6 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020: Host Delegate

  1. Herr Tinio, tama po ba ‘yun’g entiende ko sa 23 October schedule nila?

    NatCos, Swim, & Evening Dress Prelims IN ONE GO AT TULOY-TULOY? Parang nu’ng MI 2016, with Kylie? May breaks lang in between to transition from one segment to the next? KA-STRESS.

    It must be awfully rainy in the City of Pines right now; as per meteorological records it is the wettest city of the country… Which suggests they will not be touring and will stay put at BCC…

    Sa BCC po ba sila naka-billet for the duration of their stay? Kung sa bagay, the cottages are very cozy. These have their own fireplaces. 🙂

    Going around Baguio during the storm season is literally slick. I was walking down Magsaysay Avenue (I had what in retrospect was a bad idea to walk all the way to La Trinidad because the jeepney terminal waiting lines were impossibly long…), lost traction, and came down hard on the freezing-wet concrete. I did make it to my destination, but with stained clothes and bruised ego.

    • Ka-relate ako Flor sa WET Baguio scenario mo. He, he, he… Ako nga e hindi nakauwi sa dorm namin nang lumubog sa baha (forgot the name of the typhoon) ang La Trinidad way back in 2001.

    • Not so much Flor, October to December is Baguio’s best weather. It’s currently very sunny during the day, minimal rain in the afternoon then gets extra chilly at night.

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