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  1. Amanda – halatang may ginagaya. Pero infernes ok naman. Very Catriona, from gown na Lava-gown inspired, the walk, the gesture, kinopya.😊

    • @ miss tissa Not surprising, as one of us said a Filipino is part of her team. 🙂

  2. I hope MUPorg would give the same or even greater production value for the Prelims particularly the National Costumes.. Our best designers should dress our girls…. I hope they would also showcase the artistic talents of our cultural artists while showcasing our pre-colonial history and culture to the world..

    • @ Fabian Reyes Don’t fret. MUO/WME-IMG knows who they are. TPN owned up, for sure.

      Come what may, whatever becomes of Thailand’s recent prominence as the pageant darling of ASEAN, it will be the bosses – TPN & IMG, plus the latter’s creditors – that will determine its longevity.

      Mr. Tinio promptly heeded your call for non-contrived and classy beauty. Hence, your fave Bella became the next post. 🙂

      • @ VietnamesePinoy All this frippery with extraneous fabric will become passe before long. And it will be MUT’s own fault. They milked it dry for all it’s worth!


        It looked good with/on Taliana Vargas. Now copied to near-death in all manner of manipulation.

  3. Mukhang si Punika ang itinakda ah. Tapos second runner-up siya ulet sa international pageant niya. hahaha. :))

    • @ Jacob ‘Ay… Said @ paul, kay Mitch daw ‘yan’g 2nd Runner-up. Kaya, Punika will be 1st Runner-up.

      … and a Latina will win, he (also) said. 🙂

      I just got back from watching Heyadamg. Punika is a fave on many fronts, both within MUT organization and fans in general, local and foreign. It doesn’t hurt that she already bagged a sponsor award here.

      (Heyadamg said he finds her very fit for Poland. But when you think that Thailand currently holds the Supranational crown, baka masayang lang siya if Gerhardt won’t let a back2back happen yet.)

      MUO needs from its franchisees candidates that capture attention and hearts universally. These women must possess what Mouawad describes as the “power of authenticity”.

      • THANK YOU FLOR for CITING (my kuning-kuning) PREDICTIONS. He, he, he…

        It reminds me of Madame Auring’s 1994 MU prediction. She said that the winner would come from a country that starts with letter V (Ven). After the contest, she said she was STILL right because the winner was a VUMBAI (Bumbai).

  4. I’m impressed with the majority of the MUT2020 candidates with their beauty and poise. Th, hoping thate MUT National Costume presentation I think is even better than the Natcos presentation of Ms Universe. My favorite so far is MUT38 (Nuttha- apologies if name is misspelled). Hoping that she can talk as well, she’ll have a big chance for the crown..I think. So a some of the other girls. I just think she stood out (her walk is amazing) although I wish her gown is of different color.

    • (Correction) I’m impressed with the majority of the MUT2020 candidates.. with their beauty and poise. The MUT National Costume presentation I think, is even better than the Natcos presentation of Ms Universe itself. My favorite so far, is MUT38 (Nuttha- apologies if name is misspelled). Hoping that she can talk as well, I think she’ll have a big chance for the crown. I just think she stood out (her walk is amazing) although I wish her gown is of different color.

  5. LOTS, LOTS of PRESSURE for Jonas Gaffud and Company.

    First, the Thai contenders for MUT this year are beautiful, stunning, polished, sexy, excellently styled, and packaged to the Universe level. Until this moment I am only uncertain about ONE thing – the contestants’ ability to ace the interview rounds (in English).

    Second, the production values deserve commendations and should serve as guides/clues for JG team to do. These range from stage design, lighting, camera shots & angles to the choice of swimsuit design, hosts, etc. MUP team has to put an equally impressive show or a better one. Or else…

    Third, with what we have seen on MUT, the Philippines’ Team (stylists, fashion designers, make up artists & hair stylists) needs to level up the styling and packaging of our candidates. NO room for mistakes because they have given us the preview of the kind of competition that we are getting into.

    Lastly, mga Inday practice (some more) your speaking skills NOT in YOUR respective LOCAL or REGIONAL LANGUAGES but in one of OUR two official languages – English. DILI na mag-hire pa ug translators/interpreters. You have been taking English classes since preschool, then you insist (NOW) answering in Tagalog, Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Bikol or Iluko, goodness!

  6. Mr. Tinio, THAT NatCos in the Intro Grab, is it Thai ryu-kin goldfish or Siamese fighting fish, po?

    For Evening Dress, Thaweeporn Pingchamrat (Aoom) in the red, even The Sovereign liked…

    For Swim, for the most part all front-runners delivered, in fact improved from the Intercon Hua Hin desfile. Lesson : IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO FLAWLESSLY EXECUTE TRICKS, JUST DON’T AND STAY SAFE BY KEEPING IT CLEAN.

    At MUP, I expect Mitch to find a way to fit the Quezon Memorial Monument on her, somehow.

    Can Christelle be allowed to some onstage butt naked coated only in white Boracay sand, guys?

    No, I do not expect Alaiza to become Durian Fairy. That’s been done at MGT.

    Ms. “Cute” of Palawan, not “tandikan” again, please. How about Cacatua haematuropygia? Although its range extends to the Sulu Archipelago, we have no Sulu AP anyway.

    For the Swim desfile in Baguio City, I expect Maria Fee Tajaran of Romblon to channel Lubina’s two-piece performance at MI 2015. But in “marble-white”, not green.

    I wonder how the Cebu cluster – Perez, Piczon, and Smith – will partition the island’s concepts? For example, will Mandaue City appear as one of her (former) employer’s high-end furniture pieces?

    The two reps from Pampanga – Province and Angeles City – can come up with a food-inspired wardrobe to celebrate the culinary prominence of their home. How/What will “sisig” dress look like?

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