6 comments on “Pageantry Norms Season 2 Episode 5 Teaser

  1. Flor , I wasn’t Skelly’s fan
    But when I saw her on Ring Light series first episode . I was impressed by the physical improvement and the way she sounded

  2. It looks like Pageantry Norms put together in one show the possible spoilers for the crown. Each one has her own interesting facet to outshine the rest. Cant wait to watch the episode!

  3. Skelly is so pretty . Her skin tone is one of the best . Akala mo laki sa States

    • @ Fabian Reyes Oh! Akala ba namin Biliran is still raw, ‘ika mo…

      And Samina Sirilux doesn’t also have chocolate skin akin to black-Americans?

      Skelly might be prettier. But Sirilux is MILES AHEAD of her in terms of stage presence & sass.

    • I want to like Skelly, but she is boring. 1st episode ng Ring Light, alam naman natin na binabasa lang nila yung script sa ibang parts, and wala talaga siyang “personality”.

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