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    • @ Baby Nica Oh, my…. 🙂

      Pag nagkatotoo ‘yan, sigurado mabu-ang sa TUWA ang town mates niya in ZamSur. There was even a tarp in her honor.

      Aubrey Miles 2.0.

      • It’s quite exhilarating when a small-town farm girl with simple dreams get to represent her province in the nationals of a prestigious beauty pageant. The huge tarp banner put up by her townmates in her hometown says it all!

      • scorg, this is one of the reasons why I feel happy and emotional when posting about the candidates from far provinces taking a crack at a national pageant and experiencing the thrill of being treated like a Queen.

      • Sir Norman, that’s why I appreciate the efforts of bloggers and vloggers like you who feature the less-hyped candidates from far-flung communities. This inaugural edition of MUP, with the pioneering initiative at encouraging grassroots participation via the APs, also drew out candidates from unexpected places, careers and affinity groups— teachers, NGO workers, health workers (doctors, dentists, nurses), athletes, entrepreneurs, and students. Who would have thought that from out of remote Biliran Island a dusky stunner would emerge? And a Bible teacher-cum-athlete from Pangasinan would try to give pageantry a fresh new biblical dimension? And a UP-educated authentic mountain maiden from an ethnic minority community would come forward to promote her cultural relativism advocacy? This rich and diverse harvest of beauty-brains-values contenders alone would enough reason to push for the development of the pageantry industry.

  1. Sandra Lemonon for Fourth Runner Up!

    Then she can focus on hee modelling career after

  2. It is in time of crisis that we bring the best in us.
    When there us fear all around us, we bring hope to those in need.
    When there is unvertainty, we keep moving forward.
    We can overcome any obstacle because this is how we are conditioned.
    We are greater than any challenge, greater than any crisis.
    We are Filipinas. We are conditioned for greater.

    EXCELLENT AND VERY RELEVANT ADVERTISING MESSAGE! This is what congruence of brand messaging is all about. Creamsilk brand connects to its consumers’ emotion of compassion, empathy and social responsibility, especially in this time of crisis. This is basically the same message of MUP. And who can best bring out that message than those whose individual personal brands are Phenomenal Woman. This is one concrete illustration of corporate sponsors associating their brands with another brand whose values, spirit and essence are congruent with theirs. That is why advocacy is important for pageantry to survive in today’s economic environment!

    • I use another conditioner brand. But Cream Silk’m message was a powerful trigger to the very same emotions deep in me, and issues I care about. Now I switch to this brand who shares with me the same passion for greater things, which reinforces my self concept.

      • * ERRATA: “there is fear”, not “there us fear”; “uncertainty”, not “uncertainty”; “Cream Sikl’s”, not “Cream’m”

  3. Alaiza Flor Malinao for Third Runner Up.

    The join again BBP next year and get the Bb Pilipas Globe Title

    • I personally have not taken a liking to Alaiza but, objectively, I can assess that she can do well in Miss Supranational. If her age still permits, post-MUP, she should sit one year out, be chummy with ALV and company, then join Miss World Philippines (for the Supra title).

  4. Pauline voice for this commercial . Sya na ang Ms creamsilk and my mup
    First ru Bella my ballerina
    Second ru rabiya
    3rd ru sigrid
    4th ru Billie

  5. Pauline Amelinckx for First Runner Up!

    Then join BBP next year and grab that Grand International title

    • @ Baby Nica That made me think… Bear in mind Pauline is with A&Q now.

      Whether or not the camp would field their vets at BBP in 2021-22 could depend on what happens to their noobs there now – Shaira, Carina, Hannah, Karen Laurrie, Cinderella, & Pat.

      As it is, Angkol prefers 2M… Also, his Thai & Indonesian followers are not so easy to win over. Heck! MIG-Sorsogon was one of their favorites from Day 1; her withdrawal sent shock waves to distant shores… WHAT SHOULD AMELINCKX DO TO WIN FOREIGN FOLLOWERS?

      • @ Flor amelincx is my mup as we all know .pwede pa sya sa mi pH 2022 but not angkol . Ito Lang ang nakuha kong scoop bbp 2020 will be held 2021 so bbp 2020-2021 yan. Some ladies backed out so there are a few slots for replacement

      • And lam mo Naman tard ako ni Pauline . Boses nya Yun NASA creamsilk commercial

      • Flor, Angkol will like Amelinckx. Need lang i expose at mawala ang matapobre image.
        Di rin aatras sa kudaan. Malamya pa ng konti ang pasarela pero mahahasa din before she competes for MGI

  6. I wonder why Michelle was not picked? I guess because her proportions make her hair look flat…. She really needs volume…

    No surprise with Alaiza not picked… Her hair is obviously not her best…

    • @C@F the MUP Org has already been bombarded by bashers with allegations of favoritism towards Michele. I think this is the reason why Michele isnt in this ad.

  7. Speaking of (hair) conditioner,…

    I recently caught a segment of “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”.

    Willy Wonka (Charlie Depp) is asked what “hair creme” is doing in his Production Line. He says, “to lock in moisture”, then touches his soft bob. ‘La lang. 🙂

    • This is One helluva great Opportunity for the other girls…MUP should really strrrreeech- wide its support for the other girls,NOT just Michelle and Alaiza..para di masabing MAY FAVORITISM…add to that na known as A&Q pa naman sila…kawawa nman yung ibang girls na hindi part ng credible CAMP!

  8. One thing Sandra needs is attitude
    She needs to own it
    She needs to believe she’s got what it takes to be MUP

    For me , it’s Bella vs Sandra for MUP!!!!

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