3 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 2 Episode 5

  1. If this is PN’s last episode featuring MUP candidates, what a fitting episode to cap the series. The guests represent the emergent face of Philippine pageantry—advocacy-driven, community-grounded, education-centric. Nina is an athlete cum early childhood educator cum Bible teacher. Caroline is a Donor Education Specialist of a reknowned global child welfare agency. Rabiya is a Review School mentor whose advocacy takes her to care for out-of-school street childrn in her home city. Skelly is a biracial beauty from a remote island who is Biliran Province’s Ambassadress for Inclusive Education. Four different beauties with different backgrounds from different regions. Their only corvergent point: the common desire to get the MUP platform that will resonate their advocacy and message.to a wider audience.

  2. Quintessential beauties– in and out. All are definitely shoo-ins for the crown. The interview did not disappoint. Passion for education promotion being their common thread demonstrates their inner strength. I wish Skelly was able to join the conversation. She is another interesting candidate to listen to.

  3. Nina talks with depth. But Rabiya has the chance to be in the circle of 5. She could be the spoiler. My circle of 5 will be Pauline, Bella, Michelle, Alaiza, and Rabiya.

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