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  1. Im kinda torn between Bohol and Cavite, with Cavite emerging as a personal favorite. I love how she surprised me with her beyond the box responses. There’s a namnam factor, her answers stay. Both Bohol and Cavite sound endearing, with depth and heart. I like “Puhon.. hope/hopefully”.. connecting “with the locals through dance in the river cruise”..”patience and the experience with the internet.” but I love the “Kamusta”, the “safe awareness” the “warmth transcending beyond screens”. There is something with Cavite. I would say I am drawn, and I want to see and hear more of her. I will agree with most of the comments too that almost all the girls are on fire making this edition more exciting. I dont know what will I feel if I am in the panel. So good luck girls, and good luck to MUP team. 🙂

  2. Honestly, I was annoyed with the Alaiza girl and was sad for Batangas. I was AWEstruck with Paranaque, Bohol, Batanes, and maybe Quezon City. But I’m smitten and in love with Iloilo.

  3. No need to wait for Michelle Gumabao’s video of preliminary interview, because it’s already on Youtube. And I would say, tinapos n’ya na ang laban sa Q&A. For me she got a perfect score. Tapos she was warm, bubbly yet composed, and she was able to build rapport with the judging panel. She was not cut while she was speaking as she looked time conscious, and that could give her a big point because that means she could collect and organize her thoughts under pressure.

    That’s all.

  4. In this bevy of ladies, these three are ranked in descending order: Billie Hakenson, Rabiya Mateo, and Tracy Maureen Perez.

    I am facially awed by Rabiya. She is indeed the face of MUP. I could forgive her lack of sincerity when she said she is the product of a broken home and yet she was smiling, that is because she looked amiable all throughout. I honestly could not take my eyes off of her. If she cannot win this time around, I hope she would come back. Her face is a force to reckon.

    That’s all.

  5. Sobrang nag-enjoy ako sa interview kay General Santos. Pagpasok pa lang, paramg Grace Poe na ang aura nya. Mahahawa ka rin sa pagtawa nya pagnagsabi na yung director na time’s up.

  6. So today pala yung taping ng finale. I think Dyan just spoiled the actual Top 5. Emphasis on “I think”. Just check her IG if you’re okay with the possibility of spoiling yourself.

  7. It is innovative and commendable for MUP to finally lift the veil of secrecy involving preliminary interviews, which is quite revealing. With all judging cards on deck, it is now understandable why heavily-hyped 2019 MU candidates failed to advance beyond Top-20. Judging from snippets of 2019-MU BTS littering the cyberspace, without a doubt it is by sheer enviable beauty and voluptuous figure that Gazini made it to Top-20.

  8. I thought Tracy did a good job. Was really impressed with the way she answered the questions and she was very composed. She would be part of the Top 16. Not really impressed with Alaiza. This should a test on who can deliver and she did not. Rabiya was stunning and she did well too!!

  9. Davao City did quite good but was late for the interview. Not a good sign. And it can be taken against her.

    • She was interviewed after GenSan right? Kasi tinanong si GenSan kung nasaan si Alaiza.

  10. Bohol and Cavite are my top two at the moment. Although majority did good, only those ladies sounded natural and sincere. I’m excited to know what MG and Bella have to say.

  11. Amelinckx’ strategy is working. She is peaking at the right time. Right niw, I’m putting her as my MUP and Perlyn Cayona af first runner up

  12. Bakit kailangan pang ipangalandakan na she is bisexual? Ano kaya ang pakiramdam ng ibang kandidata pag kasama sya sa room or sa rest room?

    • im a flamingo. i will not use the ladys room because it does not conform with my genitalia. i will use a separate third room kung meron but it is not common here in the philippines o wala. at hindi mo ako mapapa ihi sa kalye. im too civilized to do that.

      i use the mens room but go straight to the stall. i dont stand with the other guys using the urinal. i sometimes hear side comments and accusation from men when im in the restroom with them. i just dont mind them pero pag sobra na i answer back in a subtle way like wala akong makita dahil sobrang liit. that usually shut them down.

      with ms basken, so what if she is bisexual. this world is too big to box people sexual orientation and preference. it doesnt matter whether you are straight lesbian gay bisexual transexual queer asexual pansexual. basta youre doing good at wala kang tinatapakan, ok yon.

      21st century na. now kung makitid ang pag iisip mo (this is 4 everyone not specific to u miss tissa), gumawa ka ng time machine. balik kana during the time of inquisition. kuda lang, i thank you.

    • @miss Tissa, exactly my point! I love Billie from the start of the competition and have mentioned her a few times as a serious contender.
      I thought she has what it takes to win. She doesn’t need any distraction(I think), by coming out
      just to be different from the rest. I thought her beauty, poise, eloquence were more than enough for her to win. Believe me, there will be feelings of indifference with her relationship with other candidates. Baloney! When they says “ I’m okay sharing showers with her. It doesn’t bother me…” Most professional athletes in the USA will only come out once their careers are almost/or over. Talk about sharing showers after games. Straights won’t share showers with gays! That’s just an analogy. Life doesn’t always have be about showers…although I wish it was😄
      The Philippines in general, is NOT ready for this kind of sexual orientation. As someone commented below, Homosexuality is something we want to keep behind ‘Close Door.’
      Fact is there’s a huge uproar right now within the Catholic Church here in the USA regarding yesterday announcement of Pope Francis about tolerance of Civil union among homosexuals. I’m a closeted queen and probably will remain one until I die…and I would never change anything/re-do my life over again with the family I have now…peace!✌️

  13. Aklan’s answers are too pageant patty! Does she need to repeat the question when she answers?? *roll eyes*

  14. napakagaling nilang lahat! ang sakit sa ulo. i fell in love kay Cavite….chill na chill lang sya. pero sobrang galing. medyo na turn off ako kay Davao City kasi laging sinasabi na ninenerbyos siya. dapat tuluy tuloy lang. pero ang galing din magsalita. sana manalo silang lahat sa sabado. 🙂

  15. After viewing Parts 1 and 2 of the Preliminary Interview round, my ranking of the candidates is as follows:

    1. Bohol
    2. Cavite
    3. Batanes
    4. Ilo-Ilo
    5. Aklan

    Among the hyped candidates who did not meet expectations are Cebu Province and Davao City. Things are looking particularly worrisome for the latter and her fans because in a competition when many spoilers are becoming dark horses, and dark horses becoming front-runners; any misstep could prove costly. Even the popular Instagram account @Titasofpageantry, which favoured Davao City since the beginning of the competition, now seems to be pivoting towards either Ilo-Ilo City and Aklan as the possible winner.

  16. Bago sila magsama-sama, sigurado na ako sa sarili ko na si Michelle Gumabao ang mananalo then last week yata, nakita ko si Rabiya Mateo. Nakaka-in love ang ganda.
    Tapos dito sa mga napanood kong interviews lately, mas lalong nakakalito na kasi ang gagagaling nila. Sa votes, naunahan na rin si Michelle.
    Kaya hindi na malinaw kung sino ang.pwedeng manalo. Alam mo kasing lahat sila ay deserving, may kwento sa buhay at pinaghihirapang abutin ang pangarap na manalo dito.
    Kung sino man ang mapili, napakaswerte nya.
    Sa walang korona, lahat sila ay magiging inspirations lalo na ng mga kababayan nila.

  17. I understand that Alaiza was nervous because Q&A is not her best suit… but I thought she did very well.. minus the fidgeting… She just needs to lay-off the cofee, tea and softdrinks.. An anti-anxiety diet would be ideal for her…. I hope her coaches prepare her for the next rounds holisticaly.

  18. As I keep watching each candidates’ quick-witted answers to the questions asked of them, my initial shortlist keeps on growing. It is now a long list! To think this is yet Batch 2. They are all beautiful inside and out. While it is sad that only one will be selected, the rest of this bevy of exceptional beauties should be mighty proud that the entire nation appreciates and draws inspiration from them. Thanks to the APs for sending outstanding candidates from their respective communities. Now the universe can affirm that “beyond the coastlines” of this archipelago teems with multi-dimensional beauties “walking the talk” in the backdrop of breathtaking sceneries.

  19. MUP is getting exciting…No Clear Winner yet! Michelle G must work very hard in her parasela!!! The Iloilo girl is peaking at the right time, and I was surprised she can talk!!! It ‘s all about luck na talaga…I hope the stars would align to the most PHENOMENAL WOMAN!

    Whoever wins, we will support you! Because you are carrying the PHILIPPINES sash

  20. Oh wow. The Cavite girl has taken her own “space” quite distinctly. She may appear nonchalant in declaring her sexual orientation here but I bet it took so much courage to say it loud and proud. This is an unchartered risk that I hope will pay off nicely in the home stretch.

    In this particular interview, I can see that so much weight has been lifted off her shoulders, metaphorically speaking. She’s smiling more and her thoughts are very collected that’s why she sounds authentic, relaxed and engaging. With that said, her physical beauty is magnified and she’s growing on me. I always thought she’s just one of those typical pretty and fierce model types with a banging body and not so much “up there” that’s why she had never been on top of the competition in my books before. Oh boy, I’m so mistaken and I’m recalculating my top favorites with her included.

    I realized this is what they’re talking about in Miss Universe, that is, that certain so-called frontrunners never make the cut after the closed-door interviews. We are privileged that the MUPO made these interviews public so we fans will not second guess. If she wins MUP (well, that would be dependent on her overall performance in the preliminaries and finals relative to her competitors), I will embrace that. I can definitely foresee the media mileage she’ll generate.

    The MUO has been mouthing its support to the LGBTQ+ community through the years yet has never really crowned a queen who openly profess to belong to that community before and during her reign (where it matters most). It’s about time the organization walks the talk to gain moral ascendancy. How lovely would that be if a Miss Philippines becomes the trailblazer in that regard. Cheers to an exciting finale.

    • I agree with your observations! Cavite was really the most authentic, relaxed and engaging…her answers were unforgettable and substantial…i’m watching her interview over and over again and she’s really the best along with Bohol….i like that part when she said that Chartreuse was the color of the phenomenal woman…forgiving as the greatest lesson she learned and self-awareness as what this generation needs to learn…wow, this girl! hope she wins the 👑 and raise our 🏳️‍🌈!

      • Hi @Kim Jae-kyu. I have watched several early interviews with her by various vloggers and I was always on a fence with her because I thought she sounded “guarded” and “distant” even as she is obviously articulate. Now I understand why after her revelation. This “unfurling” of Billie’s true self made a major difference on how she interacted with her interviewers here, with a sense of humor to boot (and her face lights up when she smiles). We already know that she can walk with her signature snappy turns and that she projects well on camera. If she chooses the right ensemble (especially in swimsuit and evening wear) that fits her “real” personality during the actual competition and keeps this manner of communicating to her public plus all those factors mentioned, she has a good chance of either placing highly or even winning it all in the finals. At this point onwards, she is definitely on people’s radar.

  21. The only secret to speaking with conviction is knowing– and accepting– oneself fully well. Being at peace with oneself enables one to give outstanding candid answers to any question. This is also the attribute that gives one the confidently beautiful aura. From the Q&A video clips, we know who are at peace with themselves!

  22. This is a trigger warning comment!

    Yung mga kilos talaga ni Alaiza medio nakakairita sa totoo lang! Even in that picture above, its like she’s a lighter version slash educated version of a palenquera! Carefree na walang finesse at kinulang sa class! Tipong kung ka-oficina ko’to, nasigawan ko na ‘to ng “Hey you! Tigilan mo pagiging galawgaw mo saken ha! Ayoko ng mga hindi prim and proper! And Yes masungit ako sa trabajo at hindi ako friendly at mag-isa ko kumakain ng lunch kaya hindi ako na-o-overbreak sa chismisan! But accelerated a career growth ko!

    Yung last five winners ng Miss Universe, very lady like, finesse, angelic, poised! Parang hindi mo makita sa kanya yung ganong qualities!

    Even before na-feature siya dito ni Norman, bitbit niya yung buong botella ng alcohol sa bag niya! One might say, “Eh ano naman ngayon pakialam mo, hindi naman ikaw ang me dala! but it is on those small little action where you can magnify the true personality of the person!

    May snippet video before si Gazini na tinutulungan siya ni Emma Tiglao on packing her things then they hug after, right there and then, sabi ko na talaga sa sarili ko, hindi prepared ‘to! Kung saan na lang hipan ng hangin, dun to pupunta instead of setting her own direction!

    • Hi Claire I’m not an alaiza fan . Alam ko na di sya malakas sa q and a and may pagka dahon Ng saging ang personality Yung Kung saan maihip but what I’m seeing in a positive note yan talaga sya . What disturb me is one candidate in batch 2 who seems not authentic Alam mo Yun gut feel na. She is pulling practiced answers on what you want to hear. It’s not spontaneous . I’m sure ma Emmy award that lady


      The personality does NOT FIT for a MU titleholder. JUST VERY GOOD with BAKLAAN ACTS & TALK. Madame X also shared here a story of a friend who had a not so good experience with Alaiza. Davonna of The Sovereign does NOT like as well her facial expressions because she somewhat evokes that “Bruha Image.”

      • How many times she mentioned “I’m nervous and kinakabahan ako”. She should avoid that mannerism, she is being interviewed, she will not get additional points by saying that as an excuse. But actually she can communicate well.

  23. WOOOOW CAVITE 👑!!! For this interview round, Cavite kicked in high gear and went ahead the rest of the pack! i think she’s very much in touch with her core that’s why she was full of conviction and confidence in answering the questions with substance ….hope you win the 👑 and raise our 🏳️‍🌈!

    • sorry if my comments were posted twice…thought the first didnt get through. ✌️

    • I understand that Alaiza was nervous because Q&A is not her best suit… but I thought she did very well.. minus the fidgeting… She just needs to lay-off the cofee, tea and softdrinks.. An anti-anxiety diet would be ideal for her…. I hope her coaches prepare her for the next rounds holisticaly.

      • Alaiza really has to step up and overcome her nerves…the questions in the preliminary round aimed only at getting to know them and entailed them to get into their core…their take on certain topics and yet she struggled how much more if the questions are already socio-political in nature and current events come finals night….laban Alaiza!

  24. WOOOW CAVITE!!! For this interview round, Cavite kicked in high gear and went ahead of the pack….so amazing, how she can deliver substantial answers in just a short amount of time….really nailed her answer about self-awareness….I think she is very much in touch with her core that’s why she’s oozing with conviction and confidence. go Cavite! hope you win the 👑 and raise our 🏳️‍🌈!

  25. Rabiya for MUP ! Send someone youthful and modern looking. Michele G is too plain and pageant patty . Sorry but facially she is not MU caliber . Pauline and the girl from Alkan are good too. Alaiza has substance but not eloquent enough .

  26. Only Cavite performed well. Davao was okay, endearing at times. Cebu Province and Iloilo were a disappointment for me.

    • i totally agree! Cavite nailed it…hope the others will do better in the finals.

  27. What is it about Kimberley that she gives a self-awareness that might be (typically) lacking in your run-of-the-mill FA beaucon candidate?

    We also saw some semblance of it in that former MPE candidate whom Mr. Blogger dedicated a post to… the lesbian FA, who is also a vlogger. 🙂

    I do know this. Cavite successfully detached herself from all the BIG rhetoric MUPO was forcing down everybody’s throats. As a result, she literally and figuratively did not choke.

  28. Who wins depends on who looks and sounds the best that night
    I believe the judges will be fair
    And Rabiya , based on her look above , can win this
    Sorry to Michele’s fans . She doesn’t have it In The bag yet

  29. Did Billie come out too?
    I thought that’s what I heard from Billie in one of her interviews …. but I wasn’t sure
    Tito Norman seemed to have confirmed it somewhere . There’s so many videos abt MUP so Idk where I see what anymore

      • Ok thanks Tito Norman
        Idk why she felt the need to do that . I Don’t Think it will work in her favor . Not that I am against any sexual orientation . Pinoys simply prefer to leave that part behind closed doorS. We still adore the virginal Venus Shamcey Janine and Ara.

  30. Rabiya is another one with great future in pageantry
    She can win Grand and do well at MW or MU

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