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  1. Two beautiful graduates of two pro-people universities! Receiving pro-people pro-God education from a top Jesuit university in the South, Caroline literally gets her feet wet in the grassroots as Donor Education Specialist of World Vision International. Receiving pro-people liberal education in a government university in Manila, it was very easy for Ivanna to get involved in some children advocacies in some poor communities outside of her home city, and as a candidate representing the Philippines’ premier financial district, to highlight the other side of this affluent community in her video introduction. Two outstanding beauties fully immersed in their respective communities— truly deserving ot the tag #Phenomenal Woman.

  2. Tito Norms, Ariadna Gutierrez has come out of the bag reminiscing how she’d see, or look down if you will, Pia Wurtzbach during the Miss Universe competition. And here is the ultimate Miss Friendship Radost Todorova from Bulgaria coming quickly to rescue, and be on the first line of defense again for, Pia. I hope you get Pia’s words on this mess. At sana din marinig ko kay Pia ang pasasalamat kay Miss Bulgaria. Kase sa pagkakatanda ko, never nabanggit ni Pia sa kanyang interview si Miss Bulgaria na sobrang minahal ng mga Pilipino dahil sa pag-cheer sa kanya during the Miss Universe 2015 crowning hullabaloo. I am sure, sobrang dami ang magiging comment at balitaktakan ng avid Norman Norman commenters n’yan.

    That’s all.

    • ‘Yan, Tito Norms, banner headline ng PEP ang binuhay ni Ariadna na issue sa Miss Universe 2015. Bidang-bida si Radost Tadorova. Kakatamad lang mag-comment sa website na ‘yun kase nga nire-reveal ang identity ng commenters kaya walang nagku-comment. I am pretty sure, kating-kati ang madlang Pilipinas mag-comment d’yan sa article na ‘yan sa PEP. Hihi!

      That’s all.

  3. Miguel Naranjilla has a… husband. Legal pala sa Thailand…. 🙂

    Mr. Tinio, let me get this straight.

    1) Atty. Saclot is the CDO City AP, supporting Vincy Vacalares. And Jory Rivera is the MisOr AP, supporting Carol here.
    2) ALLEGEDLY (said @ unorthodox in a comment somewhere), EACH MUP candidate PERSONALLY paid 25k Php “joining fee”. This is SEPARATE from the provincial/HUC (highly-urbanized city) franchise paid PER AP. I will do some rough Math now. Assuming the AP franchise is set/standard at 275K Php, then at fifty (50) candidates that all sums up to (25k Php x 50 = 1,250,000 Php) + (275k Php x 50 = 13,750,000 Php) = 15,000,000 Php collected (un-taxed still).

    Hhmmm… That’s not a lot, given today’s prices… Wonder how much FrontRow put in…. Or, assuming the AP scheme will hold for at least the medium-term, then it’s possible that some AP’s paid additional in advance for future participation/editions. This can help. But, mimimal lang. 😦

      • @ Norman Ivanna, pala, was 2nd Princess to Cat at MWP 2016.

        I’m sorry I missed that on the PN’s S2 episode where she guested with Pampanga and Laguna.

        MUPO could, if they wanted, have a Final 5 consisting of MutyaP-MWP-BBP veterans, pala. But for myself, I would like Bella to put in a good-strong finish too, if not a win. 🙂

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