10 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020: First stop at Alphaland Baguio Clubhouse Inn

  1. Herr Norman, is this the clubhouse of a mining company there, po?

    “Wood cabin” interiors look nice. ‘Yung mga “riders” diyan, comparable ba sa Mt. Data Lodge?

    I did some googling and found that “Alphaland Corporation” (described as a real estate player) has Board folks with past work in mining firms like Atok Big-Wedge and Sagittarius. Fun fact : Dennis Valdez is/was Prez. Yup! Tessa-Prieto Valdez’s hubby… Right, guys?

    I thought Kennon Road was in Itogon. Google says it’s in Tuba… Marcos Highway is in Tuba, too.

    The Baguio/Benguet of my affections was that one which we approached via Naguilian Road, at Sablayan… I’ve shared this here before… There, I learned to drive uphill, which in those parts involved being able to correctly anticipate the pace of buses and cargo trucks/vans. Overtake! 🙂

      • @ Norman Sir, I don’t believe I’ve seen or heard on Jennifer Linda of Palawan. Is she coming?

      • @Flor she’s there already. I saw pics of her na. It’s CDO and Isabela province that are missing. CDO offcially backed out na for testing positive of covid-19

      • @ unorthodox Vincy Vacalares (Cagayan de Oro City) was already at Holiday Inn Express Newport, in a white cut-out dress….


        So, she will be now be quarantined?… 😦

      • @Flor, yes. CDO’s results came out positive. I was talking to her last night and she’s already in the hospital. Based on the pictures she sent she seems to be doing fine and energetic still. Hopefully hindi na lumala condition nya

      • @ unorthodox Palaisipan lang.

        Presumably, her CDO swab test was all clear (-). That was why she was able to proceed to Manila.

        Now, she tested (+). What exactly does that imply?

    • Both Marcos highway and Kennon road traverse Tuba, Benguet. Naguilian road passes through SABLAN . Alphaland is relatively new

    • Ambuklao road which starts at the left side facing Pacdal circle (pony rides), near the Pacdal church and opposite the road leading to Country club leads to Ambuklao Dam…. and on to Nueva vizcaya

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