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  1. ‘Yung pinaglakad muna ang mga shondidates ng malayu-layo, kaya pagdating nila sa harap ng panel, they are gasping, as in running after their breath. Hihi! Gayunpaman, you would notice kung sino sa kanila ang kinakabahan dahil madidinig mo sa hininga nila, like Paula Ortega, na talagang nagha-hyperventilate sila while talking.

    Well, before I say who stood out in this batch, I’d like to commend the girls’ stylists. Ang gaganda ng mga make-up nila, they were all radiating at ang gaganda ng mga damit nila. At, of course, gusto ko rin silang i-congratulate kase nga lahat sila were able to answer the questions well. It’s a matter na lang who the judges thought delivered confidently. Yes, confidence talaga ang labanan kase nga madali lang naman ang mga tanong. The judges would determine who could speak with grace under pressure and who could quickly think on their feet.

    In fairness, I found four girls who successfully made the round in this batch. In order, they are:

    1. Miss Bohol, Pauline Amelinckx – so composed, witty, and she knew what she was talking. There was one question lang that she failed to answer responsively, and that is “her experience when she was a child that impacted her life growing up.” But, you would hardly notice it because Pauline make you stunned all throughout. Above all, I admire her voice. It is well modulated and sexy. She can be a TV newscaster.

    2. Miss Cagayan, Danica Reynes – her energy could hardly not be missed. This is the type of demeanor that I’d like to see in the candidates in delivering their answer. There is wit, fun, but at the same time you’d feel the sincerity. Plus, her Filipina beauty is stunning. I love this girl.

    3. Miss Biliran, Skelly Ivy Florida – the whole ensemble is perfect. She looks like a doll and that svelte physique makes her tall. And the skin is sooo exotically radiating! I look at her the whole time at hindi ko na iniintindi ang sinasabi n’ya kase ramdam ko namang tama lahat ‘yun and she delivered them with so much ease and joy.

    4. Miss Batanes, Jan Alexis Elcano – the girl’s determination is outstanding. She did not stand in front of the panel for nothing. She gave excellent answer, but too much seriousness made her a little boring.

    Though her answers were not that impactful, I’d like to give a round of applause to Miss Bulacan, Dianella Louise Loya. Her beauty is striking and captivating. I hope she can redeem herself in swimsuit and evening gown. I’d like her to be in the Top 16.

    That’s all.

  2. I’m surprised that Bella is not scoring high on the Lazada voting… Meanwhile I feel bad that Cagayan de Oro is the lowest in the votes…. which I’m not surprised because I said it again and again why is she always caught on camera wearing clothes from some random casual corner.. She’s way behind when it comes to glam pics which is sad since she has a lot of potential..

  3. Biliraaaan. Number 1 na sa voting. Nakakahanga. Nung nakita kong nag #3 sya, sya na rin binoto ko. Di ko inasahan na magiging #1 sya.

  4. Billie is amazing !!!
    Confident but not haughty .
    She will be another potential winner .
    Sorry Paul, Michele has to fight really hard to get it !

  5. Curious lang ako sa screening process. May interview isa-isa ang candidates? Bat parang unusual yung dami ng magagaling sumagot? I’m very happy about it, though. Hindi naman sa pagyayabang, pero talagang nagli-lead pa rin ang Pinas sa mga kapitbahay pagdating sa pageants. Nung MUT 2020 nga, parang nawalan na ako ng excitement sa MUP given the quality of the girls ng MUT. Pero after watching the interview vids, kakaiba ang inihain ng MUP. Diverse beauties na matatalino. So nag-set na naman ng trend kung kelan nakakahabol na ang mga kapitbahay sa beauty/body/projection department. I’m so proud of these girls, daming nanggugulat.

    • The Accredited Partners were the ones who selected their own endorsed the candidates, while the ladies who walked-in here in Manila were interviewed initially. Those who passed were recommended to partners who still don’t have entries. The connection to the particular City or Province should be established, though.

      • Thanks, Tito. Mas nagiging exciting ito. Hindi ko na alam sino ang mananalo.

    • To think andaming keyboard analysts na bekbeks dito nagrereklamo sa quality ng MUP candidates dati! Mga ipokrita!

    • Chartreuse! Green na lang! laugh trip si Billie! galing! 😂😂😂…i went to google to check it out! hahaha

  6. May nagsasabi pang mw daw si Bohol . Si Bella pang mi naku ha yang 2 magaganda na makuda maganda send sa mu .Hindi porket kulang sa ganda si zanzobini na makuda magpapadala Tayo Ng kulang sa ganda na hulmang bakulaw na makuda
    Dapat send the best

  7. Cagayan was also a revelation. I think she endearing and well composed. She should score high.

    Overall, the quality of answers definitely outweighs the weak ones.

  8. I have already subscribed to the empire.ph website, thus I am excited to watch the preliminary interviews, swimsuit and evening gown competitions. I will jot down my scores in each category and will form my own Top 15. I cannot do that early though, as I have work and appointment to a hair dresser.

    That’s all.

  9. Agree with Batangas. She needs lots of work in composing her thoughts and stopping her being too courteous.

  10. The cold outside made some of them look nervous. i get that they want to show the outside view pero meron naman siguro room don na may glass na kita ang outside view right?

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