5 comments on “Miss Universe Thailand 2020 Closed Door Interviews

  1. I missed the first five or so minutes of this video. I am IMMENSELY grateful to Mr. Tinio for posting it. Khap khun kop! 🙂

    Arisara (#6, starting at 5,35) is ASEAN beauty! Like Suphaporn Rittiphreuk in 2017 (1st RU to Poonlertlarp) and Ponsap Ponyottha, MI-Laos of that year and made the Speech Round.

    Guys, please make sure Mitch gets to watch Natthapat (#5, starting at 11,35)…Trembling with the rawest anguish, she CLAIMS her space – “I AM JUST BEING MYSELF. IN EVERY DAY… I ENJOY(ING) EVERY DAY”.

    Sino kaya iiyak sa MUP Prelim Q&A?

    I look forward to those of Perlyn, Adee, Mitch (of course), Tracy Maureen, and Kim (Iloilo Province).

    • I agree… gusto ko yung humahagulgol talaga ala Venus Raj and Mutya Datul… Kung pwede nga magwalling pa habang umiiyak during interview!

  2. Napansin ko Lang Yun mga halfsie nila or Yung laking overseas fluent mag Thai pa din. Sana Yun sa atin ganun din.

      • @ Abcde Speaking of Thai-Lish, go watch on the Miss Universe Thailand YouTube canale the new episode, “Real You Who Inspired”.

        Alexandra Haenggi mentioned about “positive position” and “negative position”.

        Parang ang arrive, top at bottom…. LOLZ.

        Ang fave ko, ‘yun’g “I am here, where are you”. Hugot lang…


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