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  1. Lazada voting.
    As of today, 16th Oct, Gumabao is leading the voting. No surprise there. For sure she is also opting for the top 15. So that’s ok. As long as no candidate wins the Lazada, then it’s ok. We would not want a top candidate being eliminated by voting.
    Is that correct?

  2. Grave, PR is super hot !
    On Pinoy side , I have Bella vs Sandra Lemonon . Kailangan maganda at sosyal talaga. Di puede yung mga nagtatampisaw sa ilog !! Alternatives : Alaiza Pauline ……….. or Michelle Billie Tracy Apriel .

  3. If the earlier Downy Poll was an indicator, MIG (Sorsogon) would have topped this, too. 🙂

    Top 16 pala, ‘ah. Pues! Here’s my (third) “pre-Prelims” Pick – (16 – 13) Adelma, WeAm, Perlyn, Zandra, (12 – 9) Maria Fee, Caroline, Tracy Maureen, Sandra, (8 – 5) Adee, Ivanna, Billie, Sigrid will be Alexandra Haenggi, (4 to 1) Bella will be Praewwanich Ruangthong, Alaiza will be Punika Kunsorntornrut, Mitch will be Praveenar Singh, and Pauline Amelinckx will be Amanda Obdam.

    Sorry. I lost steam on Rabiya. She’s like Emmy – too spunky for her own good. M(Ilo)2x organization will be upset. But my fervent hope is that Karen Laurrie will be a Runner-up at the very least at BBP 20/21… Kia, oh my…. Nice body, though. Chiara Lyn, @ paul….??? 😦

    Adelma has warmed to me. She is like Karen Ibasco and Pauline Anne Cordero-Baker combined. WeAm, with her striking face, should bag Premio Fotogenico. Expect DavNor to SLAY socmed.

    Cheery Ericka of Rizal? Premio Simpatico. I’ve said that before… And TM is the prettiest Cebuana.

    Ivanna, being a higher-ranked Princess than Sandra at MWP 2016, I expect to not disappoint. Perlyn, simply because I ADORE her… Maria Fee and Caroline are Pinay goddesses, like Lubina and Dumaguing!

    Adee, depending on the angle she is shot and how she is styled, can morph into either Iwa Moto or Cindy Kurleto (youngers).

    Sigrid, another ADORO… Now approaching over-age, she deserves nothing less than a Top 5 end.

    To The Camp, send Christelle to MPE 202/3 PLEASE, po. Her natural beauty and easy charm will do BIG favors for her there. Speaking of ME, guys, sa Sun 18, nood kayo ng PN’s. OK?

    It will be neck-&-neck between the Mutya competent-but-unproven and the Binibini competent-but-unremarkable. This is STILL A BEAUTY CONTEST. Bohol is like a young Isabel Preysler, who was so beautiful men went insane in pursuit of her. QC is plain Jane – jowable, but “game over” kasi nga mag-se-settle down kaagad sila afterwatds, ‘yung ganu’ng tipo…. Like Abalos & Rushton?

    • Anyone can still win the top plum that will depend on their FINAL PERFORMANCE. 🙂

  4. In no particular order

    Michelle Gumabao
    Pauline Amelinckx
    Bella Yshmael
    Aliza Malinao
    Sandra Lemonon

    Pero maraming Dark Horses.. 🙂

  5. My current Top 15 (W/out Isabela Galeria)

    Michelle Gumabao
    Pauline Amelinckx
    Bella Yshmael
    Aliza Malinao
    Rabiya Mateo

    Apriel Smith
    Tracy Perez
    Paula Ortega
    Christelle Abella
    Zandra Santa Maria

    Sandra Lemonon
    Jo-ann Flores
    Sigrid Flores
    Skelly Florida
    Adee Akiyama

    • Oh Billie Hakenson.. I always forget about her even with that short hair and great comskills…. She needs to be more glamourous… like flawless pics.. not like her usual ones that are always half-baked… I want sexy, opulent, avant-garde!!!

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