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  1. Sa mga nega jan wag kayong ano ha! Nasan kayong lahat nung lumabas yung San Mig Light commercial ni Cat with Kylie with matching wings at sa literal na bar talaga ang setting? Nagreklamo ba kayo noon? hindi naman di ba? precisely because wala namang masama if beauty queens and candidates promote a brand of alcohol. Honestly naffeel ko na selective hate towards MUP na lang talaga tong nangyayari ngayon. Yung parade parade na naka skimpy two piece swimsuits ang merlies around Cubao tuwang tuwa kayo, pero yung alcohol commercial na maayos naman ang mensahe na pinararating at maayos ang pananamit ng mga merlies najijirita kayo? Please make it make sense!!!

  2. After pageantry kailangan ding maghanapbuhay ng mga beauty queen o kahit na yung mga NATALO. MALAKING KITA ang maging calendar girl o modelo ng mga commercial (video, print, etc.)

    These are my suggestions:
    1. Gazini Ganados – Calendar Girl ng Emperador (agree Scorg?);
    2. Celeste Cortesi – Calendar Girl ng Tanduay;
    3. Alaiza Malinao – Caledar Girl ng GSM Blue;
    4. Sandra Lemonon – Commercial Model ng San Mig Light;
    5. Michelle Gumabao – Image Model ng Marie France o ng Belo Group;
    6. Apriel Smith – Nails for Caronia; and
    7. Pauline Amelinckx – Commercial Model for Modess or Charmee (sweet and face niya).

    Yung iba bagay sa shampoo, sabong panligo, sabong panlaba, tsinelas, atbp. Maghanap ng magagaling at matitinong talent handler/manager and concerned agencies (ads, modelling & talents) para may kita after pageantry.

    • @ paul They should take whatever they earn and use that as capital for a business venture.

      They will be able to look back and say wholeheartedly, “paul gave us good advise”.

      Tarush! 🙂

    • @ paul I want twelve months of Celeste Cortesi with a different theme per month, the days bound by the enjoyment of rum.

      Not necessarily naked.

      There is a Japanese maker of weighing machines for precious metals – Alfa Mirage Ltd. They have a BEAUTIFUL annual calendar featuring pretty Japanese models – 2 or 3 – in seasonal kimono. 🙂

      • GO Flor with the idea. Pero medyo magastos yan dahil twelve pages of twelve different concepts. Basta kaya ng company, go, go, go. These are my suggestions:

        January – Sinulog inspired costume;
        February – Panagbenga inspired costume (flowers, flowers);
        March – Moriones Festival inspired costume;
        April – Summer/Beach theme (lots of white sand & blue waters of Palawan);
        May – Pahiyas inspired costume (kiping, kiping);
        June – Independence Day inspired costume (Women of Malolos/Cavite)
        July – Nutrition Month inspired costume (bahay kubo gulay);
        August – Kadayawan inspired costume (eagle, durian, waling-waling);
        September – Tuna Festival inspired theme (sasakay siya sa tuna, he, he, he…);
        October – Lanzones Festival inspired costume;
        November – Tagalog culture theme (Laguna’s crafts & costumes); and
        December – Pampanga giant lanterns.

      • Naku, Paul, this is a concept that is also most appropriate for Aliwan Fiesta since they specialize in festivals around the country.

      • THANK YOU NORMAN & SCORG. Magandang hapon mula sa Lalawigan ng Davao de Oro – the home of the BULAWAN (Gold) Festival. Char! He, he, he…

    • @Paul, posing as a calendar girl, I just hope each one of our #PhenomenalWomen would choose a project that promotes a wholesome brand image. Even alcohol products can acquire positive brand spirit. A calendar girl for such products need not pose to satisfy prurient interests if the branding thrust is towards attachment to the consumers’ emotions of fun, social cohesion, inner strength, endearment, etcetera.

  3. I absolutely agree with @Flor. What could have been the sentiment if the scenario is, instead of the local Ginebra, these ladies are holding a glass of Beefeater London or Plymouth Gin in some posh hotel bars and raises a toast with an elegant “Cheers!”. I bet it is no longer “tagayan” but social bonding, or maybe business deal making. It is pathetic that when it is a local brand, we Filipinos tend to associate it with some low-brow imagery. The product is still in the process of building its brand. It is obvious that the perceptual association is along the ideas of oneness, brotherhood/ sisterhood, inner strength and sense of community. I think it is a clever move to use as image models some #Phenomenal Women in our midst. So, just wait when the brand would have acquired the personality that triggers emotions of unanimity, attachment, warmth.

    • @ scorg “Unity, ambiguity, and refinement… (are) irresistible in/at any age”. – Coco Chanel 🙂


  5. I guess some will not react negatively if our ladies are promoting Beefeater London, Plymouth Gin, Gordon’s London Dry or Bombay Sapphire. They are the world’s best gin brands in 2020. These brands have a unique emotional connection to their consumers, including social status and sophisticated taste. From the promotional ads, it appears that the emotional trigger that the local gin brand Ginebra brings to the public is oneness, unity, and strength of the social fabric. Who else can best bring out this message other than the women whose personal brand is labeled “phenomenal”. When a gin brand is “made”, people will no longer look at a product as “alcoholic” or “vice promoting”. It will be seen in terms of what it stands for in the consumers’ psyche. Again, let’s look back at what imagery Beefeater, Plymouth,Gordon’s Dry And Bombay Sapphire brings to the public. It is definitely is not street-corner “drinking spree” but sophistication and, perhaps, breeding.

  6. @ andy & @ jed Alcohol consumption is a wrong kind of woman empowerment?

    It probably is, in a conservative-prissy society.

    GSMI is probably a key account for JG/EmpirePh. He got it for Pia, and the calendar resulted…

    The firm probably wants to convey an image of a financially successful and well-educated modern woman who is FREE and STRONG to CHOOSE her indulgence, pastime, and amusement. These are the women they want to sell gin to. Or, at least create that image, therefore market, that a well-bred lady can consume alcohol without getting wasted/stone-drunk (it’s guys who make drinking pathetic!).

    Mr. Tinio made a post some time ago about allowing women to adorn themselves with tattoos. Is this really any different from that? NO, I am NOT saying MUPO should get a tattoo artist for a future edition… But, would they disqualify an applicant who is frank and discloses that she’s “that kind of girl” not because she’s loose but simply because she likes the stuff and that’s enough?…

  7. I agree with the others who feel uncomfortable seeing all these ladies promoting Ginebra.. this is too hard sell.. sometimes consumers get the message better in a subtler way.. ang impression tuloy, and as @ Paquita X succintly said, “so desperate for sponsorship” (?!)

  8. Christelle and Perlyn were ADORO. 🙂

    Pauline gives a “woman President” vibe. She should, like Irene Saez in her own time, aim to be Bohol Governor!

    I would have put together an “Ilokano” episode with La Union, Ilocos Sur (Adelma, here, who is like a cross between Karen Ibasco and Baker-Cordero), and Pangasinan. But as I understand, varying SARS-Cov2 lock-down situations make some combinations difficult. And had Princess Laureano of Aurora not withdrawn, a “mountain cluster” consisting of Kalinga, Baguio City, Cagayan (Danica Reynes), Batanes (Elcano), and herself would have been formidable.

    Mr. Tinio, what of candidates like Nathalia Urcia of Batangas? To the best of my knowledge, she has NOT YET been interviewed anywhere…. (she seems quite shy, tho)…

    … and what of candidates which TL alleged are afraid of the Q&A? Can you and Atty. Nad still… 😦


    • Bawiin ang malaking binayad para masulot ang franchise. Kaya kahit shady stuff, pinapatulan. Pity!

    • what can you say about this sir norman? i do understand the message but with tagay scene seriously??? if am the ND i will not make a deal to promote their product with my girls in that way of making tagay. too much empowering in the wrong way. anong take mo dito @flor? Shamcey is the ND. she is smart and etc etc. collaborating to GIN is really a good choice? or there are other reasons we didnt see thats why ganun ang content ng video? is there something we missed para masabi nating ganon naman pala. ok naman pala.

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