4 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines and the Ring Light Conversation with Miss Universe 2019 Zozibini Tunzi

  1. Misamis Oriental had the most sensible question. She speaks with so much eloquence and there was profundity which is a rarity nowadays. Others are just pabebe and pacute. Michelle is still my MUP but the question that she asked was already expected. I hope she will really deliver in the final night. Bella is just stunningly gorgeous. Iloilo? I don’t know what to say. Maybe I was expecting for too much alluding to the fact that she is one of the contenders.

  2. Hang ganda Naman talaga ni mademoiselle Bella at slim Hindi mukhang bakulaw. Kung totoo nabasa ko mas pipiliin kona si Bella kaysa sa bakulaw

  3. Blogger Dude, will you provide here a link for the MSA 2020 stream? We have a 6-hour lead on the Dark Continent. So, I’m looking at the 0200H – 0500H time frame of 25 October. We will comment while watching. Ok lang po sa inyo?

    Final predictions have begun on YouTube. Consistent are Melissa Nayimuli, Aphelele Mbiyo, Jordan Van der Vyver, and Karisma Ramdev (for MW). Chantelle Pretorius and Natasha Joubert are spoilers. Siera Berchell let Leighton pick his favorite!

    Guys, Natasha Joubert and Caroline Veronilla can be sisters. Parehas tabas ng mukha. 🙂

    I had a FB fren from Zambia. Yes, Filipinos are well-regarded there. Maricres Castro, you go, ghorl!

    From this, we learn that ZT is an introvert, a defensive-driver-type, someone who can block out all distraction and focus on the prize. TANDAAN – STAY ON YOUR LANE. Take responsibility only for things you can control.

  4. Casual yet highly insightful conversation of the Phenomenal Women of the Universe! Zozi’s quick candid answers answers reflect depth, sincerity and human compassion. From the intelligent questions of the MUP aspirants, anyone of them can definitely follow her footsteps and win the crown. The encounter is like a gathering of great ideas one can only expect from confidently beautiful and beautifully invincible women.

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