13 comments on “Christelle Abello of Aklan chosen as Ginebra San Miguel Calendar Girl 2021

  1. This Boracay beauty is a perfect calendar girl for the “One Ginebra Nation” campaign of the country’s leading beverage brand. Her unmistakable island girl allure, beautiful without make-up on, easily lends imagery of class to the local gin brand.

    It is pathetic that when it is a local alcoholic beverage brand, we Filipinos tend to associate it with some low-brow imagery like “tagayan” and “lasingan”, which will not be ascribed to if the brand is Beefeater London or Plymouth Gin. We seem to have forgotten the indispensable role of alcoholic beverages in the universal ritual of raising a toast as expression of honor or goodwill, whether the ocassion is a cocktail party, business dealing, weddings, etcetera. It is not surprising that the brand’s advertising is directed towards te perceptual association with concepts of oneness, inner strength and sense of community, triggering emotions of unanimity, attachment, endearment and warmth.

    • Lest we forget, gin, like any other alcoholic products, started in the 16th century as a medicinal product for circulatory health and other common ailments. Finally, while the British are thought to be the most gin loving people, the Philippines actually buys the most gin, as over 43 percent of the world’s gin lands in our shores!

      • @ scorg … And that’s why we have Diageo Philippines, Inc. at the Laguna Technopark. 🙂

    • The formidable foreign competition for our very own brand right in our own land needs no less than a Phenomenal Woman like Cristelle to lead the charge for “One Ginebra Nation”. I’m not a gin drinker, not even a beer drinker, but I would proudly raise a toast for you Cristelle: Mabuhay!

  2. Share ko lang, may bumulong sa akin na apparently the choices for this are Christelle and Sandra. But Sandra’s natural sex appeal is so overpowering, so Ginebra chose Christelle because Ginebra is rebranding itself to be more “familiy-oriented” ish and less men’s mag appeal

  3. This award is so cheap. Its my first time to see this kind of award in pageantry local or international, But Nevertheless, Christelle Abello is so stunning here ! Better than to those overly hyped fromt runner girl !

    • @ PAQUITA X This is NOT an “award” in the sense of it being a judging criterion, not a “Most Jowable”…. Wala po’ng bugawan, wala’ng mga DOM unlike du’n sa isa’ng alleged… 🙂

      It’s ENTIRELY sponsors’ prerogative. They put money into the pageant, after all.

      Cheap, because it brings us back to that earlier post on “Ginebra Nation”?

      Where do we draw the line?

      Besides, not a few pageant titlists went on to “such matters”. Agnieszcka Kotlarska of Poland was the subject of a past post in Mr. Tinio’s “Throwback” series at the height of ECQ.

  4. ‘Ay naku, Mr. Tito. May kilala ako’ng (not personally, just on-line) nangongolekta ng kalendaryo ng beauty queens na FB fren niyo rin…May extra Pia units pa daw siya…Maybe he will give you? 🙂

  5. She is the prettiest candidate without make up on
    So I’m not surprised she won this

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