7 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 2 Episode 6

  1. No dull moments Talking to these girls. I Go for Phils and India for Intelligence and Beauty of Face. Netherlands for Beauty of figure. Australia is my sentimental favorite being a brain cancer Survivor. Aming these 4, Phils, India, and Netherlands have strong chance to advance to semifinals.

    • I like Miss India. She’s too young though. You can sense on her response that she likes to do a lot of things. Kalat pa ang ambition ni Nene. That’s OK, just choose which ever makes you the happiest because it will make you the best.

  2. MIndiaE runs her own pageant camp, Tito Earth? Interesting.

    Sir, ano na nangyari kay Chaiyenne Huisman, MAPI 2019 from Spain. Doesn’t Bosing Fred Yuson have any plans of putting her online, if only to sustain interest in the Mutya brand? 😦

    I took the liberty of doing some Google work for Britt, po. The flag of Australia is RICH in symbolism. But for me, what struck were the five (5) stars comprising the “Southern Cross”, one of the notable constellations in the Southern Hemisphere. They are of sequential brightness.

    LEVEL UP na talaga! May mic na, may ring light pa… 🙂

    Your background of glass latticework (patio door?) reminds me of the mirrors Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel had installed around the (spiral) stair well at her 31 Rue Cambon apartment. These were meant “to reflect and multiply her designs infinitely,.. her legend to last for all time”. Same for you?

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