14 comments on “Clips from Episode 2 of the MUP2020 Ring Light Series

  1. Flor bored ka na sa MUP no? Sobrang tagal at nakakaumay na. Boring ang styling, etc. Far MORE interesting and exciting ang MUT. But MUT organizers should find that girl who can speak like Demi, Cat & Zozobini apart from being beautiful & stunning. Natalie Glebova said in an interview that what is lacking with most of the Thai contenders is the ability to ace the interview rounds. And she added that this should be given much focus & attention in training the Thai beauties.

    Pero parang nararamdaman kong mapupunta sa isang Latina ang next MU title. Pwedeng Peru, Puerto Rico, Mexico, etc. But whoever wins in MUT, parang papasok din siya all the way to top 5.

    And sana makakaabot sa top 3 (kahit 2nd runner up ay okay na sa akin) si Michelle Gumabao, 28, Philippines! He, he, he…

    • @ paul If Thailand wants to finally penetrate the Top 3 (again) with STELLAR comm skills (with the understanding that styling can follow, anyway Thailand has mastered it, knows what works best for them), then they will have to crown a dark horse, NOT these front-runners who though sensually stunning clearly are deficient when it comes to a grounded-yet-cosmopolitan mindset.

      I’m feeling P-group – Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, and Puerto Rico. Even at ME atm, there are standouts from this cluster!

      H-U-M-I-L-I-T-Y will (STILL) be the most crucial core value everywhere, especially now at this time of pandemic which has made some powers cutthroat and hostile. The modest will accomplish much more than the proud, making the latter blush not in make-up but in embarrassment.

      • Thank you FLOR. Good morning to you, and of course, to Norman and his followers.

  2. The Preliminary Interviews are done and last I checked the ladies were battling it out at Talent. I’m going off-topic here… Their Final will be in five (5) days. Too little time left to change minds that will matter.

    The Sovereign, I agree a lot wit her assessment. Punika SHOULD win this easy. Is there a Filipina kween who has competed at THREE BIG’s? She could set a precedent.

    Praveenar is over-hyped; she has not shown significant progress since her 2018 stint. Baklaan lang.

    Emmy, NOWHERE. Guys, level with me. Are the locals’ tentativeness based on their discomfort that a Filipino is training this young comer, on top of her lack of tact sometimes?

    As much as I want Wanvisa to win, she will probably finish a Runner-up at best. Amanda is the one who stands some chance of upending Punika’s master show. But does Thailand really want a Cat clone?

    • Right now, I am between Punika and Amanda. Punika really showed that she is worth the hype. However, she was arrested during a drug party in 2015 and that’s the only problem I have with her. I disageee that Amanda is a Cat clone; I never saw Cat in Amanda.

      Veena is overhyped and she looks much older than her age. Emmy is smart, but she’s quite raw. I never liked Maya; I hope she stops wearing red lipstick.

      Right now…
      1. Amanda
      2. Punika
      3. Veena
      4. Alexandra
      5. Aoom
      6. Emmy
      7. Preaw
      8. Queen

      • @Abcde Punika was clearded of any charges related to that arrest. As far as I know the verdict was that she was just unfortunate to be in that exact location when the raid was happening, but she was not participating in any drug-related activity at that time.

    • Baklaan lang. So Flor si Praveenar ang counterpart/equivalent ni Miss Sulop, Davao del Sur sa Thailand? Ha, ha, ha… Magpa-interview din kaya siya kay Lavinia for another episode of Baklaan Talk sa YT channel ni madam. He, he…

  3. I am sorry to say that this was not a very good video.
    It seems that it is always the same girls being highlighted.
    The contest was not a contest.
    The topic of having makeup was so lame.

    Just my thoughts

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