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  1. Parang mas bagay ang beauty nya sa Miss International. Pag hindi sya pinalad sa MUP, sana sumali sya sa BbP. Sigurado may crown sya doon.

    • @ms tissa she is roxas related to roxas araneta clan. I baka di sya pwd mag bbp since kamaganak

      • @ Kimi95 This post is for Pauline Amelinckx. You mistook it for Bella. 🙂

      • @flor sorry silang 2 Kasi pinakamaganda though di magkamukha pareho pang mi beauty
        Silang 2 din charming so sila 2 mup ko

  2. speaking of transformation. na uungusan sya ni Rabiya. But pauline is still one of my top 3. baka she will save the best for the prelim and finals. if she. bella and rabiya become the last 3 standing then i think everyone would still be happy and content. almost total package silang tatlo. Laking advantage talaga if the runner ups are also competitive yung tipong d makakagora si mup. pero ung 2 runner ups pwedeng pwede na isabak. Hinde ko pa nakikta catwalk nila especially rabiya but she looks like a performer also. you can transform and send her into MU. MW and MI mold. As of now, Pauline’s presence. image.vibes is more international than universally. But if she wins then she have enough time to transform her looks and movements before to send in mu. advice ko sa kanya at kay michelle. uminom sila ng garcenia juice products ng i am worldwide na ine endorse din ni kuya wil. that juice is uber delicious and effective for losing weights. maganda pakiramdam sa tiyan once nainom ang gaan ng pakiramdam.parang feeling mo walang laman tiyan mo. samahan din ng pag inom ng barley para malinis ang colon during detox. one 1 month lang may result na yan as long as continues and also tamang kain lang din.

    • Really?!..
      Total package compared to Alaiza and Michelle?!
      Pauline seems to be more suited for MI or MW.

      • @ Closer2Fame You and @ miss tissa agree on MI.

        How does “Amelinckx” stack up in terms of historical weight of genealogy?

        Or at least Japan’s diplomatic relationship with Belgium? 🙂

      • Bella Yshmael has a better fighting chance then in both MW and MI against Pauline Amelynckx… Africans hate Belgians due to the slaughter they did in Congo meaning MW won’t favor her… On the other hand, Bella’s islamic surname and lebanese ancestry seems to be a liability at MW(Brittish) and MU(Jewish) as well. But locally, Bella’s ancestry is definitely an advantage since Nepotism is a huge deal in our major corporations thus its easier to get sponsorship through her.

      • @ Closer2Fame Dapat talaga natuloy ‘yun’g International si Pauline sa Mutya…. 😦

        But one of us – was it @ paul? – said she might prosper in Poland. I also said kahit Scuba, gow!


      • Oh Supra… hmmmmm possible! Belgium and Poland.. both East European… pwede!!!!

  3. Behind this sweet face, is a very powerful mind. That is what I like about Pauline

    • OT, again.

      The one who TRULY GLOWED at the MUT Interview Prelims was Alexandra Haenggi. Mygawsh, she looked like a princess of some royal family…. 🙂

      Diminished glow somewhat of Punika (I reckon she was asked about the 2015 drug party thing?). But at least she and Baralee (holding back for some other reason) demonstrate how to gracefully prevent the floodgates from failing…. In contrast, Emmy and Amanda lose it altogether.

      The curls look SWEET on Benjarat. At gaga’ng Thaweeporn (Aoom)! Indulged the Selection Panel with her now-universally-acclaimed “butt roll” at the Intercontinental Hua Hin Swim desfile. LOLZ.

      @ Fabian Reyes Anyare sa styling ni Areeya mo? Mukha siya’ng lelaki…. 😦

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