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  1. Oriental Mindoro exudes class and sweetness. Nasurprise ako duon. I know, it is kinda improper to mention another pageant but for me another Mikimoto crown fits her head more with a cape on her shoulders. When she said “maganda tulad ko at nating lahat…gumanda na din po ako dahil sa Miss Universe” shows humility. I also felt the sincerity of making that statement inclusive. It did not sound impressing the panel but sincerely recognizing what the word “maganda” trully means. Her “period” with a gesture is so regal.. not the usual which is done with too much head movement or hairflips. She made that pop statement so queenly. Natuwa ako for her. Win or lose. Great job, girl.

  2. Sino na nga ba yung 18 years old?
    Magaling din sa QnA ha.

    Mesmerizing ang ganda ni Romblon. Kagabi ko lang sya nakita. Parang international celebrity ang dating ng ganda nya para sa akin.

  3. Nakaka-L ang boses ni Miss Muntinlupa. Bagay sya magboses sa mga characters sa online games.

  4. Kung reality show ito katulad ng PBB, sa tingin ko si Miss Manila ay parang si Maymay (or Kakai) at naiisip ko pa na siya yung magti-trigger sa mga kasamahan na mailabas ang mga naitatagong negative characters tapos sidekick nya si Miss Batangas.

    Sa mga nagtagalog na sina Misses Manila, Batangas at Quezon, si Quezon province lang ang malaman magsalita.

  5. Sandra lemonon personality reminds me of Alicia Machado during mu 1996. Sandra will do well if it’s trump era. She improved a lot w her q and a kudos w that .
    Ganda nya talaga . In person goddess din sya
    My current ranking ( what will happen)
    in no particular order
    Pauline, rabiya, Mitch ,Bella and Billie
    What I want
    Pauline, Sigrid, cristelle ,Bella and Sandra. I also like inday alaiza authenticity

    I find rabiya mala Eva p sa q and a
    Im not solved w Mitch mid 40s type of built pumayat nga si Pauline if mapursige kaya
    Tagal na ng road fr the crown laki pa rin
    Bella is really classy at first runner up ko. My concern is popular pageant person told me she is 5’4. Kung 5’7 Lang Sana.
    Inday is authentic sya Yun at least di nag memorize

  6. I am so happy for my kababayan Oriental Mindoro.
    I never thought na ganun sya kagaling. At malaki ang picture nya dito ha. Haha.
    Sana kasama sya sa top 16

  7. Based on this interview, I believe it is between Bella and Michelle.
    Pauline comes closer… as well as Billie.
    Madaming magagaling sa interview, medyo halatang kinakabahan lang. More practice in public speaking para maging confident sa ganitong mga interview.
    Remember that MU is a confidently beautiful woman.

  8. Top of the line : Bella . No one else compares to her in terms of beauty and comm skills
    Romblon is very pretty .. but not very articulate

  9. I was rooting for Alaiza coz that type of Filipina beauty/look really needs to hit the MU stage, but omaygas, I didn’t even finish her whole interview haha, haha, what was she doing? Mukhang kabadong-kabado si inday.
    I’m betting on Pauline na. May mga anggulo lang talaga kasi sya na hindi maganda, pero may time naman na sobrang ganda like Ximena(?), and she’s very conversant and engaging, natural na natural parang hindi Q&A.
    Next in line is Michelle, she can talk pero bat ganun? Tanong stop, sagot stop, tanong stop, sagot stop. Robotic yung interview nya.

  10. So difficult to select who topped the preliminary interview. But for me. It is Pauline. Here are my reasons:
    1. very human, very real, by displaying all range of emotions depending on the thought she is telling, yet classy and queenly.
    2. Confidently beautiful.
    3. Very sweet and seems vulnerable yet has very good control of the situation.
    4. Voice is so modulated
    5. She talks not very fast nor very slow, in moderation.
    6. In short, if miss universe is looking for an excellent spokesperson, whom everybody can relate, from the poorest of the poor to the richest, Pauline is the one

    • Second to her is Michelle. She drew a lot of ideas and emotions from her being a volleyball player. Her thoughts and ideas are very good. Very intelligent. Why I chose Pauline over her is because she talks really fast. I agree from previous comments That Michelle is giving a cheerleader vibe rather than a queenly vibe.

    • One innstance that she draws the line above anybody else is By rubbing her hands and acknowledging it that it is too cold. So endearing

      • @ Serge . Mitch talks as if there is a debate while Pauline is calm . Pauline is my choice since day 1. I’m not solved w Pauline’sbuilt before but she became more fit. The voice is so calm na ang sarap pakingan

  11. Bella looks like tweety …. bird not Deleon . Lol another example of colonial mentality na Maputi = maganda . Michele just isn’t pretty enough facially for MU . There’s nothing marketable about her plain Jane asian looks . She’s not a stunner. Sure she is smart but no wow factor physically . If we send her El Tucuyo yan mga sis

  12. Michele blew the roof up for me and should be the MUP. She’s very engaging and her confidence is overflowing. The kind that is for MU.

    I expected more from Bella. I thought she can do better than that. Pauline and Billie for me score higher than her.

  13. I personally only watched about 10 of them, the ones being most talked about pretty much.

    My top one would be Bella followed by Billie. Pauline did okay just some answers did not quite hit the mark. Not a fan of Michelle’s too constructed answers that I can’t even feel her true personality in her answers. It was like she merely said what she was thought she was supposed to say.

    I do agree that Alaiza could have toned down her nerves a bit, low-dose Propanolol would have helped. I myself live with a mixture of excitement and anxiety in high pressure situations. Her warmth and answers with toned-down nuances and nerves would have been perfect.

    Not getting the hype with Iloilo and Batanes, answers-wise.

  14. Tito Norms, ang epal naman po ni Dyan Castillejo. She robbed us of the excitement na makita ang stage and gowns ng candidates sa prelims. Can you maybe tell Jonas/Shamcey to ban this woman in the pageant activities?

  15. Shut up Alaiza 😳
    Yung lang masasabi ko hihihi.
    Very disappointing c inday.
    Divahhh mga becks.
    Di man lang ginalang Ang MUP.
    MUP is not a playground inday.
    NaHB ako sa interview nya.
    Excited p nman Sana ako.
    Mas gugustuhin ko na lang na Manalo c Gumabao kahit pang Top 10 lang Ang puede nyang maabot sa ngayon kesa nman sa Luz Valdez na Malinao hihihi.
    Daming dark horse na diko iniexpect na lumaban talaga.
    Congrats shamcey and mamu j.

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