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  1. Sa dinami fami ng sponsors
    Bat walang Ovaltine o kaya Milo
    Para nman magka sigla nman sila
    Mga haggard, pagod
    O di kaya
    Parang galing lang ng byahe
    Na nag bus
    Ng walang aircon

    Yun bang galing ng probinsya
    Lumuwas ng 6pm
    Nag jeep
    Then nag bus
    Then 4am na ng makarating sa hotel

    I dont know
    Parang wala lang
    Is it just for me
    That i am expecting too much sa kanila?

  2. In fairness, sobrang natawa ako sa mga comments dito ng mga comrades ko sa pageant. Lakas maka-good vibes ng kakulitan ng comment nina Miss Tisa at Flor Tula. Pati talaga ang dahon na nakakalat at ‘yung leak sa gripo (plus, yung ‘di agad na-gets ni Flor ‘yung “negative lahat please!!!”), hindi pinalampas! Kakaloka. Haha! That’s why I like hanging here kase reading exchanges of wits, let alone opinions, gives me positive vibes.

    Anyway, ibang level itong MUP. I find the MU-ish flavor sa mga pa-suitcase in their travel to the city ng mga shondidates. Parang isang matinding laban ang magiging ganap kahit alam mong lima lang talaga ang magpapatayan sa korona. I am sure abang-abang ang mga shupits.

    That’s all.

  3. Davao del Norte, is prob the most featured candidate both in print and video , why ????? She is not doing her job . She has not lost weight !

  4. Davao del Norte – sana nagwalis ka muna bago ka nagpapicture! Wapakels sa paligid?

  5. WHAT THE FCK IS CAGAYAN DE ORO WEARING?!!! Why is she looking like she’s going to buy meat at the public wet market?!!!! Does she even know what competition she’s in?! Our housemaid dresses better than her!?! Did she not at least get the memo?!!! SHE SHOULD BE DISQUALIFIED!!!!! What’s her social media accounts??? !!! I WANA EFFFIN BASH HER, SHE’LL REGRET WEARING THAT SHIT FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE!!!! 😡😠😡😠🤬🤬🤬🤬


  7. I love Apriel’s over-all styling… I wish she did a more glamourous pose to match her trendy ensemble.

    • We need to send whoever would excell during the Prelims and closed-doors Interview to ensure that our girls would continue our placement streak…

      Without a doubt Alaiza would excell during the prelims.. but for the closed-doors interview, I’m not as confident than if it was Bella or Michelle… If she makes the top 20… Her initial interview & speech would hopefully be good enough to reach the swimsuit and evening gown competition where she would surely excell and make the top 5.. the political question could possibly throw her off but at least she made the Top 5.

      Michelle could possibly perform hopefully well enough during the prelims but surely, she would excell during the final interview… Her initial interview & speech would surely be good enough to reach the swimsuit and evening gown competition where she would hopefully be satisfactory enough to the judges to justify her reaching the top 5 or her journey could end there.. the political question could possibly be an extremely polarizing double edged sword but at least there is a 50/50 chance that she could make the top 3.

      Bella could perform well during the prelims and she could also excell during the final interview… Her initial interview & speech would surely be good enough to reach the swimsuit and evening gown competition where she would be good enough to justify her reaching the top 5.. the political question could possibly be an extremely polarizing but there is indeed a greater chance that she would be allowed in the Top 3 since she would not be a big threat to the org’s ideal winner.

      All 3 has a good chance of becoming a semi-finalist but all 3 also has a 50/50% chances of making the top5/3. I guess we should send who ever would come-out as the most POPULAR during the corronation night of MUP.

    • luh sinong nagthumbs down sa comment na to? kung sino ka man, winiwish mo ba na may magpositive sa mga kandidata? Nacacaloca ka.

      @Abcde yes sana nga magnegative silang lahat

      • @ unorthodox Ako rin. My initial impression was none of the candidates fit @ Abcde’s standards.

        Either inaantok or gutom nu’ng binasa. Ako, ginawa ko, kumain ako. Pagbalik ko, gets ko na.


      • @Flor so ikaw ba yung unang thumbs down? Well now that you’ve explained your side, yeah I can see nga how this can be interpreted that way. Pero kanina 1 dislike lang yan, ngayon dalawa na. so ibig sabihin may di pa rin nakagets kahit inexplain ko na huhuhuhu

      • @ unorthodox ‘Ay, hindi ako nag-Rate Down. Nakita ko nga na dalawa na…

        … so, napaisip ako, baka hindi ko lang na-gets initially. So, kumain muna ako.


  8. Holiday Inn was my hotel when I was in Shanghai some years ago.

    They serve this “siomai na may sabaw inside”. I forgot the name. I know this is available in finer Chinese restaurants in the country. But I swear! The flavor is unlike anything we have here. 🙂

    Sir Norman, who is the candidate in pink asymmetric short dress with white filigree print? Looks like Isabel Preysler (more mature).

    I will assume they will be treated to buffet breakfast for the duration of their stay. L-O-V-E-! Few simple luxuries can compare to quiet enjoyment of a good meal in a placid setting.

    It is, indeed, thrilling! The glamor of airplanes and hotels… You want to dress up and smell nice…

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