8 comments on “normannorman.com on Robatology

  1. My current Top 15

    Michelle Gumabao
    Pauline Amelinckx
    Bella Yshmael
    Alaiza Malinao
    Rabiya Mateo

    Apriel Smith
    Paula Ortega
    Sandra Lemonon
    Billie Hakenson
    Sigrid Flores
    Tracy Perez
    Zandra Santa Maria
    Skelly Florida
    Christelle Abella
    Kia Moreno

    • I might switch Kia Moreno with Adee Akiyama…
      I was originaly saving the last Spot for Vincy Vacalares.. Too bad she’s diagnosed as Covid19 positive. Another alternative would be Jo-Ann Flores….

  2. Guys, mamaya’ng 0600H sa Robato Views channel ‘yun’g reveal ng running Top 3/5 ni Mr. Tinio!

  3. Candidly speaking ampapangit ng mga candidates. Imbis na mag flatten yung curve ng winning stakes ng Philippines wala downfall ang graph 🤪

  4. Hello tito norman! Nag post sa IG yung sister in law ni Pia… Totoo ba ung mga sinabi nya about Pia and Kit Thompson? Dun sa post nung @flomserro and @charliemanze?

  5. Last 2 standing: Ms. Quezon City and Ms. Bohol. Magpapaputol ako ng daliri kapag hindi ito ang resulta:)

    • @ Vaklang Tohh I rated you up, ha. Not because I want you to make good on your self-threat.

      Quite the contrary! I am rating you up dahil parehas tayo ng Last Two Standing. 🙂

      Ikaw ba ‘yun’g dati’ng nag-co-comment dito na “Baklah”? Kumusta na, po….

  6. Kaloka! Naiinis ako sa sarili ko… 😦

    I caught this interview in real-time. I should not have logged off… (Huhuhuhh…). Now, it’s edited and we have to wait for Robato to upload Part 2 on his end.

    Ba’t naman “kumadre”, though?

    Great job. Blogger Man! You held your own against the rambunctious “mother hen” of an alliance of pageant vloggers which includes that other one you did not upload here but which @ Fabian Reyes mentioned…

    First time ko kayo makita’ng naka-cap. 🙂

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