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  1. 2 lang talaga ang nagpakita ng natural beauty (meaning no make up, not glammed up, etc.); Alaiza and Galeria! Christelle was also natural sa pictorial nya. Simple lang kaya pwede nating sabihin na underwhelming. That being said, these 3 showed their beauty sans burloloys.

    I’m not hatiin’ that Tracy won this challenge. She’s stepping up, for sure!

  2. I love Michelle’s look but her glam team should have done something to soften her jawline either through the lighting, angle of her face and of course by the power of make-up… Adding weaves to make her hair thicker and bigger would have made her look more feminine, demure, delicate and less of an Amazon who could easily tackle someone with a single punch.🙄 And her boobs are flattened by her tight swimsuit… Someone should have taped her boobs up to make it look more perky and feminine.. there is like a double sided tape for boobs that she could use to emphasize her cleavage by lifting it closer together like a baby’s bottom…. I feel like this was a missed opportunity for her to excel and prove to the world that she is Miss Universe!

    Hands down, Alaiza has the best bone structure among all of them.. I just don’t like her lighting for this shoot cause I can see the ribs on her mid chest… a different angle would have showcased her perky bossoms…

    Bella’s look is naturaly curvacious but I was expecting more from her… This photo of hers looks too effortless and bordering on catalogue… I want something more fierce and editorial since she naturaly has a very commercial features.

    Pauline is curvy but I can see her wide torso in this angle… She would have looked so much better with a tinier waist… She needs to do some “waist” trainning to make her mid ribs tighter to create a more headturning hourglass figure..

    Apriel did very well in this challenge but I’m not expecting much from her since she’ll only be a runner-up in the finals unless she could beat the other frontrunners in the Q&A which I highly doubt… Sorry girl. 😕

  3. Chiara Markwalder is also beautiful. Right Flor? Just little adjustments/improvements in the pose. MWP and Binibining Pilipinas are waiting for you (next year).

    • @ paul My Leyte contact had nothing to say… And coupled with her absence in an earlier RL challenge (for which our dear Blogger could not say the reason for), I’m now getting iffy about her.

  4. I hope that’s an old picture of Gumabao. If it is recent, then it might be challenging for her to win this 😦 Malinao is hot, but they have to be very careful with her make up because sometimes when they glam her up she ends up looking like the Joker. But she is still very beautiful in my opinion – just be careful with the makeup. At this point, my ultimate bet is the Apriel Smith. The way the US consciousness is going right now, dark colored women are in!! Apriel Smith is a hot black woman, there is no denying that. She needs to be able to talk and deliver well though.

    • Davonna Finley of The Sovereign had already reviewed Apriel Smith. She said that Apriel does not possess the characteristics (personality, attitude, communication skills, etc.) of a MU winner. Marami ang kulang sa kanya.

      • So Paul,
        Michelle can lose weight and hone her Walking skills … but Apriel cannot ???

      • @ PAQUITA X Has TL uploaded her MUT 2020 review on YT already, po?

        We look forward to her OWN insights. We hope she will NOT simply repeat what has been said by others.

        Nasaan na po ang mga kandidata? Balita ko, they begin the ascent to Benguet tomorrow, in groups and within the following few days should be complete…

  5. Alaiza, Bella, Sandra Lemonon, Pauline, the girl in the left uppermost wearing light red bikini, And the girl above Sandra lemonon wearing yellow swimsuit.

  6. Fabian kita mo na ang latest photo ni MG in swimsuit? PAPAYAT PA SIYA in TWO WEEKS leading to the finals. Right Flor? He, he, he…

    Alaiza Malinao – Bruha/Kontrabida Concept; Consistent sa BAD GIRL IMAGE.

    Sandra Lemonon – Bagay sa GSM Blue, Ginebra at sister brands from San Miguel; Consistent din sa pagiging CALENDAR GIRL IMAGE just like Celeste Cortesi. Norman dalhin mo na ang dalawang ito sa mga top executive ng mga nabanggit na company.

    Bella Ysmael – Lalong lumiit sa picture. Anong nangyari Fabian?

    Miss Sorsogon – Mukhang maraming nakain nitong mga nakaraang linggo. Siya ang counterpart ni Samina SIRILUX ng MUT sa ganda.

    Yung iba parang pare-pareho ang mga mukha.

    • lol Nakita mo BTS ng photoshoot ni MG? Fan ka, pero di ka mageffort maghanap ng BTS kung saan makikita mo na super edited yung photo niya. Nakakatawa ka. 😂

      • I would have chosen Sandra Lemonon or Alaiza for the top award .. not Cebu City! But Cebu City is deserving nonetheless.
        Bella is in her best here !
        I also like Christelle … and the girl in a bun next to Paula. And the girl in green under Manila.
        Is Baguio channeling Penelope Cruz here ?
        Pauline and Galeria very disappointing.
        I like Michelle’s clear skin.

      • @ Fabian Reyes “Manila” is the one who somewhat looks like Maureen Montaigne, against foliage and wearing that orange-ish-pink one-piece number, no?


        The girl in green under her is my Caroline… (puso).

        Galeria, btw, has tested negative for the SARS-Cov2 (latest). The “white-out” might have worked with Minorka Mercado look – bronzed skin, jet-black hair severely pulled back, & HUGE hoop earrings.

        Speaking of (Michelle’s) clear skin, is it true (I will assume you know the answer because you are a medical science doctor) that immersing DAILY in a tub of whole-fresh-warm (not cool!) cow’s milk will whiten you up unlike any? And a lot faster than glutathione? I recall actress-starlet Rica Peralejo had such a regimen. And at the height of her stardom (she was still with actor Bernard Palanca), she was renowned for her milky-pristine complexion.

      • My exam-wife is the dermatologist . I tub of cow’s milk ??? That’s a lot of money for one bath(ing ) .. almost $200?

    • hahahaha!! patawa tong fan ni MG. Wag na kasing ipagpilitan. Pag chaka, chaka! Wala ngang dating khit sa Miss Globe di umubra. Pang contruction pa katawan. 😂😂😂

  7. Instead of challenging the girls in their individual swimsuit photo concept, I wish MUP had come up with an official swimsuit photos snapped by no less than a seasoned photographer in a single concept. With that, the girls would not be deprived of unfair handling by a rookie photographer, as shown in some snapshots above. Take the case of that girl in a boat. Don’t you think it was shot in good taste? The best thing about this challenge is that all the girls have worn fashionable swimsuits. Walang pangit.

    I would like to commend these three girls on this challenge in this order:

    1. Alaiza Malinao – she is giving away all the curves she’s got, very MU worthy
    2. Tracy Maureen Perez – she is so high-end and was able to hide her unproportioned body
    3. Michelle Gumabao – Vougeish pose albeit her (still) heavier look

    Side note: I hope Bella would step up her game. She needs to unleash her charm, landi, at panghahalina. She still looks bland and unalarmed. Also, Isabela Galeria looks undetermined.

    That’s all.

    • Most of what you have said are RIGHT except for one thing – on Alaiza Malinao. The current owners/organizers of MU are looking for an excellent spokesperson and effective brand ambassadress
      and not (anymore) the supermodel types of beauties who were favored during the Trump-era MU.

      She also does not possess that type of personality which fits to a MU winner. Demi, Catriona & Zozobini have many common positive characteristics – radiant, charming, relatable, etc.

      Alaiza is (just) good doing Baklaan Talk with Lavinia. Bagay si Alaiza kay Angkol sa kanyang MGI or pwede rin sa Miss Supranational provided she will do good in the Supra Talk before the finals.

      • Hi, Paul!

        I agree with you that MUO is looking for an able-rounded girl who can best represent its brand. That woman can bring upon her shoulders the “confidently beautiful” tag by all means and without under pressure. We all know that Michelle Gumabao is passable for that role; she is nearly “all package”, and I think she has edge than the two other frontrunners, namely: Bella and Pauline. However, we don’t know what these two ladies are gunning on the Coronation Night that might impeach MG’s chances for the MUP crown. I find these two girls “palaban” talaga at animo’y may panggulat sa Coronation Night. Thus, it would be anybody’s ball game at this juncture.

        Where is Alaiza from these? She is not far from the three. And when it comes to swimsuit like the challenge above-presented, Alaiza is a runaway winner. She’s got perfect body and always projects like a pro. She deserves commendation this time.

        Isabella can still complete the Best 5. However, Rabiya Mateo is bubbling up. I keep my eye on this lady. She has a great potential at Miss U. All she needs is to bloom.

        That’s all.

    • @Ana I dont think MUP could have afforded to have a single swimsuit shoot (and a single photographer) during the quarantine. Remember that it’s really difficult to secure a travel pass here in the country (if you’re not a politician), and it wouldn’t be wise for MUP to require the girls to come to Manila just for a swimsuit shoot. The *single/exclusive* photographer (and his/her crew) would also not be able to travel from province to province to shoot the girls. Note also that most candidates had only started to arrive here in Manila within this month, which leaves them barely enough time to do a shoot and they wouldn’t be able to release the photos now

      perharps it would have been better if MUP just gave a specific theme, cut and color of swimsuit, and backdrops to at least achieve some level of uniformity. But having their own photographers from their local places is an unavoidable/necessary adjustment.

      • @ unorthodox MPE understands….


        Commendations yet again to Sherry Anne “Shane” Quintanilla Tormes and the Quezon Province pageant support community for putting together a GREAT backdrop for her Preliminaries, in fact so good if you did not know any better you would have thought it was the Nationals itself!

      • @Unorthy, I missed you.

        I got your point, but I would expect that MUPO releases the swimsuit challenge (I hope the photos above are not yet official) after they gather the girls two weeks before the Coronation Night or after making them collectively undergo RT-PCR. They are going to assemble the girls and quarantine them for two weeks as they go up to Baguio. Two weeks is too long to mount a swimsuit pictorial per batch, and not a single day pictorial under the same photographer and one concept. Ang MU nga, one week lang pero may mga ganap pa din. Hihi!

        As regards sa pagkuha ng travel docs, it’s easier than you think. Med cert from a barangay’s health center and travel authority lang from the nearest PNP station ang kelangan, which can all be done in two hours or less. Eh, mga beauty queen representing their hometown pa ang mga ‘yan, so I am pretty sure mas bibigyan sila ng special lane.

        Ang pangit lang kase, iba-iba sila ng atake sa concept ng pictorial as shown above at unfair sa candidate na walang makuhang expert sa camera. ‘Yun naman ang point ko.

        That’s all.

      • @Flor hahaha don’t remind me of MPE my goodness. I really hated what they did this year.

        Hi @Ana!!! I missed you too!!!!!
        As much as I’d like the Philippines to be as efficient as Miss Universe, I don’t think we’re quite there yet. Historically BBP shoots by Raymond Saldana had weeks in between the photoshoot session and the actual release of the photos. Even the *horrendous* gold glam shots and the portrait shots of MUP girls at the beginning of the competition took weeks before they got released. And, if MUP were to release those swimsuit photos any time later than when they actually did, those would not have been as effective in amping up the excitement for the candidates’ arrivals today. Perhaps it would be better na lang if they do another shoot once all contestants are here in Manila na (and from what I heard they will actually have one)
        Per the travel pass, my tito had a very different and excruciating experience regarding that. But assuming that the girls were able to secure these easily, they would still need to be quarantined for at least one day after arriving here while waiting for their covid test results. That would mean extra expenses for MUP (for the lodging of the girls) just for a single day of photoshoot.

        Anyway many of the girls are already here naman na, and for sure they would have more rounds of glossy (and uniformly produced) photos leading up to the finals


    ‘Oh, ‘dili ba? Lakas maka-Leren ni Tracy Mau (TM)….

    Herr Tinio, I will assume (straight) men made the selection. VERY NOICE. Sino po siya’ng “dumiwata” in the second matrix (right above Loya)? Again, to mean “pose in Swim against falls”.

    My Caroline proves yet again why SHE IS. Hakenson in orange is WOW. Tajaran in yellow, cross-bodice in sunny yellow, among craggy rocks… Benicta holding on oh-so-precariously to the leaning coconut palm trunk is the STUFF of men’s fondest dreams. Kinda like-y Sigrid, too.

    But,… Galeria in white looks washed-out… Or, is the photo over-exposed… Bright yet dull. 😦

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