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  1. Punika looks too mature .. so she’s out of the question
    People should not pre-judge Amanda based on her final answer . She may just rock it at MU 2020. However , I’m not impressed with Amanda’s beauty. The eye bags alone . So this is probably not gonna be Thailand’s yr to win at MU.

  2. Just finished watching MUT, I think Veena should have chosen as MUT. She’s a MU caliber. I hope Veena try again like Pia Wurtsbach!

    • Some people that I have talked to told me that apparently Veena said before that she won’t stop joining MUT until she wins the crown. BUt, with the pain that she must be going through right now, along with the very evident pagod that you can see on her face I honestly don’t think Veena will join ever again. She really should have won now talaga. Sobrang injustice ng nangyari

      • @ unorthodox Speaking of,…

        … Came to (my) mind one whom VT (of Rappler) said was “dazed” by her first attempt and how it may now make her return to pageantry a very remote possibility…. (sigh).

        Clue : Euro-‘Nay halfie, with initials composed of the same letter twice.

        Besides, her camp wants “all-fresh” this time around.

        Can you ask your fren CAG if he know who among the MUT 2020 candidates were under the “Butterfly Academy” of Paweensuda and Patraporn, please? 🙂

    • As far as I know, Praveenar is a full-blooded Indian woman, but most of her life was spent living in Thailand so she’s already naturalized.

  3. If I were a hot-blooded white American guy and I had to watch that talk show with Ryan Seacrest on because “this new MU is SMOKING”, then it’s Praewwanich, Benjarat, Wichuda, Alexandra, or Aoom. LEAVE THE HISTRIONICS AND RHETORIC TO MUSA! It’s their market, after all, that counts in the end.


    In particular, Aoom can be asked to demonstrate her “booty roll”, her trademark as much as the smize was Pia’s and the slow-mo turn was Catriona’s. I can imagine the cheers and clapping of the audience! Not to mention the Parodivas doing their take on the matter…

    SCREW all this comm skills bs! If she’s fun, warm, respectful, sensible, & cooperative, I’ll buy.

    IMG IS DEEP IN DEBT, GUYS. THEY NEED A GOOSE THAT LAYS GOLDEN EGGS. Like I said before, the bosses at TPN and MUO simply have to come to an agreement. Fred Mouawad can compensate for any backlash from “informed/enlightened fans” by offering lifetime endorsement contracts to the front-runners. No sweat.

  4. One thing these MUT candidates need to work on is ‘facial expression’ . They look
    so amateurish and forced

  5. Di ko alam kung pilit, peke o kinakabahan si Amanda kapag nka smile siya. Gusto ko yung natural smile.

  6. I agree with Norman’s top 3. But it is hard to tell who of these will win. Just the same thing with MUP. It is difficult to tell who among Pauline, Michelle, Bella, and Alaiza will win.

  7. Punika or Praveenar only. Otherwise, bye bye MU crown. As for PHL, Top 5 na lang kaya natin. Next year na lang ulit.

  8. Praveenar could give Thailand its 3rd Miss Universe if they let her won.
    The others are only good for runners up or top 10 placement. I like that Praew lady too

  9. Based on their performances during the prelims this is my predicted Top 5:

    MUT2020: Punika
    1st RU: Amanda
    2nd RU: Thaweeporn (Aoom)
    Rest of Top 5: Wichuda and Praveenar

    But my gutfeel tells me that this will be the eventual Top 5 tomorrow:
    MUT2020: Amanda
    1st RU: Praveenar
    2nd RU: Punika
    Rest of Top 5: Benjarat and Wichuda

    No matter how strong Emmy’s commskills is, her rawness will prevent her from advancing further than Top 15

  10. Amanda is also my choice . Thailand should let her win if they want to be in tough 3 in mu. Kilala ko Trainor nya good luck amanda

  11. Same “cheerleader vibe” as Mitch. They’ll hit it off easy. 🙂

    Mr. Blogger, when will you reveal whom among the candidates Paweensuda and Patraporn trained, po?

    ANO NA PO’NG LATEST SA MSA, po? And, how’s MIG (Sorsogon) doing/feeling?

    At least Amanda ain’t diva-ish; @ Fabian Reyes should warm up to her eventually, too.

    One of the puppet porters (men in black) is cute…. (hihihh…).

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