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  1. Ganito nalang…
    Yung matabang katawan madaling papayatin….
    Yung payat na utak, mahirap patabain.
    Yun lang…😁

    • Totoo. Pwede I-sabay ng IF (Intermittent Fasting) + Keto (Ketogenic Diet) tapos consistent High Intensity Training 5x a week. Pwede mag loose ng 27 lbs in 2 months, kagaya ni James Deakin, host of Miss Earth.

    • Ilang buwan na nagwowork-out si MG? Wala pa rin? Yung lakad 2 years na, wala pa rin?

    • Problema madami payat na katawan na mataba ang utak so bakit pagtiyagaan bakulaw look

      • Sino naman yang payat ang katawan na mataba ang utak???? Hindi ako aware… Paki mention naman d2 please?

      • Volunteer ako sumagot si Bella, dra akiyama, Sigrid ,rabiya o Cavite and the list go on
        Magaling mga Yan at fit

  2. Si Sandra Lemonon ang mag shi shine sa final night at ilalampaso niya the rest na mga contestants. Siya lang ang may X-FACTOR, yung iba plain lang, at sablay sa com skills, just my two cents. Mark my words si Sandra and mananalo. Love you Queen Sandra

    • Which increases her chances of winning based on the past winners of Miss USA who favors healthy Athletic builts due to the fact that average Americans are overweight to morbidly obese… Miss Universe Org obviously wants someone healthy like the builts of Irene Esser, Yendi Phillips, Paulina Vega, Davina Bennet, Amelia Vega, Leila Lopez, etc.. Michele if ever would be our 1st representative with some close Chinese ancestry since Mirriam Quiambao who was MU 1st RUp… specialy business-wise, the org seems to be targeting the Chinese market based on the recent negotiations w/ China, Korea and Macau…

      • Teh, dami mong fake accounts para lang makareply ah?.. Hindi naman halatang threatened ka masyado kay Michelle?!… 😄😁😆😅😂🤣

  3. There is one fabric that will NEVER become passe – t’nalak. On Caroline. 🙂

    Bella and her bouquet are color-coordinated.

    Noreen Victoria Mangawit is PRECISELY THAT – THE MIST THAT CLOAKS the rugged expanse of her Kalinga. There, water springs cool, potable, and eternal. No need for “NWSA”. The province was mentioned in an article in a major broadsheet, about the inequity of water supply in the country. Some places are near bone-dry, while others (like Kalinga) take it for granted out of abundance.

    Mitch seems to veer towards a more mature look. “I have no problem with that” – Pia.

    Sir Blogger, go google the “Antwerp Six” – Demeulemeester, Ackermann, Van Noten, Margiela, Bikkembergs, and Van Beirendonck. PASIG CITY!

  4. Naalala ko get up ni aiko melendez at ruffa g current times Kay Mitch g. Mitch late 20s ka pa Lang not 40s .si heart Lang kaya I carry Yan dahil late 30s na si heartie

  5. Pauline vs Bella til the end. I’m hearing great things about rabiya .. Sigrid is also my fave. Galleria where are thou? Laban ganda

  6. Paul/Paul at Number 1 fan ni Ganados, nagtataka lang ako ano po yung rason kung bakit hindi niyo po bet si “Sulop Girl”, na ina-assume ko is Davao City?

    Ako din naman, wala po siya sa aking Top 3 (it is still between Quezon City, Bohol, and Parañaque [or as The Sovereign pronounces it, Para-nyeek]) but napa-isip lang ako kase na-mention mo yung “attitude” niya bilang isang isyu.

    Nagtatanong din ako kase narinig ko sa isa kong kakilala na nagka hindi mabuting experience kasama siya.

    • Madame X aside from what I have seen on her stint at ANTM, I can really sense and feel that she DOES NOT HAVE that PLEASANT attitude. Have you seen some of her videos and interviews? I find her “fake” and often releases that “negative vibes.” She CANNOT also be considered as someone who is very knowledgeable or that intelligent enough. Her communication skills are just good for the Baklaan Talk with Lavinia. Her facial beauty is also bagay pangkontrabida sa mga telenovela sa Mexico at Latin America. She is just sexy and nothing more.

      I am from Davao Region but it DOES NOT necessarily mean I like all our region’s contenders. I am NOT also a fan of Miss Davao del Norte. But I like Justine Felizarta whose ancestry (I think mother’s side) is from Padada, Davao del Sur, a neighboring town of Sulop. Also, one of the favorite Davao beauties is NELIA SANCHO, 1971 Queen of the Pacific, activist turned rebel and later became a leading women’s advocate & feminist.

      Iba-ibang tao, iba-iba rin ang taste. TANUNGIN mo si NORMAN kasi FRIEND sila ni Alaiza at favorite niya ito (just like Miss Sorsogon).

      • Hi Paul. Nagegets ko yung mga points mo. Yung kakilala ko nagka hindi mabuting experience sa kanya, but hindi ko na i-eelaborate…

        Anyways, nasabi ko na before, it will be come down to Gumabao, Amelincx and Ysmael.

    • He’s an MG fan. We all know how toxic MG fans are. Trying to pull down every contestant that they see as a threat to MG. Hindi lang si Alaiza binabash ni Paul, pati sina Pauline at Bella, kasi mas makuda yung 2. He bullies Pauline and Bella for looking short, but gets mad when people call Michelle fat. How pathetic.

      Number 2 reason why I don’t want MG to win is her toxic fans. Number 1 is her nakakawalang gana performance at Miss Globe.

  7. pasig city.. WOW!! misamis oriental, quezon city, paranaque and angeles city too…

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