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  1. Bakit kaya ganon? Sine-celebrate natin ang existence ng “Chinatown” which is also present elsewehere in the world and proud tayo for having “Chinoy” and yet pag pumunta ka sa mga comment box on news item on anything about “China” be it about West Philippine Sea or Coronavirus or POGO, kung isumpa ng mga Pinoy ang mga Chekwa is down to their bones!

    In the first place, just like any other foreigners who would like to establish business in the Philippines, hindi sila makakapag-establish ng business dito unless they are married to a Filipina or there is a business partner who would own 60% of the company! As a result of the marriage, yan may mga “Chinoy” and mas affiliated pa sila sa mga Chinese tradition even if they are rasised and born in the Philippines!

    • @ ClaiRe IbbeTson I just found out Steven Silva is only 1/4 Pinoy. Half-Portuguese, 1/4 Chine.

      I was vacillating on whether or not to discuss this with you. Inevitable, the politics and semi-racism. And I did promise I would not mention (beep!). But I simply could not resist.

      Understandable that the Chinoy business community recommends discretion and pragmatism in dealing with the CCP (China Communist Party) considering their commercial and personal roots in the Mainland. BUT, they also do not want to antagonize “indios”, who are their customers. So, play safe by exercising civility and cordiality. Put together a pageant like this. Make the winners “artista’s”, like David Licauco.

      There now also seems to be this “global citizen” phenomenon/mindset. Made even more sharp by Internet, it is the mentality that we are all one species in the same planet anyway, we should not impose barriers based on such now-arcane concepts as “country/nation”, “religion”, or “color”. This is more often than not a younger generation (below 45), tech-savvy to the point of becoming dysfunctional without a smartphone, urban (meaning, born and grew up in a Western-style “concrete jungle”), possessing a fair grasp of English, and well-travelled. The “nouveau Chine” count themselves as part of this “social movement”, a fluid Chinatown if you will…

      MrCPhl 2019 (initials, JC) is a good example. In a group interview at SF, he expressed preference for Pinay beauty, bemoaning the “Great Wall” credo of keeping the gene pool clean by shunning “those who are different”. Ba’t ka naman hindi ma-i-in-love, ‘di ba? 🙂

  2. Justin didn’t even answer the question??? Mr. and Ms. Chinatown tends to crown winners with meh answers.

  3. i like Justin Yap’s voice….Camille is soo pretty…she can join other pageants.

  4. The only substantial difference between the winners and the Runners-up is that the former will get show business representation deals/contracts – “Artist Center”.

    Emperor Tinio, Justin reminds me of that Davao guy who won Starstruck opposite Sarah Lahbati. Forgot the name. Good Q&A! Concise.

    Cassie Chan, I can see in a TV commercial. Not-so-good Q&A. She let her nerves get the better of her. Nonetheless, CONGRATS to the pageant media, too, which selected the Press Darlings. And they happen to be these two right here. 🙂

    • @Flor, Steven Silva. Justin looks like Steven Silva. Whatever happened to him. I like him.

    • The response children are our future is so cliche. Gus Abelgas nayan.

      • @ serge Nag-asawa ‘na yata. May family business naman ‘ata sila sa Davao, so OK lang siya…

        @ Miss India Garafata Singh-ot Yeah. But I liked that “game changer” twist he added. We have, as adults, been so one way or another. But what we are, from the core and fundamentally, is our persona as toddlers. Naka-set na daw ‘yun forever, said an article I read… Steven wants children to be made aware early on that they need to CLAIM THEIR SPACE by beginning now the definition of their destiny. I agree. Many successful folks knew as youngsters want they wanted, and set forth laying the foundations for that passion ever so gradually… They study and practice diligently, making necessary little sacrifices by choice. Once they get a taste of even moderate reward, they’re hooked! 🙂

        You guys recall when Philippines hosted a volleyball world championship long ago? Filipinos went ape for Leila Barros, the pretty-petite of the Brazil team. In an interview, she said she discovered the game at a young age. And from that first moment, it became clear to her volleyball would be both her vocation and advocacy… I do know she, too, has already married.

    • @Flor, speaking of Sarah Lahbati, How I really wished she joined beauty pageant together with Janine Guetierrez. Of course, they will get crowns, but who do you think will get the top crown between these 2.

    • @ serge He brings with him the pride of Tacloban, Leyte. And Nick Guarino made his AMAZING Phoenix NatCos headpiece!

      He is a polyglot, speaking Waray, English, Hookien, presumably some Tagalog, and used his internship (?) at a Shanghai restaurant to brush up his Mandarin.

      He sells pastries online. His “empanada” looks yummy. 🙂

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