5 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020 at Benguet State University and Provincial Capitol

  1. These are small victories not only for MUP but for the pageant fans as well. I am excited for the finals!

  2. Despite the limitations, the pre-pageant activities in Baguio at least present some semblance of the real in-person spectator event we all know and love. The exuberant mood and the happy atmosphere in the pageant venue is enough to brighten up a nation yearning to go out and freely celebrate beauty. If this a harbinger of exciting things to come, we cannot ask for more. We have been confined to our limited spaces for months that anything looking like a real pageant is already a reason to be happy about and thankful for.

  3. Madame X’s Preliminary Leaderboard (I will post my Final Leaderboard after watching the Preliminary Competition on the 21st)

    TOP 16

    Paula Ortega
    Adee Hitomi Akiyama
    Lou Dominic Piczon
    Skelly Ivy Florida
    Sigrid Grace Flores
    Ivanna Kamil Pacis

    TOP 10

    Tracy Maureen Perez
    Sandra Raymundo (related to Ina? lol) Lemonon
    Rabiya Mateo
    Apriel Smith
    Christelle Abello

    TOP 5

    Alaiza Flor Malinao aka “Sulop Girl” (courtesy of Paul) aka “The body girl” (courtesy of Trinity “The Tuck” Taylor) Personally, I do not gravitate towards her. However, I cannot deny her a) popularity especially among pageant admins on Instagram, both foreign and local and b) having a well-proportioned physique. As the other heavy favourite, she should breeze through the SS and EG competitions, but the true test will be the Q&A rounds. How will her interpreted answers stack up against substantial speakers like…

    Kimberly “Billie” Hakenson aka “True Dark Horse” aka “Kaci Fennel who?” because she is the revelation of the competition. Her much buzzed-about short hair, brought out her (albeit limited) beauty, creating a striking look. With Maria Isabela Galeria out due to Covid-19, a spot has opened up in the Top 5 for a dark horse. With her much lauded pasarela and excellent communication skills, Billie can easily take it.

    TOP 3

    Michele Theresa Imperial Gumabao aka “Pedal to the Metal” because as the front-runner since the beginning of the competition, I am getting the impression that there is tension underneath her campaign at the moment, as if she is frantically riding the wave of her momentum just as it is about to hit the shore on October 24! She did not seemed relaxed at the Resorts World Live Q&A session, but she looked beautiful. That was her best styling to date, together when she appeared in the white dress for the Ring Light series. She needs to relax and loosen the grip.

    Pauline Amelinckx aka “Dangerous Woman” because she is peaking at the right time. Acing her recent interviews (she shone brightly in the one with Adam Genato on YouTube), and having released her best photo (and styling) to date (the pink hued one), she makes me think of a poker player who is the last to show his/her set of cards, and when s/he does, it is a ROYAL FLUSH.

    Ysabella “Bella” Roxas Ysmael aka “Quiet Strength” because, in hindsight, you never felt even a tinge of desperation in her campaign. Though a relative newcomer at nationals, she seems assured, successfully giving the impression of a wise and mature 23 year-old. The often abused adjective of “classy” actually fits her to a tee. I was quite critical of her previously because of her tendency to use verbal crutches like “actually” but based on her recent interview with Genato, she seems to have overcome it. Tito Norman, did you have anything to do with this welcome development? 🙂

    WINNER – I cannot pick one yet. ABANGAN.

  4. Ganito pala hitsura ng loob ng Covered Courts nila… 🙂

    Sana, nag-face shield na lang, no more mask para kita beauty nila. ‘Yun nga’ng emcee, walan’ng whatsoever… 😦

    Mr. Tinio, local pageant kings ba ‘yun’g nag-a-assist sa candidates as they enter (in the first video)? May sash kasi sila… G. Benguet, the one organized by John Raspado?

    Is John still Baguio City-based? Sino ‘yun’g bago niya’ng jowa, po?

    BSU, if I am correct, was the template for UP’s own agricultural program – the Los Banos Campus.

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