11 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines Ring Light Series: Episode 6

  1. so brave, this billie hakenson.. “… so proud to be here” she said.. well, we’re proud you’re there!! hindi k man manalo, with that disclosure, panalo ka na.. GO girl..!!!

  2. Tsk,tsk,tsk! Wrong move Billie….smh
    You’re not going to be another Angela Ponce,
    or Patricia Rodriguez…..
    The Philippines is not ready for your coming-out party…yet!
    But, good luck to you.

    • ang masasabi ko lang judges should judge on what they see and hear from the pageant stage not from the candidate bedroom. if the judges will include sexual preference as a criteria sana stipulated na yon ng MUP at the start. But it is and was not. Just hoping Ms. Supsup did not not invite homophobic and anti LGBTQ judges. kuda lang. i, thank you.

    • It’s not only about winning dear. Billie’s coming out is her decision for her to freely move in the competition without any hindrance. If the judges or people within the organization, take it against her despite her excellent performance then its their problem. For Billie, it’s a good move no matter what other people think or says. Its your life, its your journey. Just do your best gurl. Not only a #billiever but a strong #billiever. #sHAKENthelist

    • Hello G, Billie do not need to be any of the 2. Because everyone has a different destiny and journey. Billie will create her own story. Also, there is what we call FIRST TIME and it could be BILLIE. #billievers

  3. sir norman anong stage po gagamitin nila for natcos? stage fod coronation po ba or may iba silang set up for natcos?

  4. this girl just grew on me since day 1…felt how authentic and proud bisexual she is with that intro…now that’s a game changer! rooting for Billie Hakenson, Cavite…for the win!

  5. ‘Ala! ‘Yan ba dahilan at nag-incognito? May personal pasavogue pala. 🙂

    I will assume, THEREFORE, may GF siya atm. Cool. We need more people in love. Never mind how. THIS is what I mean by full disclosure – UNAHAN MO NA, OTHERWISE OTHERS WILL.

    Kimberley Hakenson has claimed her space! Impinge upon her at your peril.

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