6 comments on “Filipina: The Miss Universe Philippines crown

    • @ Lireo BRILLIANT!

      Parang “Canary” crown (Mouawad’s MU debut contract which we first saw on ZT). But instead of the yellow diamond at its apex, a porcelain enamel orchid blossom.


  1. Guys, VERY AMUSING-DELIGHTFUL ang nangyayari ngayon sa MUP. 🙂

    Kasi nga, dahil nito nalang na-approve ang mga travel pass nila, ang dating tuloy, parang International… May airport departure photos pa, complete with TONS of luggage and NatCos teasers.

    I can hardly wait for their photos in the bus/coaster/van bringing them to Benguet. Mag Bonamine para kontra-hilo… I recall a nine(9)-hour bus ride I took from Manila to Ifugao (Banawe) when I was in 3rd grade… We got up extra early to catch the 0600H trip. It was “express” (meaning, there were no stops). And as I was sleepy, I got nauseous the moment our driver tackled the high-elevation (read : low air pressure) zigzag mountain passes of Nueva Vizcaya. I was puking like crazy. 😦

    • @Flor well luckily the ladies won’t have to endure a 9-hour long travel from here to Baguio. TPLEX has been operational for quite some time now and I think it shortened the travel time to just 4-5 hours. Still a long journey but that’s already half of what it used to be.

  2. Looks like a leafy tiara…. Quite delicate in spirit. Makes the #phenomenon seem frail. 😦

    If it’s “Filipina”, all-gold frame is mandatory. But gems? We are not known for garish stones, unlike Colombia (emerald) or Myanmar (ruby). Pearls are the proper domain of Mikimoto, of course.

    Mouawad’s “Power of Authenticity” looked and felt very Thai. It reminded me of what MG said Sunday evening. That there are only two types of people in the world. The authentic and the pretentious.

    Du’n ako sa pretentious. 🙂

    Sana may official lingerie din si MUP… Ta’s, diamond necklace tulad nu’ng sa Ford Super Model of the World. At the time, I imagined it would look nice on Abbygale Arenas. But now, for Caroline.

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