20 comments on “Miss Universe Philippines 2020 on GMA Network at 9:00AM on October 25

  1. Mr. Tinio,… 🙂

    WE WANT PN’S 25 Oct episode as post-pageant EXCLUSIVE chat with the winner, po, PLEASE.

    …Like what you did with MPE 2020. Morning din sila, ta’s kayo una-ng-una’ng pageant media na nag-interview kina Roxie.


    Any updates on The Camp’s “Miting de Avance for ABC”? Will TPP host? Or, at their own page, po?

    • I will be guesting the new winner solo on my November 1 episode. This has already been confirmed (the queue is getting long). October 25 is tricky because Miss Universe Philippines 2020 will be flooded with so many things to attend to as the entire group returns from Baguio.

      • @ Norman 31 October at 2249H is the full moon, and the moon is FEMININE energy, po. 🙂

  2. Tito Norms, is it a 12-hour delayed telecast or live via satellite? 9:00 a.m. din ba ang pageant nila sa Baguio considering the pandemic? Nakakapanibago.

    Well, kahit anong oras pa ýan, basta ba fabulous ang production, carry na. Good luck, MUP!

    That’s all.

      • Baka kase di allowed ang 9:00 p.m. pageant due to the curfew in place sa Baguio City. Pero kung 9:00 p.m. ang pageant, how I wish nakiusap na lang ang MUPO sa GMA na bigyan sila ng decent slot sa primetime for the airing of the pageant. Ang dýahe kase na umaga ang panonood ng pageant.

        That’s all.

    • Wow, the MUT fans seemed to enjoy the pageant. Iba talaga pag may crowd na nagsisigawan. That is the thing I am going to miss sa BbP. Pasalamat ang Thai people matino ang lider nila kaya hindi sumabog ang pandemya sa lugar nila. Eh, dito sa Pilipinas, worst at its level ang lider natin kaya tiis kayo mga bakla, walang ganitong pageant na magaganap.

      Nakakainggit ang bansang Thailand, Vietnam at ibang karatig bansa. Dito sa Pinas, walang kwenta!!!

      That’s all.

      • Oh, wow! After all the struggles of your fellow Filipinos and the economic meltdown due to the poor Covid 19 response of the Duterte admin, sasabihan mo akong adik? Oh, well. And who are you?

        That’s all.

  3. waley man tayong chi sponsor. pero mu feels ang time ng mup noh? haha. ang ganda ng promotional video nila. i assume mup org gumawa nyan then edit ng gma ung last part ung logo nila. i will not expect much on stage but still hoping. since naka gin pala sila so may datung for stage production. disappoint lang me doon sa part na nagtagay talaga ang mga girls haysss. tsk. but what i am expecting higher is the girls will show up on stage with MU looks and the gowns of course. walking on runway ala MU. i want all of them to give us a rampadora walk. mu calibre performances. kung may extra ok fine but make it super super clean yan ang important sa show third nalang ang stage.

    • @ jed Old women in certain parts of the country with a liquor tradition – such as in Quezon where “lambanog” is produced – ay tumatagay din. Inasmuch as (elderly) women in the tobacco-growing parts of Ilocandia enjoy a smoke. My grandmother from La Union did. She even rolled her own “cigarros”, and her poison of choice was “vino de Culafu”. 🙂

      Was that Aldo Panlilio with Mitch? Or, a standee (yummy din)? Is it OK with you if girls drink only when the men in their life – boyfriend, father, brothers, uncles, male cousins – are present?

      The MU-caliber stage performance will necessitate PLENTY of rehearsal to master the deft choreography. Just look at (the recent) MGT 2020. GREAT SHOW, with a dizzying tornado walk as its defining moment/memory!

    • @ scorg Yep. It’s like us here in Manila watching Supranational at 0300H (the show began at 2000H in Poland). At least until 2017, I think….After that, they only gave out (periodic) updates. 😦

  4. ghorl bakit naman sobrang aga? hindi man lang pre-lunch time slot, as in breakfast time slot talaga nkklk

    • @ unorthodox Tulog ka pa at 0900H on a Sunday? Have you no laundry chores, po? 🙂

      • @Flor of course! Sunday is my only rest day, given na most of my weekday workload regularly spills into my Saturdays as well. Coz alam mo na, nung ganing work from home set up mas lalong dumami ang hanash ng mga boss!!! Pero for MUP syempre gigising ako before 9am kahit sobrang labag sa kalooban ko hahaha

        PS. My laundry gets out of the washing machine almost completely dry na, so I can do my laundry even during the evening

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