11 comments on “Paula Ortega: The Filipina Señorita from Albay

  1. Paula is my sentimental favorite ever since the Red Carpet Press Presentation in Manila Hotel last Feb. I am confident that she’ll penetrate at least the Top 10 in MUP and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if she wins

    • She needs to showcase herself as a spokesperson using all the languages she can speak fluently… She may not win MUP but she indeed needs to penetrate the TOP 10 or maybe even the TOP 5….She needs to establish that she could be our best representative at Reina Hispano America which is a title tailor-made for her.

  2. She’s on fuego!!!! hihihih Hola Senorita Ortega.

    I can actually see her doing well at MGI too in the future.

  3. Hola! The BEST SUITED GIRL for Reina Hispanoamericana. Ans she is already embracing that image for the aforesaid pageant. Paula Ortega, the next Reina Hispano Filipinas!

      • I hope there would be a top 10 for the Q&A at MUP… I am sure Paula would perform very well! I hope she takles the initial interview as an opportunity to showcase herself being one of the polyglots in the competition… Awesome!

      • @ Closer2Fame You’re right. Paula MUST penetrate the Top 10 at the very least to make a good impression… in the event of a cross-over to either MWP or BBP, it will be strong credential.

        I am imagining a Q&A scramble between Paula, Ivanna, Billie, Sigrid, & Sandra for that lone Finals slot allotment for a underdog-dark horse-slow-burner. 🙂

        Now, I think Paula is the exact opposite of the seemingly-smug Wanvisa. Humility will SLAY!

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