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  1. Based on the series and the commercials shown so far , only very few girls are facially beautiful .
    Alaiza Billie Lemonon …… and maybe Apriel and the one with the Japanese name

    Even I’m not impressed with Bella in swimsuit . She really needs to find the right hairstyling for swim .
    And Pauline is scary when you see her shoulders and chest … too masculine .
    As for Michelle, I will leave it to Paul

    • @ Fabian Reyes Adee Hitomi Akiyama, Oriental Mindoro. Looks like Cindy Kurleto.

      Even her jowa looks cute. 🙂

      Would you be interested in a PN’s episode for pageant jowa’s – Jason Abalos, Aldo Panlilio, Gov. Migz Villafuerte, and Jeremy Jauncey, for example in one go?

    • I don’t find Billie facially beautiful. She looks old, tapos yung styling niya very “tita” pa, which doesn’t help her. I remeber her nung MWP kasi siya yung mukhang ninang kaya naexcite ako nung nagpagupit siya, pero ganun pa rin.

      Alaiza and Sandra are beautiful. Si Apriel, maganda naman; pero yung skin niya (not the color ha), medyo di makinis.

      Medyo na-off ako kay Bella sa 3rd episode kasi ang liit niya tignan. Sobrang payat na di proportional sa ulo niya yung katawan niya. I disagree with Pauline, masculine din naman katawan ni Preaw (MUT56, 3rd Runner-Up) and okay naman tignan. Parang same kasi sila ni Pauline na muscular yung shoulders, chest, and arms.

      Michele is giving the same “sad na may naaamoy na mabaho” face in her photos. She doesn’t know how to give a fierce face without looking sad. Kung ngingiti naman siya, ang scary niya tignan. Di ko gets bakit mas maganda siya on court na pawisan kesa sa pageant na may make-up. Watch her videos playing for Creamline, you’ll know what I mean. Ang fresh niya dun kahit pawisan. Ngayon parang ang dry niya tignan.

      3 girls who stood-out for me na hindi heavy favorites are Baguio City, Camarines Sur, and Iloilo Province. Ang ganda ni Baguio City!!! Si Camarines Sur maganda ang delivery ng script. Siya yung nagsasalita sa 1st part ng Episode 3 and ang ganda pakinggan. Si Iloilo Province kulang talaga sa publicity kay di naaappreciate.

  2. My main problem with the Cebuana girls is styling. I think there is much to be desired in that dept.

  3. Of the three girls from Cebu, I like Tracy most. But I think MWP needs the QC girl for its first winner. So she has to move on to Binibining Pilipinas or Mutya Pilipinas next year to have better chances of winning. I think parang walang mananalong Cebuana beauties this year PARTLY because of what had happened last year to two Cebuanas – one is PASAWAY and the other ONE is MAHINA (sa maraming bagay) and DID NOT DESERVE to win that top plum.

    • I love Gazini and she’s gorgeous but yup, last year’s Binibini placing was a mess. Her QandA was really a mess. It should have been Patch.

  4. Out of Topic muna tayo. PASABOG sa umaga! Fabian nangyari sa idol mo? Mismong kapatid ang kalaban? Dakdak sa social media sa sama ng ugali DAW niya.

  5. Mr. Tinio, you say she is really getting some solid attention among the three candidates from Cebu. So, why did you leave her out of your initial 20-Pick, po? ‘Eh ‘di sana, solid South (Cebu)…

    Although she did register shy-tentative at her Intro Vid (Beyond Coastlines – Cebu City). Apriel and Lou seemed more self-assured. However,…

    … of the three, it is her I will not mind seeing again at another Nationals; like Emmy, she is the one who gives potential and monitoring that progress/journey/growth is exciting to follow.

    I am getting a sweet Leren-ish/Amanda-ish vibe from this baby gurl.


      • @ Norman I got up super-early today (as you can see in my “time in”) to have time to take in last night’s AN’s episode in full/in one go.

        Cassie Chan is ADORO. The Ty guy, according to comments, is like Hayden Kho and Vico combined. 🙂

        Speaking of Mayor Sotto, when will you put together an episode for one-regional/provincial/municipal pageant royalty, po? In Pasig City alone, there’s Aya, Riana, Hazel (Ortiz), Nelson, & Vandave (of late). Or, how about feature an LGU with solid commitment to pageantry? Quezon, Laguna, MisOr, Cebu, and Iloilo come to mind… Bea Bianca Mackey is from CDO City, right?

        I digress….

        What I really wanted to say is that Bosing MG said he has a personal favorite among the MUP hopefuls. From what he shared about himself (things I do not think were brought up at PN’s), I have a fairly good idea who she is. ‘Yung persona niya, akma’ng-akma sa kandidata’ng ‘yun.

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