2 comments on “The Phenomenal Women being interviewed by Resorts World Manila

  1. Super talino, genuine at pretty(inside and out) talaga ng bet ko. Go Queen Sandra. Claim it my Queen, ikaw na talaga.

  2. OK, I just took in the first 60 minutes or so…. Friday PM flatness (mine) in progress. 😦

    Dito pala napadpad ‘to’ng Joee Guilas. Perfect enunciation pa rin. Kaya lang, the “spike-the-ball-to-the-face-versus-spike-the-drink” question hurled to Mitch was below the belt, literally & figuratively. That was so low… 😦

    Sandra, that’s STILL ALL YOU CAN SAY about Build(3x)? Or, is it so controversial that you opted to just cheer for it? 😦

    Sir Tinio, sino sa Bb. Candelaria 2020 atm ang kahawig ni Faye Dominique Deveza? 🙂

    “Confident” ang husga ni boi kay Bella. I agree. Her “(name), Philippines” registered firm yet calm. Margarita Moran’s niece sounds the most even-keeled, the least excitable-flustered. 🙂

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