than Inday in terms of comm skills

  28. Ok. Cge na nga. Nakabawi Ang bet kong c Alaiza Malinao. Pero gusto ko cyang sigawan Ng shut up sa prelim interview nya☺️
    Anong milagro kaya Ang mangyari sa Finals😆
    Magtitinikling kaya sya sa QandA😱

    • Bong 700 , if u watch Alaiza at BP 2015 again , u will find that she’s not that bad . She can communicate well in n English . Idk why lost her confidence in speaking . I think she’ll do well if she ends up repping our country to MU

  29. Tito Norm may post si Veejay Floresca na may nanalo na daw? Can you confirm or this is fake news?

  30. Swimsuit was horrible! Made everyone looked shorter. Stage looked so cheap! Tough to pick a winner cause really NOONE shined!!! Pwede na si Rabiya or Aklan or Alaiza but they need so much polishing . Michele Gumabao face is much less pleasing with the lip injection , nose job , fillers… all out of proportion . Bella with that weird teeth has a cartoonish look …mukhang Manika but pang Halloween . Sige send to MU and with her middling height , palakol veneers and idiosyncratic face Miss Tucuyo !
    Haaay so disappointing

    • And we destroyed a 55-year old tradition all for that. Mga mahahangin at matataas ang tingin sa sarili. Shady deals. Shady money. Chwe!

    • Kahit papano maganda naman yung stage kumpara sa prelims stage ng MU2019. Good start narin though marami pang ii-improve. Sana may makinig sa suggestions g karamihan dhl nakakaantok tlga yung music lalo na yung host. Mas ok pa yung host ng Miss Earth Ph 2020.

    • That stage is definitely 1000000x better than your typical BBP pambaranggay stage! And the camera shots are 1000000000000000000x than the shaky BBP cameras tapos cut to shots of baklang kanals screaming in the audience! Yuck!

      • Hahahahaha. 100000x mo ulol. Dream on. Waste of time ang MUP na eto. Shady money from Chavit, Frontrow and Congressmen.

  31. MU Calibre beauty for me: Alaiza Apriel Michele Paula … and Aklan with the right make up

    Still Bella tops the list for me .. though she needs a better make up

    • She might need to fix her teeth too. It doesn’t feel and look right. Also, i noticed, her head looks big for her body if she wears it loose and wavy. It looks ok with the bun, though.

  32. Paranaque
    Davao City
    Quezon City
    Cebu City
    Cebu Province
    La Union

  33. After watching the 3 segments my top 5 in are :

    1. Paranaque – She’s my MUP
    2. Iloilo – My first runner up. I see bright future for her
    3. Davao
    4. Bohol – I see she’s more suited in Miss International or Miss World. I hope she try again in MWP. She should improve her pasarela. I find her very cute though.
    5. Cavity – I love the spunk and attitude.

    Anyare sa gown ni Michelle?

  34. Decided to pipe in and share my thoughts on the Top 5…

    Bella and Pauline are strong candidates but I don’t think either should win the crown. I try imagining them in the MU competition – they are going to get clobbered by the glamazons who can talk! Both have good presence but can be easily outshone. Beauty- and body-wise, they will easily get lost in that sea of gorgeous women.

    As far as presence, I am still very much drawn to Alaiza. That gown, that swimsuit presentation ooze with oooommmphh. Sad that she didn’t do too well during the interviews. And she now gives the impression the she is just coasting along, not giving the competition the extra drive, a wavering desire to win. That is probably why she is not getting the top scores.

    Michele is a sentimental favorite of mine but I am almost certain she is not going to win it. The designer of the gown is a friend of mine – but I have to tell him that gown was tragic. Made Michelle look even more rubinesque.

    Iloilo is stunning… but not yet ready for the big game. Confidence is not there yet. But with more training and continued support, she can be our next MU.

    But whoever the judges select, I will support… from Toronto!

  35. Anung swimsuit yun akala ko sa lola ko na galing sa lumang aparador. Walang taste ang
    Mga baklush na nasa organization.

  36. BELLA YSMAEL…!! Margie Moran vibes, and like Margie, a ballerina too.. she slayed, and is undeniably classy.. As for the host…… (?!)

  37. Mga veks, i heard that there were leaks on the top 5….. How trulala??? hihihihih i

    My deal Bella be in that magic circle….hihihihih I think she’s the most well rounded of them all. Pauline’s beauty isn’t my cup of tea but she can be Miss international.

  38. I was not impressed with Bohol’s walk, but Pasay is a different story. Quezon City is overhyped. There are so many women who stepped up their game. Let’s see what Sunday has in store for us.

  39. I have a feeling that Rabiya will win. She has the total package. She was the only one who excelled in all segments.

    • Malinaw na malinaw na si Ms Alaiza Malinao ay MU material based sa mga napanood ko mula ng na-hook sa panonood ng MU finals since 1994.

      Rabiya pwede sa MW.

      Pauline puwede sa MI material

      Zandra Nicole Sta.Maria puwede sa Supranational

      Nicole Silvernale – puwede sa Intercontinental

      Patricia Mae Santos – puwede sa The Miss Globe

      Trizha Ocampo – puwede sa Miss Grand

  40. The evening gown is a hands-down win for Bella Ysmael. Per my score sheet, she ranked highest and far from the second lead, Miss Bohol Pauline Amelinckx. Bella was well-polished, full of glam and class. She seemed walking on a Hollywood red-carpet. It was perfection. Pauline rocked the stage and gave an impeccable performance. She knew how to work her gown well.

    The other girls who made it in the roster of 15 are in this descending order:

    – Pasay City, Zandra Nicole Sta. Maria – what an atypical Kim Gan evening gown! I love how she carried the gown well. However, she got a slight reluctance on her poses, but I loved her total look and performance.
    – Davao City, Alaiza Malinao – so sexy vixen and fabulous!
    – Cebu City, Tracy Maureen Perez – so lovely and serene!
    – Biliran, Skelly Florida – the girl whose smize was exquisite. I find her elegance second to Bella Ysmael
    – Cebu Province, Apriel Smith – a performer on her own. Well done.
    – Cavite, Billie Hakenson – nice evening gown, so class and delicate. I loved it.
    – Laguna, Jo-An Flores – she gave a clean and classy performance. Worked it, girl, worked it.
    – La Union, Trizha Ocampo – she looked gorgeous.
    – Iloilo City, Rabiya Mateo – she looked so confident and lovely on stage.
    – Pampanga, Patricia Mae Ocampo – what a lovely lady in good pasarela!
    – Quezon City, Michelle Gumabao – honestly, I felt sad on her evening gown and she did not look confident on stage. Na-sad ako kase she did not take the pandemic a good opportunity to lose much weight. She used to be a frontrunner, but I am not sure if she can sustain, especially that she does not do good both in swimsuit and evening gown.
    – Mandaue, Lou Piczon – I found her cute in her Rian Fernandez gown. The gown is lovely.
    – Taguig City, Sandra Lemonon – She worked good on her gown.

    That’s all.

    • Correction: Mandaue was not wearing a Rian Fernandez gown. It was Pangasinan who wore it. But still, Mandaue was in my Top 15, and Miss Pangasinan looked dashing in Rian Fernandez gown.

  41. Alam natin kung gaano pinaghirapan ni Michelle magpapayat only to be ruined by her gown. Kung wala cguro ung solid blue, mas maayos tingnan.

  42. Para sa akin, si Miss Pasay ang pinakamagaling maglakad.

    Nel Claveria – Best Designer

  43. Best in swimsuit and long gown for me is Alaiza Malinao. She has the height and proportionate figure that the swimsuit and long gown really looks good on her. I think, her preliminary interview has something to do with this. Maybe, the judges minds were preconditioned with her not so good performance in preliminary interview. Michelle looks good in swimsuit but I wish she shed extra pounds. Bella looks good in both swimsuit and long gown but the problem is she is petite. The size of her head is a little bit disproportionately large relative to her body. Pauline looks good in long gown. I am generally ok with Bella and Rabiya being chosen as best in long gown and swimsuit respectively, but for me it would have been more ok if it’s Alaiza. Based on the 3 preliminaries, my top 3 are Pauline, Bella, and Michelle in descending order.

    • Correction: look good on her
      Her preliminary interview Has something to do with not being chosen as best in swim,suit and long gown

    • The judges actually watched the preliminary interview after the catwalk preliminaries. Based sa IG story ni MJ, kahapon lang nila napanood ang interviews and 2 days ago pa ang catwalk, which was taped na nandun yung judges.

      Alaiza might be a huge favorite, pero sobrang underrated niya by the judges (remember the Runway Challenge na wala man lang siya sa Top 3 and sa personal choices ng mga people na nandun sa event).

  44. Bella Yshmael- is nailing every aspect of the competition, she speaks well, She had the best styling… Her pasarela is one of the best…. And kudos to picking her designer… That gown is gorgeous… I wonder how she would top that on the coronation night?

    Pauline Amelinckx- No surprise that she’s the sponsor’s favorite cause they are targeting the Filipino market… But would she be our best bet? Maybe for Miss World or Miss International… but not for MU…
    I’m bothered by the way Benjamin pronounces her surname.

    Michelle Gumabao- What the hell is she wearing?! What an ugly gown!… If this is part of her strategy, Im not liking it… There are many designs that could hide her pasarela.. why pick this one?! I am too underwhelmed.

    Good job to Rabiya, Alaiza, and Tracy…

    Benjamin looks so tired.. his hosting was a snooze

  45. OMG! Miss Pasay is a revelation in swimsuit. Excellent pasarela, at gumanda sýa lalo. She is definitely a dark horse. Bella Ysmael definitely edge out Michelle Gumabao in swimsuit. Belle did a perfect twist (yes, it was a twist) in her strut in swimsuit.

    In fairness, almost 90% of the girls gave the best pasarela. Miss Oriental Mindoro and Muntinlupa gave a performance in opposite direction in swimsuit.

    Alaiza of Davao and Nicole Sta. Maria of Pasay, for me, tied in the swimsuit round.

    I am loving Pasay now.

    That’s all.

    • Miss Pasay’s pasarela is a perfect and classy revival of Shamcey Supsup’s. Wish ko lang long hair sýa para lalo sýang gumanda, mas bagay sa kanya ang long hair. Ang haba ng legs, at ang ganda ng body kase medyo nagkalaman sýa. Thank you, pandemic.

      Again, she is a dark horse, and I am all good if she runs away with the MUP crown!

      That’s all.

  46. Definitely not an outstanding batch.
    Nevertheless, my personal favorites are:
    Quezon City
    Cebu Province
    Cebu City
    Rabiya Mateo (pretty face)
    Sandra Lemonon
    I think Apriel Smith can do well at MU if given the proper training and coaching (not necessarily a fan take note)

  47. Hola, after the preliminaries here are the top 5 who will duke it out for the crown: Bohol, Paranaque, Quezon, Iloilo and Davao.

    The fact that Iloilo won best in swimsuit and not Davao moved Alaiza’s chances down.

    I think the top 3 could be Bohol-Paranaque and Ilo-ilo. with Bohol-Paranaque being the top 2. And who knows what happens next. Both candidates are classy, beautiful and well spoken. It will be a thrilling finish!!!

    Iloilo needs more polishing in terms of confidence building but boy does she have so much potential.

    • 4AM, you read my mind! Those were my exact thoughts when Davao City did not win the Best in Swimsuit Award.

      Your Top 5 is almost the same as mine – the only difference is the presence of Cavite in mine.

      • YAssss Madame X! I think as much as there are other spoilers that could 1000X step up their games come finals night, the organization and the judges probably have these ladies at the top of their list to watch out for.

        I don’t mind Cavite being in top 5, it just means someone will be sacrificed.

        I am not sure what the format of the final competition is. All we know is there is top 16. they will probably let them go through all the rounds – Speech, SS and EG then cut it to like top 10 then QA then top 5 with the final question.

  48. I am watching the National Costume competition now via empire.ph, and I like the “Mabuhay”song huh!

    Maya na ako mag-chika ng iba.

    That’s all.

  49. I am sad that they missed the traditional Santa Cruzan event due to the pandemic… I’m no fan of the catholic church but that particular foreign tradition was easily adopted and assimilated since pageantry was already well ingrained in our culture even before colonization… The Singkil performance of Maranao princesses is actually proof of that… I hope the national costume competition would be as grand and hopefully an improvised version of our traditions, complete with production numbers. 😊

  50. Subscribed.

    Am definitely supporting Mama J & MUP. They’re doing an incredible job of making sure the show does go on inspite of challenge after challenge after challenge. This is a phenomenal organization developing, supporting & showcasing phenomenal women.

  51. Dito talaga sa Pilipinas, people do not respect the intellectual property creations of their owners. Talagang they get the courage to share the copyrighted contents on Youtube despite the fact that warnings have already been posted. Kaya nga nag-subscribe ako sa empire.ph because I thought its IT and Legal teams would not let thieves hack their system and post the same on free streaming platforms. Tapos kamukat-mukat mo, makikita mo sa Youtube yung preliminary interviews ng mga candidates. Nakakaloka.

    I wish MUPO the best. Sana tumagal pa kayo. On your first year pa lang talagang napakarami ng sumusuporta sa inyo. The people, especially the pageant fanatics, have already embraced the fact that there is MUPO running a pageant that selects MUP who will represent the Philippines in MU. All the best to you.

    That’s all.

  52. Di man lang ba nila na-anticipate na pwedeng ma-hack ang website nila? Tsk tsk tsk.
    Baka di rin nila naisip na kapag marami ang nanood ng sabay-sabay ay posibleng mag-hang din ang website kung di na-set ng tama ang website para sa pang-maramihang tao.

  53. Guys, ‘yun’g isa’ng YouTube channel na nag-she-share ng episodes, makapal ang mukha. Sabi niya sa Comments, “hindi lang ‘to para panoorin niyo. Mag-subscribe din kayo sa ‘kin”. Ta’s, may nag-reply, “done na, po”.


    … or, du’n mismo sa EmpirePh canale niyo panoorin para at least ‘yung monetization sa kanila mapunta. JG mentions the word “future”. MUPO is in it for the long haul, daw!

    Not a bad start, isn’t it?

    Mr. Tinio, parang nawala sa eksena ang Aerian Essentials. Will it make a re-appearance, po? Ta’s, will MIG-Sorsogon be conferred the Downy Poll award, if virtual? Then, there’s Huawei and that Japan-made faux eyelash… Parang nakailan’g billing na ang Havaianas… Will the post-Finals cocktails socials serve Ginebra?… How to order in advance Telle’s calendar? Autographed. Will Morris Garages also produce a monthly calendar featuring the twelve candidates they chose?

      • @ Norman Bom dia, Sir Pageant! As you instructed us, pretentious ones, I slept last night away… Got enough pleasant beauty sleep, as a result.

        Breezed through the developments just now…

        1) Did host Ben Alvez REALLY have to thank his derma? So (three-letter word starting with “g”)??!
        2) The memory I will take with me of this inaugural MUP is the DEEP-SOOTHING voce of Elcano. THAT is the stuff the wild sea currents off the Northern Islands are made off! As Geraldine Chaplin said to Anna Mouglalis, “this room will go down in history because of your great beauty. Of course, your BEAUTIFUL VOICE. And the beautiful, beautiful costumes”.
        3) Go over and check out the running tabulation of ASEAN MU kweens crowned thus far, at that Indonesian pageant page you occasionally refer to… TELL MUPO TO CROWN SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT (!) LOOK ANYTHING LIKE THEM.

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