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  1. @flor I watched robato noman’s last 2 standing is Bella vs Mitch
    Yung sponsor na kakilala ko yun din sinabi sa akin nun mayo pa wag na daw ako umasa Kay Pauline,Sigrid etc at luhaan ako
    Mitch vs Bella daw tapos mr Norman Yan din Prediction

    • @ bonsaihater People’s choice (Mitch) vs. critics’ choice (Bella).

      Or, to borrow analogy from orchid shows (because the crown will feature the “waling-waling”), awards judging (wherein standards are upheld) versus show judging (essentially a popularity poll).

      On very rare occasions, the same plant wins both. In the case of MUPO 2020, mukha’ng hindi…

      I will suggest also Grammatophylumn martae, a relatively recently-described (1984) Philippine species that won 1st Prize at the 2018 Japan Grand Prix International Orchid Festival. PLENTY of images online!

      Second place went to another Philippine species – Dendrobium papilio. This one is fragrant! 🙂

      • @flor even nung mayo pa my sponsor friend already knew so it’s not people choice not critique choice
        Bella is my first second ru but Its bit disturbing that the result can be made since may. Some may call it nepotism , favoritism . Though Bella is deserving .may Pa Lang alam na is chef cooking at its finest

  2. Ngayon ko lang napansin ung Iloilo. Nakaka-inlove ang ganda nya. Para sa akin, siya ang pinakamaganda. Next for me ay Davao Del Norte. Attracted ako sa ganda nila.

    • @ kevinkevins Kim Crizaldo of Iloilo… Province. ASEAN beauty, no? Tipo’ng pang-MI. 🙂

      • I was talking about Rabiya Mateo. I checked Kim Crizaldo, pretty nga rin. Ang gaganda nila. Isama ko na rin si Vicky Rushton (for BBP) na Ilongga din.
        Sayang konti lang ang exposures ng mga Miss U Ph sa pero marami pala sa kanila ang magagaling at pretty.
        May interview pala si tita lavinia kay Rabiya na posted few hours ago. Pinanood ko. Now, I am craving for more.
        Now, assignment ko naman si Kim

    • Me too, I love Iloilo. Facially she’s my favorite of this batch. I think she just needs 2 or so more years to develop & then she can be at her most competitive for the country in Universe or World.

      • Pwede nga siya sumali ulit. Magaling naman sya magsalita plus maganda ang stories nya. Pwede rin sya sa Miss World. May style sya na kamukha si megan.

    • Madami maganda like rabiya ngunit nakalungkot na pag tumama ang aking sponsor friend na may nanalo na. Sana Mali

  3. Bella Michele Alaiza Pauline or Sandra can be a great representative to the MU pageant
    What about Ivanna Billie Apriel Paula Tracy and the Indian girl ?
    I’m afraid someone not so popular will clinch the crown . There are so many articulate girls in the batch

  4. I like it .
    It is simple and cute
    Idk why people make a big deal out of it .
    What’s the point of having an Uber gorgeous crown if the lady wearing it is not competitive enough ??
    Pia cat Janine among others are remembered for their great performances internationally ,.. not the crown they wore upon winning the local pageant

  5. Ok.. checked it.. It is indeed the Tiara of the Duchess of Bedford… Whoever thought that is a sampaguita or waling-waling is completely mistaken… So I guess this is one of those red herrings to create publicity for the sponsor & the real actual crown that would probably be revealed on the corronation night… It better not be disapointing! If that crown is still on the works… I hope its a symetrical gold crown inspired by the waling-waling orchid and the traditional ornate carvings of our country.

  6. Oh gosh sorry but that crown looks amateurish and cheap! Reminds me of girl’s crown on her 1st birthday. They can do better I believe so. If that’s really the crown then better change it asap!

    • mukhang nangaasar lng po sila. That is the floral crown of the duchess of bedford daw po.

      Or bka yan nga, sinangla sa Villarica, hahahaha

  7. I love it. I find it elegant & refined & expensive-looking.

    Of course, the bashers are here again to nit-pick at every perceived stumble Jonas & his team might make.

    I guess they really miss the drought years. The years of the Cumbia wardrobes & the Barazza outfits (because MJ Lastimosa’s national costume & gown was JUST THE BEST EVER!!!!) & the ugly ass BPCI crowns of the aughts (google BPCI winners of 2003).

    Jonas doesn’t need to prove himself to any of you. Jonas even has one crown Bb Pilipinas doesn’t–Miss World (I point that out with all due respect to BPCI & their essential role in the history of pageantry in our country).

    Mama Jonas can go on living his best life, focused on developing the queens that bring honor to the country while you online warriors can pound on your keyboards with your crab-like claws & choke on your bile of envy & hate.

    • Copying unorthodox’s response below

      it’s not the official MUP Crown. That is the Floral Tiara of the Duchess of Bedford

    • I agree with you SQ. It is better na maging grateful na lang na meron nagsponsor. Pero what do you expect from our kababayans. Best in bashing talaga ang eksena ng iba at patalinuhan na sa sobrang tatalino nawawala na ang pakiramdam at puso. Yung iba jan kung mangbash akala mo may naiambag financially sa MUPhO. Akala mo pa mga credible critics pero ang totoo mga sipsip at nagpapataasan.

  8. My take on this hullabaloo about the crown? Grateful that MUPO found a sponsor for the crown. If you’re still averse to the crown, then submit a proposed crown design or better yet, sponsor a better crown? If not, then let’s just be grateful. Pauline my kababayan for the win

  9. Wag kayong ganyan. May journey din ang crown a yan. Pinagsamsama dyan ang istorya ng mga kababayan natin na nagsangla dahil sa kahirapan. At dahil hindi nila natubos, pinagsama-sama at ginawa g korona na sisimbolo sa muling pagbangon, katatagan at pag-asa. #tipikalpinoy #buhayteleserye #kinainngsistema

    • wala akong paki kung ano pang korona yan. wag lang korona ng patay.

      • @ Miss India Garafata Singh-ot Naalala ko tuloy ‘yun’g nanligaw…

        Nagpadala ng “flower arrangement” du’n sa kursunada niya. Kaya lang, sa Araneta Avenue niya pinagawa…

        Needless to say, merlie was the laughingstock of her office. Peaceful Monday to all, guys! 🙂

  10. Kaloka ang villarica nakikiride na din sa pag leak ng mga ganito para mapagusapan o ma bash ang mup which is they succeed dahil nakarating na sa kapitbahay yan haha. ako honestly whe i first saw this sa ig ni sir norman. d ako believed na yan ang mup crown. ist ibang iba sa leak crown na posted sa IG ni sir norman. 2nd maganda sya pero hinde pang pageant ang taste nya and shamcey will not even consider this design which is very common for pageant purpose lalo nat ibang panahon na ngayon. 3rd I saw in comment section the name of that crown which is 1800’s pa. Basta hinde pa na post sa MUP page that crown was just used for Villarica poster on promoting MUP. kahit noon pa man may crown na din na nakalagay sa posted ng mup before. so any of the two is not the official crown for MUP.


    • Hi po. You have to remember that though Shamcey is the “ND”, we al know who runs the show. So of course sya rin may final say sa crown. JAG jeans is the name

  12. Mukha’ng lata’t alambre. I’m sorry.

    Like I said before, had this been at least gold-plated, it would have gotten more positive feedback.

    But one thing is clear. The feel is very Asian! Indian jasmine (sampaguita), pearls, & Euanthe sanderiana… If @ lonewulf is on to something, then it may be that MUP should be someone cosmopolitan, sophisticated, and travel-nimble at least within the ASEAN region. 🙂

    • @Flor It’s a fake one. Hindi yan ang official MUP crown. That crown is the Floral Tiara of the Duchess of Bedford. Ive posted a comment here along with the links from Goggle Images but it seems that they werent posted. Anyway just google that name and the exact vector image used in this pubmat is among the first ones to appear on the search. Di man lang nag effort ang Villarica maghanap ng medyo tagong picture para di halatang kinuha lang nila sa Google

  13. I just love that waling-waling is included in the design but my first impression is it seems not fit for a beauty pageant. Looking at the crowns for MU title of other countries, majority of them are crafted for beauty pageants.

    • it’s not the official MUP Crown. That is the Floral Tiara of the Duchess of Bedford

      • Kailangan talaga sosyal ang mananalo
        This points against Rabiya who looks a little ‘ too Bakya ‘ to me . Maybe in due time , she’ll mature to become classy and sophisticated
        Right now ,too ‘provincial ‘ ang peg nya
        . But I like her drive so I think she can do well ( not win) at MU if chosen this yr.

        Still Bella Michelle Sandra Pauline for MUP … in that order
        Then Billie Apriel Tracy Ivana Rabiya Paula

  14. I like that it’s not big, yet it looks expensive. Subtle, classy, and almost boho-hippie but still royal.

    Probably leading some clues about the characteristics of the type of queen MUP is looking for.

  15. Not a fan… I’ve seen way better crown/tiaras….
    The traditional Filipino carvings on my toilet lid looks far more beautiful and ornate than this uninspired design…They should have researched more .. If you remove the jewels, my niece could draw better figures than that. EW!!!🙄

  16. maganda yung crown pero parang hinde pang beauty queen, more on parang pang fanstasy, parang crown ng mga engkantada or diwata.

    mejo hinde pang beauty queen ang dating. Lets see kung ano hitsura pag nakalagay na sa ulo ng winner which is most likely si Ms Cayona.

  17. I checked the official website of MUP, there wasn’t a page featuring each candidate’s bio, educational background, stats, etc.
    Even MUP’s wikipedia page is missing info on the ladies’ age, height.
    Very substandard and lazy effort on the part of MUP’s social media team 👎

    • Profit-driven ata kasi. Hahahaha. Ang tatapang pa mang-alaska ng pageant bloggers. Kaya ayan. Kinakarma.

    • Or maybe they don’t want to pull too much focus on things like age & height which are traditionally used in pageantry to exclude. But rather, in the updated pageants of these “woke” times, we ought to focus on the phenomenal minds, personalities, & causes of the women instead.

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