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    • @ Question Lang Billie was with the first batch, that went to Strawberry Fields, together with Paula, Pauline, Apriel, Christelle, and Sigrid, among others… 🙂

      Pero ‘yun nga, haven’t yet seen photos of her at BCC…. Baka nag-CR lang. Nag-touch-up.

      • I understand na hindi sya pala post. Pero parang after the strawberry farm, wala na. Unless nalibang sya sa pag harvest. Baka nga nag retouch ng muk-up. Impossible naman ng buhok. Charot.

  1. I am saddened by the withdrawal of some candidates. I hope that their ages will be still below the age limit that will be set by national pageants next year. They should try again next year. They should keep chasing their dreams as long as the circumstances allow them to.

  2. Off topic, but I thought I’d ask: what happened to Kuya Caloy? Mid-2019 he was training Alaiza (this is confirmed) and I think Sandra… what led to him quitting becoming a pasarela trainer? Was it because some people in A&Q were accusing him of making “sulot” girls?

    • What do you expect from A and Q? Feeling high and mighty. Haha. Nilampaso lang sila ni Cat. Hahahahaha. Ngayon, nanulot ng franchise using shady means. Kalooooooka!

  3. Bakit hindi pangalanan yung nag positive, para tuloy pa din ang supporters nila sa pagboto sa Lazada dahil income generating yun? Duh!

    • @ Bonbon … Indeed. But, I think this statement is meant specifically to address concerns that the candidates now in Baguio City could catch the disease while sight-seeing tours and doing courtesy visits.

      But I agree. MUPO needs to make a statement, too, on the cause of absence of those absent, KASI HINDI NAMAN NECESSARILY Covid-19 ANG LAGI’NG DAHILAN… 😦

      … UNLESS, again, may gag order at those involved just want to avoid any more trouble/drama. Which could indicate factors other than the virus were in effect… Lack of transparency?

  4. Kung may nag positive kahit 1 sa kanila. Hindi ba yung contact person nila dapat din ilagay din sa isolation kasi for observation din dapat. So magkakasma na sila ngayon, dapat lahat sila isolated na. Paano pa matutuloy ang finals in less than a week na lang?

    • the ones who tested positive had their swab test results back when they were still at Holiday Inn. Lahat ng pinatuloy sa Baguio tested negative sa Holiday Inn

      • Pero wala bang nag interact between the positive girls and other. Paano yung front desk, usher, MUP officials na nag welcome sa kanila even the press people. 1:1 ba ang ratio ng assignment for candidates versus staff and personnel? Pwede pa rin magkapasahan along the way and between 2 days from 14-16 before they move to Baguio.

    • @ kevinkevins It’s courtesy to the host. Bastos to decline. Considering the host is going out of its way to accommodate them. Kung ano’ng inilatag ng host, you give your full trust & gratitude. 🙂

    • @Kevin as far as I know, the Baguio Country Club is a huge complex of establishments. So lahat ng recent outdoor pics nila are still within the BCC complex. Hindi sila lumalabas. The only days na nasa labas talaga sila are during the visit to the strawberry farm and the alphaland(???) visit upon their arrival in Baguio

  5. health and safety nyo ang inuuna nyo
    mga vhaklang ito. pera pera lang.
    syempre alangan magkalat sila ng virus
    dapat kasi virtual na lang parang ME

    dami dami kandidata
    isa lang naman mananalo na little chance sa MU kung mayron mang pageant na magaganap.

    stay safe ladies

    • Sinabi mo pa. If that was the top priority, do it virtually. Kahit COVID positive pwede pa rin mag-join. Yuck talaga. Laki kasi ng pinambayad masulot ka lamang MU franchise.

  6. Well, I’ll go ahead since dito ko rin lang sa blog nalaman…

    Aside from Maria Isabela Galeria and Vincy Vacalares, because of SARS-Cov2,…

    Princess Laureano withdrew, and Chiara Lyn Markwalder and Mariam El-Hamid disappeared. Why, Mr. Norman?

    Original fifty-one (51) less five (5) equals forty-six (46).

    Do these candidates get some refund (kahit partial) of their alleged joining fee? What of their AP’s who shelled out even more money for the franchise? And for that matter, were there any AP’s with grievances? Now might be a good time to assess if this scheme was a good idea. One week to go… (Kasi over at MUT, dalawa lang ang casualty – ‘yun’g napilay at si Cher-aim na nag-withdraw).

    • (cont.)

      Guys, ang TANGKAD-NIPIS-SEXY pala ni Noreen Mangawit of Kalinga. Go watch the Runway Challenge at BGC last February again. 🙂

      I remember now. One of us said she is like a stretch limousine version of Maria Isabela Galeria. Mr. Tinio, baka po puwede siya’ng mag-Mutya next year. World Top Model-bound, like April Short?

      • @Flor, on Noreen Mangawit, she is an authentic mountain maiden representing her ethnic minority community. A certified Iskolar ng Bayan, she could pull up a H’Hen vibe, Vietnam’s other ethnic minority queen who made waves in the recent MU edition and placed 5th.

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