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  1. In the backdrop of the ugly economic and social fallout of this pandemic, I wish that the inaugural MUP finals will revolve around the theme “triumph of beauty over ugliness”, or “triumph of faith over fear”. MUP proved to the pageantry industry that the show– and the business– must triumphantly go on despite the formidable odds. MUP and the corporate sponsors showed to the world that innovation, agility and resilience are the keys to survival in this volatile economic environment—even if it takes them to trailblaze the unchartered expanse of the cyberspace. A spectator event like pageantry was proven to be a viable business even when staged online! In the Philippines indeed, revolutions come and go, pandemics come and go, but beauty pageants stay forever!

    • I suggest the crowning event programme include a 3- minute silent prayer for the hundres of thousands who perished worldwide, and the hundresd of thousands who are still battling the virus in the solitary confines of ICUs. This will make the celebration of beauty meaningful.

  2. Matagal naman nang news tong Baguio as the finals location

    mas importante sa akin that they already confirmed Gazini’s attendance to crown her successor

    • @ unorthodox Really?!! So, it’s a go for her to proceed to Baguio?

      Or, you meant that as your anticipation of the development?

      Censya na. ‘Eto na naman. Ma-misinterpret ulit… 🙂

      • @Flor I apologize. MUP has not confirmed pala this matter. I got this news from an account that usually only posts official announcements from orgs so I took it that MUP announced it first. Ive checked all socmed platforms of MUP and there were no mentions of this so I guess it’s still not official

  3. I am sure MG won’t be able to forget Baguio Country Club. The beginning of the journey… Michelle Gumabao, 28, Philippines! Right Flor? He, he, he…

  4. finally, a breath of fresh air. it is so great na hindi sa Metro Manila ang finals.

    • @ THROWBAKLA OMG. R u thinking what I’m thinking…?…


      “Pera ng bayan” implies…. (beep!)…. (beep!)…. But, I suppose… ‘Taena! ‘Di ko masabi. LOLZ.

  5. Mr. Blogger, this is very nice. RAISIN LOAF, YYA-AAA-SSSS! 🙂

    However, if I may ask, IS BPCI SENDING ANYBODY TO ALBANIA, po? It’s October already…

    (I guess it’s safe to assume Bea Maynigo isn’t expected at Holiday Inn Newport anymore. And Adelma Benicta, Nina Soriano, and La Union’s rep since anyway Region 1 is “OK to visit” Baguio.)

    • @Flor, the current resurgence of cases in Europe that is expected to worsen as winter comes makes me think twice about the prospects of live in-person pageantry staging in any European location.

      • I think you don’t have to worry that much Scorg. The owners/organizers (I would like to believe are not idiots) so they will put into place the necessary health and security protocols for all the concerned stakeholders – candidates, judges, the creative and technical team, healthcare providers, security personnel, the live audience, and the owners & organizers themselves. Keep calm and keep safe. Good afternoon to all.

      • finally, a breath of fresh air. it is so great na hindi sa Metro Manila ang finals.

      • @ scorg … Which means Tirana will celebrate its Centennial quietly. 😦

        Your “mountain, stream, rainbow” hymn from “The Sound of Music” saddened me. It brought to mind the closing scene in the film, where the Von Trapp family were eluding the Nazi push into Austria. The LITERAL climbing of the alps into neutral Switzerland was the leaving behind of home, to face an uncertain future.

        The weather here in Manila now is like the European late Fall – gloomy, gray, wet, with the RARE shot of tropical color, if muted, only at either dusk or dawn. It’s hurricane season, a battery of “bagyo” pass through because the northern Pacific is letting off steam after months of soaking up solar energy. All that thermal energy fuels the formation of cyclones…. Recall “Haiyan” in 2013? Even Bea Rose Santiago made reference to it when she competed in Japan.

      • @Flor, my reference to the song “Climb every mountain” on this Baguio hosting of MUP is not just about the breathtaking terrain of this mountain city, but more on the hardships and sacrifices each and every candidate had to go through to reach their dream. Due to this pandemic, they were scaling the “mountain” of their dreams and ambitions for almost 9 months. Talk about determination, and perseverance, and patience! Baguio looks like a symbolic place where everyone can find their dream. A Phenomenal City for Phenomenal Women!

  6. What a majestic setting for the inaugural edition of this trailblazing pageantry mount amidst a raging pandemic! I can almost hear every one of the 50 candidates’ hearts singing: “Climb every mountain, ford every stream, follow every rainbow till you find yur dream”. Congratulations to the Phenomenal Women. You are all winners. The Philippines is proud of you!

    • Scorg gaano na kaya kaganda ang Baguio Country Club ngayon? Ilang beses ko ring napuntahan ang pook-pasyalan na iyon noong tumira ako ng isang taon (2000-2001) sa Lungsod ng Baguio at Bayan ng La Trinidad. Doon ko rin unang nakita (in person) at nakilala si Zoraida Ruth Andam taong 1997 o 1998 bago pa siya itinanghal bilang Bb. Pilipinas-Universe 2001. May picture kaming magkasama na kinuha sa BCC bilang patunay pero hindi ko ipo-post dahil pangit ako. He, he, he…

      • Sayo galing… confirmed… pangit ka pala eh pati ugali at asal… kung mka bash sa ibang candidates. UP graduate ka pa mandin, sabagay….

      • Baguio country club is exclusive for members, their families or guests only… pook pasyalan? ilang beses mo din napasyalan….siguro nilalakad mo din from La Trinidad

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