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  1. Bigla ko’ng naalala si Aoom. Herr Tinio, does Mr. Paul Izon (Izod?) Reyes plan to make MB(ikini) international, po? If so, PLEASE tell him to request for her from TPN. 🙂

    And how’s the Applications for MF(it)Phl coming along?

    Kayo, po. Can you imagine Alexandra Haenggi at ME 2021?

    About Donatella Versace. Interestingly, brother Gianni’s work was really quite conservative in comparison; if I am not mistaken, he was mentored by Karl Lagerfeld and so suits were a staple on the runway appearances of Carla Bruni, Linda Evangelista, and Yasmeen Ghauri (whose waist was TINY enough to warrant Lemonon’s semi-envy). It was the rebel of the three Versace siblings (Santo was “kuya”) who made things prurient, ironic considering kung sino pa ‘yung babae siya pa ‘yun’g mahalay ang designs… The “safety-pin gown” which catapulted Elizabeth Hurley to global attention was Donatella’s handiwork… She (Donatella) was said to have dyed her hair a shade of platinum-white not found in nature (meaning, she alone in the whole world forever will have it!).

    Sandra, don’t worry one bit about that Q&A. I can tell you right now. Kung sa ganda at galawan lang, yaka’ng-yaka mo’ng pataubin si Obdam. And, DON’T wear a gown of the neutral or metallic color at the Baguio City/Benguet Final, whether shimmery, black, white, silver, gray, gold, or beige/skin-tone! If you like, go for a warm-tropical hue, with classy crystal embellishment. If you like ribbons, look at the red dress Luz Casal wore for her music video for “Piensa En Mi”. 🙂

  2. Ito na ba yung gagamiting picture sa… calendar, calendar GIRL. Anong brand ng inumin? He, he, he…

    • @ paul at number 1 fan ni ganados Vino de Culafu. 🙂

      ‘Di ba, diyan sa Mindanao/Davao, may “Fighter Wine”?

      How do you feel about bignay wine? Go watch Marjon Tolentino’s YouTube canale episode on “Farm Gala Batiawan Zambales” (in Parts), where the Aeta kids offer him wild-collected berries as he takes a breather from surveying his family’s VAST-LUSH properties in the rugged-hilly West Luzon coastline.

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