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  1. The night before her departure for MU , a fan asked if he could help carry her luggage down to the parking lot . Instead of acknowledging the fan, she just slammed her luggage against the escalator and walked away .
    It was like saying ‘ Just leave me alone !’
    Is that too much to smile and say thank you to your fans ??? If you do that and then smile at everyone in the completion , you will appear disingenious . And this was probably what the judges saw in Gazini … the Lack of sincerity
    She was a lot prettier than many in The top 10 .. but she was pushed aside in part due to this .

    • Ganun pala yun. Ibig sabihin, malapit ka ang narinig mo ang conversation nila?

      • It was caught on video
        Gazini did not respond verbally .. it’s the gestures and the unspoken words . The guy was watching from a distance so he was not even invading her space . She was completely rude . I know she must be tired but there was no reason for her to behave that way.

  2. NORMAN I WARN YOU. MAY GUMAGAMIT NA NAMAN NG PANGALAN KO – Paul at number 1 ni Ganados. Isang araw pag hindi pa ninyo naayos ang cybersecurity features ng blog site na ito magsusumbong na ako sa concerned government agencies.

  3. Bbp ang pageant na walang luto. They picked the top 8 contender then assign the appropriate crown for them. Based sa age at hinahanap Ng org Nung international pageant Now since 4 ang crown so 6 na top contender then assign the crown

  4. Three words come to my mind after reading this: Giving, Love, and Respect.

    I think, in Madame Stella Marquez’s judgment, it is about time for her to fully give in to the new MU franchise holder in our country considering the years she had successfully kept the franchise by producing four Misses Universe for our country. I adore Madame Stella’s selflessness on this.

    It is boundless to spread love and positivity and a person who is into pageantry should know that. A beauty pageant industry is one full circle which mantra is the timeless catch “world peace”, a thing which can hardly be achieved without spreading love. And Madame Stella undoubtedly spread love and, reciprocally, we should love Madame Stella on that.

    I respect Madame Stella a lot because of the contributions she has given to the beauty pageant industry. Long before I got my memory, there was already Madame Stella who did an annual search for a deserving lady who would represent our country in Miss Universe. While it is her business to decide whether to lend Gazini to crown the next MUP or not, I think she arrived at her best sound judgment when she finally decided to give a go signal to Gazini. And we should give her another bunch of respect for doing so.

    That’s all.

    • My wish is that Gazini will wear a violet gown on her farewell walk, sobrang bagay sa kanya ang color gaya ng Sherri Hill gown na isinuot n’ya ng opening ng MU. She looks standout and expensive on that color.

      For her speech, I wish she’d emphasize on the power of inclusivity no matter which organizations or institutions we belong, so long as we have a unified vision and common goal, then we can live in a wonderful world where negativity could not grow and foster and the girls would have a smile on their faces. Hihi!

      That’s all.

  5. If my landlord’s reaction to seeing the MUP 2020 advertisement on 7 is any indication, MG is apparently not yet too keen on making it crystal-clear that MUP is NO LONGER with BBP.

    Mario Dumaual’s article says so. “… now under the franchise of… Shamcey… and her team”.

    I predict that after 25 October, all this polite rhetoric will be quickly discarded and the hostile “brand wars” will commence. Bear in mind that BPCI has its own battery of corporate sponsors. I also predict that of the current MUP team, at least one will express intent to leave, precisely to no longer get involved in the drama.

    ABS-CBN was quick to use the article to hopefully make some business. Guys, sa KTX, daw. 🙂

    To Gazini, enjoy your time there. At sali ka sa AsNTM, OK? @ paul looks forward to it, I’m certain.

      • Unlike MUP, MWP did not show any intent of inviting Resham. Para wala lang naman kasi. Kumbaga, di naman big star si Resham, so keri lang kahit wala sya.

      • @ serge Did you see Noreen Mangawit’s photo in trousers? Tres chic! Resham Saeed x Anna Bayle vibe. Her puckered lips are so alta moda. 🙂

        Why won’t Resham Saeed join either MUP? That same question has been asked for Emma Tiglao. The answer is simple.

        KF. And E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G that connotes.

      • I hope they would bring back Resham so that the world would see the huge improvement if ever resham crowns Alaiza Malinao or Rabiya Matteo or Pauline Amelinckx as her successsor…

  6. I liked Gazini until I saw her show attitude to a fan who was offering her help. I hope she is given a full farewell moment by the MUPO .
    But if were Gazini, I would just forget about pageantry and move on with my life – be it in showbiz modeling or another profession.

    • Sister Stella M is really the timeless beauty with a big heart. Hindi siya sakim. Tularan sana ng iba. Tandaan ang golden rule: Do unto other what you want other do unto you. Karma chameleon is a bitch. Kaya pag kinuha na sya ni Lord petition natin sa Rome na i venerate, beatified and canonized at the same time si Sister Stella M. Wala nang miracles na kailangan. Nang pinadala nya si Violeta Naluz, Perfida Limpin at Jewel Lobaton sa Ms U, milagro yon! Gawin na yang patron saint ng beauty pageants, Kesa naman si Osmel o Nawat.

  7. Very classy talaga ang mga taga Cubao, sana maging magandang example yan sa MUP

  8. Since wala na rin namang kokoronahan si Gazini sa BBP, might as well parampahin sya for the last time. Sobrang professional itong gesture ng BBP, yun bang inagawan ka na ng jowa, pero willing ka pa din tumulong sa ipinalit sayo.

    Sana eh magparamdam naman ang BBP kung ano na ang balak nila sa buhay. Wala na balita sa kanila. Ano na teh???

    • Priority ni BBP ay health and safety at hindi RECOVERY of investment. Note too that their franchises have postponed their pageants. Palibhasa kasi MUP at MUO need money kaya kalerky.

  9. Good for SMA and BBP to let her do the honors of doing that. I think it signifies that SMA is starting to move on from this break up and hopefully both organizations can collaborate and learn from each other in the future. #TeamFilipinas

  10. ibon din ang gown na susuot nyan
    kesehodang new gown
    gagawin lang bronze this time

  11. Regardless of the change of ownership of a franchise, the business model has to be sustained. MU’s business model, that has also defined its brand, provides the continung emotional link of the pageant organization to its millions of followers The enduring images of crowning moments and farewell walks by the outgoing queen, have have become the brand elements that the pageant fans know and love.

    That Gazini will be crowning the new MUP queen also speaks volumes about BPCI’s “Together We Heal” slogan during this trying moments in pageantry.

  12. Indeed, this is BPCI’s gesture of goodwill. Admirable. This is unprecedented in the history of Philippine pageantry. Deep respect for BPCI for cascading this wonderful tradition it has nurtured through the years.

  13. It is indeed BPCI’s gesture of goodwill. This is unprecedented in the history of Philippine pageantry. High respect for BPCI for cascading the tradition it once started and has nurtured through the years.

    • based on the ABSCBN article Cary Santiago will make an entirely new gown for Gazini for this crowning, so malabo na she’ll wear her red MU gown

      • Pwede rin po sana isuot niya yung red gown nya sa umpisa (diba sa Miss U may konting chickahan muna sa simula between Steve Harvey and the reigning queen), tapos yung bagong gown po sa farewell walk/crowning. SANA… 🙂

      • Alex, I doubt MUP will give her so much exposure. We are not even sure if there will be a farewell walk given she came from previous franchise owner. Though we hope she will have her moment as well. But the fact that she was invited and allowed to crown the new winner is good enough.

  14. Sana same tradition pa rin… yung may final walk and speech.
    How I wish they will also invite mga previous MUPs.

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